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Sep 1, 2016 8:35 PM ET

Archived: WINDY – wind sports community and forecast app – More than 150,000 monthly, active users: Real-time, instant responses via interactive local communities with a less than 1-minute response time from locals on the ground

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2016

WINDY – wind sports community and forecast app

You can really help us to accelerate the development! Press BACK IT or GET THE PERK!

Short Summary

Our users wanted to know how they could help with the WINDY project, and we’ve found a solution. This fundraising campaign is in response to that request, so let’s work together to bring WINDY to everyone in the wind sports community!

WINDY is more than tailor-made, beautiful forecasts.

WINDY opens doors to local communities:

  • Want to know if it’s worthwhile to travel to a spot? Just ask the locals.

  • Would you rather get outside with a friend? You’re in luck – use WINDY to find like-minded buddies for your favorite wind-related sport.

  • Wish you could get some insider details and local lifehacks? Understanding local spots through local eyes has never been easier.

Where are we now?

  1. We have a beautiful forecast app. Our users love it and are stoked to share with their friends.

  2. More than 150,000 monthly, active users.

  3. More than 15,000 worldwide POI (Points of Interest) ranked by our users. We’re working on full availability worldwide, too!

  4. Real-time, instant responses via interactive local communities with a less than 1-minute response time from locals on the ground. We have launched communities on several spots and we are working on the best chatting mechanics now.

What We Need & What You Get

$10,000 USD will add:


  1. Instant notifications when wind conditions are just right (PRO feature).
  2. The ability for users to personalize the forecast using their favorite colors and with select rows (PRO feature).
  3. User profiles that will allow for communication with users participating in the same activity. See the best spots only for the chosen activity.
  4. Waves and tides. Welcome, surfers!

$50,000 USD will add:


  1. Upgrades and improvements to the chat functionality, including links, pictures, and videos.
  2. Chats for every POI worldwide.
  3. Off-line forecast capabilities including Windy map (PRO feature)
  4. Additional weather data sources for real wind professionals, including forecast models and weather stations
  5. Special secret PRO features for yachts sportsmen and pilots

$100,000 USD will add:


  1. Reviews and ratings for local services including kite-schools, accommodation, bars, and ancillary wind-related services.
  2. Gamification to encourage progression.
  3. “Cool Spots” descriptions and powerful search features.

Risks & Challenges

It’s a big challenge to create an interactive community platform, but our passion and strong feedback from our super-loyal fans continue to drive the wind community to a new level, to get real time wind responses.

This is your chance to participate in the first wind-based interactive community platform of its kind. We are so excited about what’s ahead!

Besides, think about what would happen if there was no WINDY: How would you know when the beach is closed? What if you wasted tons of time getting to a spot, only to find out that the wind forecast was completely wrong?

That doesn’t sound very fun, right? Plus, without WINDY, the world would never get the opportunity to experience the benefits of a local, interactive community of wind sport enthusiasts.

Our current tech platform is exploding with usage and our biggest challenge is to make sure our infrastructure continues to keep up with this explosion. We are continually expanding servers, improving technology efficiency, and securing development. We continue to grow our user base and interaction within the wind community to directly benefit the wind community around you today!

Other Ways You Can Help

Not ready to donate? No worries, there are plenty of other ways you can help spread the word:


The best way to help is to download WINDY(available for IOS and Android devices) and if you enjoy our application spread the word. Tell your friends, share via your favorite social networks, and use it at your favorite wind destinations. The more people using WINDY the more our community grows and benefits a wind community near you!

P.S. Thanks to Artem Garashchenko, Jeremie Tronet, Colleen Carroll and Craig Cunningham for their help with video clip.







Contact Information:

Igor Kamenev

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