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Sep 5, 2016 11:35 AM ET

Archived: Sky’s Photography Needs Some Help – This is a project to create a 50 photo photo book of original photographs that document beautiful landscapes, objects, and people

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 5, 2016

Sky’s Photography Needs Some Help

by Skylar McGuire-Rollins


This is a project to create a 50 photo photo book of original photographs that document beautiful landscapes, objects, and people.


About this project

I am a college freshmen and I have been in photography for about two years now. At first it was just for fun but after joining ViewBug I realized that I wanted to do more photography and do some freelance if possible. I want to get my Instagram following high and post better quality pictures but to do so i have to get some new equipment. I am working a job and I know not all kick-starters work out so I set my goal low. The things that I need to buy I a new camera, a laptop with a good photographer editing platform and some lighting system. With this equipment I can expand my photography business and create more professional photographs. 

This is a project that will help me make beautiful photographs to share with the world. With this money I will be able to better market my business. Add more photographs to my Instagram and view bug platform and have expenses to pay for new equipment. The end product will be a 50 photo photo book, you can message my Instagram if you want more details about the photo book and my website. I will update the kick starter at every point of the way to update my backers.

This photo book will included 50 photos with 5 different sections. The sections are People, Landscapes and Nature, Objects, Black and White, and Abstract Colors. For each section there will be 10 photos, 5 of the photos in each section will be never before seen photos. The book will take approximately 5 months to make from the start of this project and will be a hand-bound 8.5 x 6.5 (approximate measurements) book. Th website to order the book will be up in 2 month fully running. The cost of each book is still not yet determined however the cost at this moment would be $20 and an extra $10 with any special add-ons such as your name on the book, a different color bound, etc.

Risks and challenges

The risk is that my Instagram following doesn’t grow however if I have confidence that my ViewBug following will grow. With that growth I should be able to promote on other sites and enter more contest to get a better following.

The challenges is if I can not make the money in time to buy the equipment.


Contact Information:

Skylar McGuire-Rollins

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