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Sep 6, 2016 7:52 PM ET

Archived: PIHPOH PIHPOH – New album – “Par vagues”: On top of writing, recording and doing music on stage, I spend a lot of time in schools and prisons where I facilitate writing workshops

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 6, 2016


PIHPOH – New album – “Par vagues”


It is always hard to talk about your own self and your own music…

Some of you know me from the beginning of my adventure, some might have discovered me on stage or online, but a lot of you still do not know me and stumble upon this webpage.
My name is Pierre, and my stage name is PIHPOH. I was born in 1986 in Belfort, in France.
Passionate about music and the Hip Hop movement since my earliest childhood, I sing from more than 10 years now.

On top of writing, recording and doing music on stage, I spend a lot of time in schools and prisons where I facilitate writing workshops.

I was lucky enough to open the shows of great artists (Gad Elmaleh, Iam, Orelsan, Disiz, Medine, 1995…), but I also played in prestigious music festivals such as Les Eurockéennes de Belfort or Hip Hop Al Parque in Bogota.

Music allowed me to travel a lot as well and open up new horizons: From Brazil to Colombia, from Irak to Serbia or even Palestine.

After an album in 2011, followed by 2 Eps, I would like to introduce you to 11 new tracks. Some of you might have already heard few of them in concerts. I wanted to explore new sonorities, and approach different themes. This new venture is links rapping, singing and poetry slamming.

My musicians worked relentlessly to find the best melodies and musical arrangements to suit my lyrics.

Following a long time of reflection, I ended-up wondering “Why not?”, why not making this new album WITH YOU?


What are the funds for?

To achieve a good album, a lot of expertise is needed in several fields in order to record with talented professionals but also to propose a quality product (Mixing, Mastering, Advertising, Marketing, Press Officer etc.)
This Crowd Funding campaign is also the chance to make some good noise about the project: share the message please, the word of mouth is priceless, and there is strength in unity!

To create this album, I chose to do it in co-production. Thanks to a first financial input from my Show Producer, all the tracks are already mixed and mastered. I do not want to get into details but basically that is what brings a nice and sweet sound to your music-loving ears. There is no way we can do without it, and this comes at a cost.


However, as mentioned above, it is a co-production, therefore I also need to invest 50% of the whole budget.
The money collected through this crowd funding campaign will cover most of the album fabrication process, but also the fees for the communication and image operations which are imperative nowadays. Yes, I would also like to make a couple of video clips to promote the album, try to make a great advertising campaign, and be able to employ a Press officer to seduce the Media.


I know I can rely on you, and I can assure you will be proud of having made this album’s finalization come true.
If we were to reach the amount hoped for, it would be amazing. Amazing to be able to say that thanks to you, to us, this project will happen.
If we were to exceed the objective?
In this case we could go crazy!!
For instance, we could organize a free concert for all the contributors, make a third video clip, fabricate limited-edition vinyl records…


About the project owner

PIHPOH’s rap makes people wonder about the notions of borders and fringes, refusing to be categorized or told to follow a clear path. With humility, PIHPOH tries to embody the values of Humanity and Sharing by nourishing his curiosity going beyond where he is expected. The Artist from Belfort literally crossed the borders and made more than hundred shows in France and abroad such opening shows for Gad Elmaleh, Iam, Disiz, Orelsan, Leeroy, 1995, Stupeflip… The book pages turn, the pictures become animated, PIHPOH keeps performing.

He leaves his mark. With humour, he raps life’s torments and enlighten them well – Big beats, versatile flow and cool presence are the key points of this artist who is to be closely followed.” (Les Inrocks)

“Revealed in opening shows for Iam, La Rumeur or 1995, the French rapper shined at the Eurockéennes Festival, touring in Colombia, Brazil, Palestine…” (L’Humanité)


March 2011: Album «Pihpohcondriak».
April 2015: Ep «Toi».
June 2016: Ep «Aurore».


Upcoming Concerts:

7 October 2016 – Centre Culturel Gérard Philippe -Calais – 1ère partie de ABD AL MALIK.
14 October 2016 – Centre culturel Les Arcs – Quéven – 1ère partie de CLAUDIO CAPEO.


On stage   

22 July 2016 – Paléo Festival – Nyon (Suisse).
17 June 2016 – Festival Grand Unisson – Orléans.

      21 July 2015 – Théâtre Antique de Vienne – Vienne – 1ère Partie de GAD ELMALEH.
10 October 2015 – La Poudrière – Belfort – 1ère Partie d’ ARSENIK .
5 May 2015 – LES TROIS BAUDETS – Paris.
24 April 2015 – Les DOCKS – Lausanne (Suisse) – 1ère Partie de DELUXE.
25 March 2015 – LE RESERVOIR – Paris.
04 December 2014 – BARS EN TRANS  – 1988 Live Club – Rennes.
13 November 2014 – Le Café de la Danse – Paris – 1ère partie de LA CANAILLE.
15 August 2014 – La Foire aux Vins – Colmar – 1ère partie de GAD ELMALEH.
28 May 2014 – Festival ” Garçon la note ” –  Le Silex – Auxerre.
23 April 2014 – InouÏs du Printemps de Bourges – Bourges.
29 March 2014 – Axone –  Montbéliard – 1ère partie d‘IAM.
22 March 2014 – Arènes de Metz – Metz -1ère partie de GAD ELMALEH.
July 2013 – Les Eurockéennes de Belfort.


International Touring:

Brésil, Colombie, Serbie, Palestine, Kurdistan d’Irak.

Opening shows:

Youssoupha, La Rumeur, Disiz, Marcelo D2 (Bataclan), Medine, Orelsan, 1995, Stupeflip, Leeroy…


Official website: http://www.pihpoh.net
International touring records: http://pihpohfaitsavalise.com/en/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pihpoh
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pihpoh90
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/pihpoh90


New “Aurore” EP:





PIHPOH Youtube Channel
“Creux” Video clip
Acoustic Session “Laisse Moi”
Acoustic Session “Par Vagues”


Thanks a lot everyone!
See you soon!


Photo studio : Vincent Dessaily et Jade Lombard.   

   Photos live : Djédunet / François Michelet.            Design: Sylvain Hacquard.

Contact Information:


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