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Sep 5, 2016 9:27 AM ET

Archived: BOOK THE NIGHT: Support for release of the book that will unveil the world of the night organizing events

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 5, 2016





Support for release of the book that will unveil the world of the night organizing events.

 Book launch the NIGHT

It is intended that after reading this book , the reader stick with a basic understanding of the process of the manual of good practices, pre, during and post event, which stages base to be taken into account to achieve success . With this handbook , we try to understand what is missing in the shed nightlife and what can be done to fill this gap in the best way, in order to make life easier for stakeholders (managers, owners and employees in general ) and please the best way possible customers so that they enjoy the night in all its fullness without worries.


2016 – In March, leaves the Support Unit Military Area Amadora Sintra; It is transferred to the Pupilos Institute of the Army and August ends its link with the Army.

2014 – Transferred to Support Unit Military Area Amadora Sintra – Army

2010 – Begins to work on Portuguese Army troops starting in Parachute School in Tancos

2008 – completed studies in higher school technology and Portalegre Management with a degree in Management Consultancy

2007 – He founded the Organization Gemini company with his twin brother.

2004: Begins studying in ESTG Portalegre

2000 – begins studying in Secondary School Vergílio Ferreira

1994 – He began studying in Primary School 2 + 3 Alfornelos

1990 – He began his academic stage to study in elementary school Venda Nova – Amadora

Célio, Born April 18, 1985, along with his twin brother, grew up in social housing in Venda Nova – Amadora with 5 brothers. Fighter and ambitious and victorious, are the words that define the Celio Correia.


Initial expenses, purchase of 50 copies and book review . I already have some support that helped me to overcome other expenses, personal graphics cards, posters, invitations and launch site.

I need support in order to rentabilar initial investment and my exit troop achieve invest in the training of people involved in this sector.


Contact Information:

Célio Correia

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