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Sep 2, 2016 3:29 PM ET

Archived: Koala Hoodie: The Ultimate Hoodie for Life’s Adventures – 15+ FEATURES: Phone Charger, In-Built Neck Pillow, Cushioning in Hood, Bottle Opener Zipper, Optional Embroidery, Tech Pockets

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 2, 2016

Koala Hoodie: The Ultimate Hoodie for Life’s Adventures

15+ FEATURES: Phone Charger, In-Built Neck Pillow, Cushioning in Hood, Bottle Opener Zipper, Optional Embroidery, Tech Pockets.

About this project

Hi there! 

We are Koala Hoodie. We have developed a hoodie with over 15 Special Features that is ultra comfortable and subtle in style yet unbelievably useful.

Perfect for travels, festivals, college and any of life’s adventures

These hoodies are available for a limited time only at these highly discounted prices. They are ready for production and distribution and you can grab one for yourself via the Rewards List to the right of this text.

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The Features In Depth

Available In Three Colours

Light Grey, Electric Blue and Black.

Portable Charger

Charge your phone / tablet / camera on the go with your slim, high capacity portable phone charger (9.5cm x 6cm with a thickness of 1cm). 

It can effectively charge an iPhone 6 by 140%, which is equivalent of adding 19+ hours of talk time or 14+ hours of web browsing time. 

Charger Flashlight

Charger & Phone Pockets

The charger is stored inside its specially designed pocket right next to your phone pocket – so you can charge on the go wherever you go!

Bottle Opener Zipper

The zipper of the hoodie is also a small, lightweight bottle opener – cheers!

In-Hood Cushioning 

There’s extra padding in the hood, which provides cushioning when you pull the hood up.

Detachable Inflatable Pillow

Combine the cushioning with the inflatable neck pillow and the sweetest of dreams will be yours. The pillow can be hidden inside the hood and easily inflated in 2 blows, 2 seconds.

Eye Mask 

The in-built Eye Mask flips out of the hood whenever you need it.

The Koala Hoodie Sleeping Positions

The travel pillow can be inserted into the hood so that you have the ultimate head and neck support when combined with the in-hood cushioning. 

To find out how you can get the best rest with your Koala Hoodie, check out our ‘How-To Video’at the bottom of this page.

Embroidery (Optional)

Make your mark with an embroidery of your initials – 2 letters maximum.

Air vents

A zip opens up under each arm to help keep you cool when it’s hot, or heat you up when it’s cold.

Thumb Holes

The sleeves have thumb holes to keep your hands warm whenever required.

Passport Pocket 

The Passport Pocket is fitted with discrete zips to keep your valuables safe.

Glasses Pocket 

The Glasses Pocket is also fitted with discrete zips to keep your valuables safe.

Pen Pocket 

Even today, you still need pens when you least expect it.

Secret Pocket 

There’s also a secret pocket hidden somewhere so make sure you keep an eye out for it!

The ‘Coming Soon’ Card

This is the card you will receive in October in case you have bought the hoodie(s) for someone else (e.g. for Christmas/birthdays etc), to let them know that their hoodie is on their way. You will also receive a Koala Hoodie information booklet.

The Koala Hoodie In Action

The Koala Hoodie is perfect for… 




The opportunities are endless…

Size Chart

The Koala Hoodie comes in Mens and Womens sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. Check out our handy measurements table in case you’re unsure of which size to go for.

New to Kickstarter?

Here’s how it works: https://www.kickstarter.com/help/faq/kickstarter+basics

How To Use Your Koala Hoodie

Kickstarter Video Outtakes 

Who Are We?

We are an award-winning group of designers, photographers and product geeks based in London, England. We are dedicated to creating the most forward-thinking, functional and long lasting hoodies out there.

Follow The Koala

Site: www.koalahoodie.com 

I: instagram.com/koalahoodie 

T: twitter.com/koalahoodie 

F: facebook.com/koalahoodie

Customs Charges

Please note that there may be customs charges for your hoodie depending on where you are from, which we are unfortunately unable to pay for as we are a startup company. If you wish to learn about the duties and taxes applicable to your shipment, you may want to check with the customs and border protection authorities of your country.

Exchange Policy

Please ensure that you follow the Size Chart accurately to make sure that the hoodie will be the best fit for you.

If you wish to exchange your hoodie for any reason then we will of course allow that but as we are a startup company offering the hoodies at highly discounted prices then you will have to pay for the two way shipping. For that reason we are also unfortunately not able to accept returns.

Unfortunately we are unable to exchange embroidered hoodies.


Feel free to get in touch with any comments, questions or suggestions at hello@koalahoodie.com – we will be more than happy to hear from you! THANK YOU SO MUCH from all the Koala Crew! 

Risks and challenges

Unlike many other crowdfunding campaigns, we have designed the finished product already and we know exactly how we will create and distribute it, as we have already done so with 130 final samples.

Rest assured we have had much experience and success working with all aspects of creating and selling retail products, as we have run many successful retails brands previously – so we know what we’re doing!

It is extremely important to us that we are completely transparent about our project. Whether it is good or even bad news, we will let backers know how the project is going every step of the way and provide the best customer service they deserve.

Contact Information:

Koala Hoodie

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