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Sep 6, 2016 4:06 PM ET – Affordable, quality Chinese, Asian merchandise with Italian tastes

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 6, 2016

Affordable, quality Chinese, Asian merchandise with Italian tastes.



Moooh!! is an e-commerce, online brand that is changing the way consumers shop the vast marketplace of Chinese and Asian-sourced goods. Moooh!! It’s a new personal way to shop fashion and lifestyle products, powered by curation, personalization, data and a global community.

We’re also doing something else the competition doesn’t. We’re producing in-house curated content in the form of blog articles, videos, and lookbooks. We’re also working on User Generated Content (UGC). These methods of curating content provide our customer community with the fashion and lifestyle content most relevant to them.  

There’s a world of exciting and affordable merchandise available in Asia, and we’re making it easier to shop!


Online shopping is ubiquitous today, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Why leave the couch or your Netflix marathon to go to the mall if you can buy anything you want from your smart phone?

Increasingly, consumers are turning to the Chinese marketplace online to find fun and affordable lifestyle pieces. China’s cross border, e-commerce sales are estimated in the billions of dollars every year with increments of percentage growth year over year. The largest e-commerce Chinese players are Alibaba, with its retail B2C platform Aliexpress, Lightinthebox and Grow Ecommerce Limited. Wish, a US-based mobile app, working with Chinese products was able to achieve a valuation of $3 billion dollars in 2016. There are dozens of online shops featuring merchandise for sale directly from China.

But unless you’re looking for something specific, browsing one of these sites can mean endless scrolling through products that are not your style. That’s time-consuming and discouraging. Then when you’ve found what you’re looking for, there’s the time it takes for the product to be processed by the seller and delivered to your doorstep. If it’s shipped directly from China, it could be weeks- or even months- before you get your order.

When you do finally get your item, what do you do if it doesn’t fit, or if it’s not what you expected? Quality and size are often hit or miss, and returns can be expensive and difficult, or even impossible. The Chinese marketplaces and many big, independent Chinese sellers provide some of the most affordable merchandise available, but is it worth the hassle?

We at Moooh!! understand your plight. With more than a decade of e-commerce experience in China, we’ve transformed the e-commerce experience with valuable, personalized content to make sure you only browse products relevant to your tastes, and we provide the customer service that consumers worldwide have come to expect.


Our target market is millennials of both sexes, a group that values customer experience like no generation before. That puts other online Chinese sellers and marketplaces at an instant disadvantage. With our competitors, it takes an average of 2-7 business days just to process an order. Since items are shipped from China it takes them 2-3 weeks on average just to reach a recipient in the US or Europe. South American customers often have to wait two months!

At Moooh!!, we are tackling this problem head-on.

Fast and Trackable Shipping. With fulfillment centers in the US, Mexico, Europe, Australia,  Southeast Asia, Japan, and four centers in China, there is no more waiting weeks for your merchandise to arrive. Most orders ship within 24 to 48 hours, and most deliveries are made within 4 days of ordering. In some cities and countries, we even offer next-day delivery.

Next Day Delivery available in:



Easy Returns. Items may be easily returned to warehouses in the US, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Japan, and China within 14 days of of delivery.

Mobile-ready. Moooh!! is the only Chinese e-commerce site to be fully mobile phone and tablet optimized.

Multi-platform Bot system and conversational e-commerce. We’re developing a multi-platform system that will allow us to converse with shoppers in the chat messaging platforms they use most, such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, Line, and Whatsapp. Through this bot system, we’ll be able to offer customer service, introduce new products and promotions, send shipping and delivery notifications, receive and send returns notification.

365 Customer service. We are the only Chinese e-commerce site offering customer service through an online operator and bot system. This bot system, based on Facebook Messenger, manages every order, in real time, from purchase to delivery. Right now, this bot system is operating in beta test mode on our main site, Soon it will be developed in other languages for our clone sites, and it will be functional on chat services like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Kik, Line, and Wechat.


At Moooh!!, our goal is to create a worldwide community of fashion and lifestyle shoppers. That’s why we we created our membership program, Privilege.  

Membership Perks. Members of the Privilege community get invitations to special sales, gifts on their birthdays, and free shipping from warehouses in several countries. Members also enjoy also easy-to-use referral   program.

Bundled Packages. Privilege Members are able to bundle an entire outfit (even shoes!) starting as low as $39.99 a month.

Free Shipping and no hassle returns for Members. Members of our Privilege program get free expedited shipping from warehouses around the world. Easy returns can be sent to local warehouses.


We’re also deliberate about what we sell. Our founder, Carlo Trotta, is a native Italian and knows what appeals to customers all over the world, including China.

High Quality Merchandise. Most Chinese e-commerce brands are focused on selling the cheapest items in order to make the most profit. They’ve been fairly successful at this, but that’s not what Moooh!! is about. We find and sell the high quality items that are often passed over by our competitors.

Curated Content. Our content is tailored to the individual user, based on previous purchases and browsing history. This means no more navigating through hundreds of pages of loosely related items to find something that speaks to you. You can also curate your own pieces, and share your content with other shoppers in our community.

Our Own Designers. We have a team of Italian and Thai designers creating unique, trendy, affordable fashion lines  for our stores. Unique fashion and lifestyle products that cannot be find anywhere else.

Small and unique suppliers. We work with small factories and artisanal laboratories to provide merchandise not found on other ecommerce sites. None of our Chinese competitors are doing this.

Multi-platform Bot system and conversational e-commerce. We’re developing a multi-platform system that will allow us to converse with shoppers in the chat messaging platforms they use most, such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, Line, and Whatsapp. Through this bot system, we’ll be able to offer customer service, introduce new products and promotions, and send shipping and delivery notifications.


In May of 2013, Carlo Trotta set up shop on, selling fashion products sourced in China. This gave him a chance to quickly learn how to compete with other Chinese sellers. It didn’t take long for Carlo to see how he could become a leader in an American marketplace for small businesses.

A year later, was born, and became the only Chinese fashion brand featured on Storenvy. By May of 2016- just three years after after Carlo started selling on Storenvy- Moooh!! became the most followed brand on the entire site, with over 23K followers.

Since inception, we’ve sold more than 50K pieces and earned over $1M. Providing an enjoyable customer experience and unique and affordable merchandise have proven successful, and we have exciting plans that build on that.

Over the years, we have built a solid presence on our web channels. We are achieving 134,362 impressions on average per day and 1.4 million viewers on average per month through our Pinterest channel. We are gaining momentum and the data is there to prove it.


We’re planning to introduce fashion and lifestyle crowdfunding to our store. We’ll feature newly designed clothing lines, and those that receive the most votes will go into production. This will ensure that the merchandise we are selling is desirable to our customer-base, and significantly cut down on unsold stock. It’s also a fun way for our members to engage with our brand!

Our marketplace feature will allow shoppers to re-sell items they’ve purchased from us. By taking a 15% commission on each item sold, we’ll generate extra revenue.


Carlo Trotta, CEO. Carlo began his venture into e-commerce with an Ebay store in 2004. Within a few months, he was deemed a power seller. A couple years later, Carlo left his native Italy to live in China and work directly with his suppliers. In late 2013 he set up a shop, Moooh!!, on In 2014, he created Moooh!!,  taking the company from $0 to more than $1M.

Eldar Galiev, Head Development Team. Eldar has almost a decade of experience in social commerce and social networking. He is the co-founder of SocialShopWave,, Instaphotos, Email Before Download, and the Ask Friends app for Shopify.

Jaan M. Sonberg, CRO. In just five years, Jaan-Matti has led over 100 conversion optimization projects in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He has years of experience in web design, conversion optimization, and data mining.


Ermeck Galiev, Tech. Ermeck has been building Shopify apps since 2013. He designed SocialShopWave’s platform architecture, which handles millions of unique visitors monthly. At Moooh!!, he handles our product development, Amazon web services, API development and  apps integration.

Meiqing Xu, Customers Community Manager.Meiqing is Moooh!!’s head of customer service, overseeing order fulfillment, shipping, and returns. She came to us with two years of experience in orders management and quality assurance at well known Chinese fashion brand, Cabbeen.

Contact Information:

Carlo Trotta, CEO.

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