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Sep 2, 2016 10:16 AM ET

Archived: 7mb Technologies – Schedule anything with anyone, easily and intuitively: Timeku is the gift of time, right on your homescreen

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 2, 2016

7mb Technologies

Schedule anything with anyone, easily and intuitively.

Timeku is premised on a simple, undeniable fact: the vast majority of us are still using email (or worse, texting) to manage our time, and for that particular task, email is wildly, remarkably inefficient.

To build a better time management system, we studied time. Extensively, and for years.

The result is an app that exists at the intersection of common sense and stunning technological advances. On the backend, it’s a marvel of engineering. To those who use it, it’s simply a marvel.


Studies have shown that the average person spends as much as ten percent of their time grappling with scheduling or scheduling-related problems.


Why is it so hard to manage our time digitally?

Because no one has found a way to adequately manage, process and coordinate time.

No one.

Most technology only exacerbates the problem by creating more noise or solving only a small sliver of the larger time management picture. Isn’t technology supposed to be smarter than that?

At 7MB, we believe that technology hasn’t figured out time management because people haven’t figured out time.

So we spent years studying it.

Then we used what we learned to build the most advanced scheduling engine on the planet.



The foundation of that relationship is an engine that contextually understands and organizes time-based information, then offloads complex decision-making to an automated process.

We pair that understanding with an unprecedented speech technology that allows you to talk to Timeku just as you’d talk to a real person.

Think it.

Say it.


Your Smart Personal Assistant

  • Create and store events and tasks on Timeku, or import them from other platforms
  • Easily publish events and tasks to family, friends and colleagues
  • Create itineraries and share them with others within a festival or conference
  • Book and pay for services like reservations or house cleaning
  • Follow individual, group or business schedules
  • Compare schedules and resolve conflicts with others, regardless of what platform they use
  • Get personal analytics and insights based on your schedule
  • Make plans with anyone, even if they don’t use Timeku

With Timeku, you can find out when Jane is free for dinner and, with our planned reservations feature, even make dinner reservations with her… all in under a minute.

You can schedule a house cleaner before a big holiday gathering.

Personal Assistants: the Failed Promise

Google Now, Siri, Alexa, Cortana… they’re all called personal assistants, but when was the last time you saw one of them book a business lunch instead of just returning a web search for local cafes? Shouldn’t that be the very least a personal assistant can do?

Timeku is truly like having your own personal assistant in your pocket. Say it, and it’s done. Fast. Simple. Smart.


Timeku incorporates your existing schedule data and then reduces all of the complexity of finding the right time for a task or an event.

The secret is the Genie project, a breakthrough in speech technology that’s light years ahead of what you’re used toWho is Timeku for? 

Scheduling usually happens with a combination of texts, Post-It notes and verbal instructions. All that usually makes its way to Outlook, where Suzy tries to make sense of it all. Joe tries to keep up, but he doesn’t use Outlook much so keeping schedules in sync is a constant battle.

Something as simple as scheduling a date night for the two of them is almost laughably complicated.

We built Timeku for Joe and Suzy, and for the millions like them who are wasting an incalculable amount of time simply trying to find the time.

Timeku is the gift of time, right on your homescreen.


After four years of research, Timeku is now a reality. Here a few highlights of our early growth:

We’re working on some very exciting things at 7MB- Timeku is just the beginning. Soon, we’re going to add the ability for micro-businesses to post their schedule so users can easily identify preferred times based on their existing schedule data and schedule those services, along with integrated payment.

The potential, especially in the B2B space, is staggering. Ready to hear what else we’re working on? Click the “business plan” tab at the top of this page to find out more about the 7MB opportunity!


David Young, CEO
As an attorney and former CPA, David has served as a business and strategic advisor to a broad spectrum of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

Kiley Williams, CTO
After studying at Carnegie Mellon University, Kiley became a program manager at Microsoft. He and Nick co-founded Thyme Technologies and developed the fundamental intellectual property for 7MB.

Nicholas Haynes, Chief Architect
Nick co-founded Thyme Technologies together with Kiley. A developer for more than 11 years, he is responsible for the back-end development and architecture of 7MB’s platform.

Nicholas Bannister, Software Architecture Engineer
Nicholas is a Software Architecture Engineer with 10 years of software development experience. He has spent the majority of his career with a Fortune 100 industrial company; designing, building, testing and deploying feature functionality for award-winning enterprise desktop and cloud applications. He has primary responsibility for the architecture of our speech technology and achieving test coverage across our product’s web deployment.

Kelley Kilanski, Speech Engineer
Kelley has a Ph.D. in linguistics with an emphasis on aspects of speech production from the University of Washington. Her linguistics education also includes a Master’s degree focused on syntactic structures. She has worked on several linguistic projects, taking a user-centric approach to development. Kelley believes that striking a balance between the needs of the user, technology capabilities and good design are key to an awesome voice UI.

Contact Information:

David Young

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