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Sep 3, 2016 10:03 AM ET

Archived: UNLEASHED – Full Control Over Your DSLR From Your Smartphone

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 3, 2016

UNLEASHED – Full Control Over Your DSLR From Your Smartphone

A beautifully designed tiny Bluetooth module, packed with features: Fully control your DSLRs settings. Wireless. From your smartphone.

About this project

The Unleashed puts complete control over your DSLR into the palm of your hand – right from your smartphone. It’s the first DSLR remote control that you won’t even notice is there. It becomes one with the camera’s design and won’t get in the way of what you love doing: taking photos and videos.




Developing the Unleashed, we had one big design goal: it’s tiny size. You can leave the Unleashed on the camera at all times, even when packing it into your bag. The hot shoe stays free so you can keep using your external or popup flash, LED panels or shotgun mics.



The Unleashed is the first wireless remote that gives you complete control over your DSLR – as if it was still in your hands. Experience a professionally designed app that lets you change all the important settings: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and much more.

With this you can easily get the perfect shot, no matter if you’re behind or in front of the camera, right next to it or further away. Change settings and trigger at the right moment– without even touching the camera.


Startrails by Oliver

Startrails by Oliver


Everyone loves videos. So do we. The Unleashed lets you start and stop videos from a distance and easily adjust your settings for the next scene or while you film.




We designed the Unleashed to be ready whenever you want to use it. It doesn’t need to be charged, and automatically reconnects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy so you don’t need to reconfigure your wifi settings each time you shoot remotely! It’s Plug’n’Play and always ready to use.



One of the biggest advantages of digital photography is the possibility to instantly see results. This is too cool to miss when shooting remotely, so the Unleashed will send a thumbnail to your smartphone for quick review and checking exposure. And if needed, simply adjust the settings right from your smartphone to get that shot you wanted!




Wireless remote control is vital for vibration free long exposures, breathtaking startrails, as well as epic timelapses. The Unleashed allows interval shooting and even supports carefully controlled exposure ramping for smooth day to night transitions – the “holy grail” of timelapses. 

Timelapse by our friend photohod.de

Timelapse by our friend photohod.de


The Unleashed can use your smartphone’s location or a Bluetooth GPS receiver for direct geotagging. The exact GPS location of where you take the photo is saved in its metadata immediately. Relive your vacation by viewing your photos on a map. Or find pictures of your favorite spots by simply zooming in on their location, without having to remember exactly when you were there. Almost every photo management software already supports geotagging.

Show photos of your travel route on a tablet
Show photos of your travel route on a tablet


There are times when you have to work with more than one camera. Either you’re taking photos at a wedding or shooting a video. You could be behind the main camera, but with our app you can control up to six cameras at once. Start recording at the same time, trigger all cameras at the right moment, or synchronize settings beforehand. Don’t worry about missing a moment or an angle, even if you’re missing a crew 

We believe in reliability. To reach our expectations of quality, our Unleashed is completely Made In Germany. We make sure the Unleashed is produced locally, because in our experience, a close relationship with the manufacturers is what makes the difference. Because making high-end products means going strong right from the start. 

We don’t want any bulky devices or cables that go from one end of the camera to the other. We think camera accessories like ours need to be unobtrusive and merge with the camera so that you can leave them on the camera the whole time. With this goal, we tried to build a product that would fit on all DSLRs from both Nikon and Canon. However, during the R&D phase we soon realized that this would not be possible, at least not without compromising on key characteristics we wanted the Unleashed to have. This is why the Unleashed will be available in a few different versions that will fit perfectly to your camera model: The very same product in slightly different formats. 

Being hobby photographers ourselves, we are very passionate about what we do. This is what drives us – it did at the start, and still does today. Our first commercial product, the Unleashed ’09 is a Bluetooth module allowing the exact GPS location to be written in the photos’ metadata the instant you press the shutter. Back in 2007, when Oliver was looking for a product that would let him geotag his photos directly with his Nikon D200, he couldn’t find anything viable on the market. He made some prototypes of a Bluetooth geotagging solution for himself and some friends, but received so much interest online that he founded foolography, built and launched the Unleashed ’09 in 2009. Until today there is no geotagging solution more convenient than the Unleashed ’09 :-)


That’s how it all started. Today, after more than seven years in the hardware business, two successful product lines with thousands of happy customers, a move to Berlin in 2014 and a strong leadership team of Oliver and Ken, we’re finally ready to launch an idea conceived early 2013. Our next product: the Unleashed.

foolography office in the heart of Berlin
foolography office in the heart of Berlin


Our team outside the office
Our team outside the office


Working on the firmware
Working on the firmware


Latest iteration of app screen sketches
Latest iteration of app screen sketches


1) Reverse engineering protocols 	2) Prototyping with dev boards 	3) Choosing components and testing with custom PCBs
1) Reverse engineering protocols 2) Prototyping with dev boards 3) Choosing components and testing with custom PCBs


A huge THANK YOU for your invaluable support: Alex, Angélene, Basti, Ben, Christin, Christina, Daniel, Jessy, Johannes, Lennart, Maria, Marius, Sophia, and Tim.

Risks and challenges

Bringing the Unleashed to life and getting it into your hands is our biggest goal! We want nothing more than for you to be a happy customer who loves using the Unleashed. – Maybe even on a daily basis.

Having been a hardware company for seven years, we know how hard it is to realize a physical high-tech product, with all the research and development, choosing and getting all the components, designing for manufacturing, finding reliable manufacturing partners and managing the different parties involved. The great thing is: we’re not doing this for the first time, we have experience, good relationships with our manufacturers and we take this project very serious.

Five different versions might seem daunting, but the differences are mainly in the type and orientation of plugs we use for the different cameras. We know what we’re getting ourselves into: our current products are available in three versions, so we have experience with production, stocking and shipping multiple versions. The injection molded casings usually make up the biggest part of the fixed costs of a product like this, but we’ve designed them to accommodate multiple PCBs, so we’re currently planning for only 3 distinct casings. Large portions of the schematic and PCB layout will remain the same for the different versions.

We will always do our best to communicate with our suppliers and manufacturers early enough to stay on track with our estimated timeline. We’ve even factored in some additional time – since we already know they’ll need some on top of what they promise ;-) As you can see in our timeline, we’ve planned to work on our parts in parallel, so we never have idle periods while waiting on our suppliers. However, as you can imagine, we can’t foresee everything, due to our dependencies on other parties, as well as changing lead times of electronic components. What we can promise though, is that we will do our very best to adhere to our timeline, motivate our partners to deliver on time and that we will have transparent communication with our backers to keep you updated as well as we can on a regular basis.

Contact Information:

foolography GmbH

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