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Sep 1, 2016 2:18 PM ET

Archived: RENEWABLE PETROLEUM OIL REPLACEMENT: Duckweed USA is the licensed developer of a patented new technology that produces a clean and renewable petroleum oil substitute from algae or waste water

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2016

Duckweed USA, Inc. Logo

Duckweed USA, Inc.

Berlin, NJ 08009, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy


Duckweed USA is the licensed developer of a patented new technology that produces a clean and renewable petroleum oil substitute from algae or waste water. Our LVKN Synfuel Production System is the first system of its kind that can produce large, price-competitive quantities of clean synfuels, with no adverse side effects to the environment. Our revolutionary process converts the organic compounds of the biomass into alkanes, which are chemically identical to the petroleum oil used to make gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, jet fuel, and heating oil, and we can finish it into those products for less than the cost of refining fossil fuels.


The LVKN Synfuel Production System produces upwards of 30 times the amount of oil per acre than the traditional method of extracting oil from aquatic biomass, yielding upwards of 300,000 gallons of oil per acre annually. Each LVKN Synfuel Production System harvests a consistent daily yield of oil 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, virtually creating a renewable and sustainable “oil well” that never dries up.

Our approach to converting aquatic biomass to synfuel requires no harsh chemicals or pollution producing processes. Only solar and wind energy are used to create our fuels that burn cleaner and work seamlessly in existing engines, eliminating the harmful sulfur exhaust as produced from petroleum based fuels.

We are offering investors the opportunity to earn assured, high returns while supporting a cleaner environment. To read more about our process, please see: www.DuckweedUSA.com

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By growing and harvesting an aggressive blend of algae in tanks enclosed in small faceted greenhouses, we can produce over 300,000 gallons of clean synfuel per acre annually. The modular faceted design of the greenhouse optimizes sunlight year round and is entirely self-sufficient; operating only on solar and wind power. Each greenhouse is outfitted with an LVKN Synfuel Production System making it an independent oil producer, harvesting oil 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.


Throughout the South and in remote locations across the United States, many towns use settling ponds or lagoons to collect municipal sewage as part of their waste water treatment process. In many cases, duckweed and algae grow and collect in these ponds, which brings the biomass concentration to an average of 30,000 parts per million. The wet biomass or sewage is pumped though the LVKN Synfuel Production System and the hydrocarbons (plant and waste biomass) are converted to alkanes or clean, sulfur-free oil. The beauty of converting waste biomass from water treatment facilities into oil is that the sewage is replenished daily, so there is no need to build a growing facility for the aquatic biomass, making it a very cost effective system to install and operate.


By retrofitting our technology into existing facilities we can replace acres of energy consuming equipment with our system which is the size of a typical household stove. We eliminate the need for the facility to purchase expensive chemicals in their process and cut their energy usage by at least 75% allowing them to operate without government subsidies. And, their end product is not a biofuel additive, but a clean petroleum oil replacement.



Chief Executive Officer
Michael Rigolizzo

Michael RigolizzoAs co-founder and CEO of Duckweed USA, Michael Rigolizzo leads the company’s strategic direction. He has 30 years of experience building residential, commercial, professional, and energy projects and is a passionate advocate of sustainability. Michael has worked with national renewable energy companies spearheading solar, wind, Co- Gen, CHP and biomass projects, consulting on sales, marketing, business development, operations, permitting, contract administration and construction. His skills have taken the initial prototypes of the LVKN Synfuel Production System to a commercial level that would be easy to reproduce for any developer, improving the structures and methods of growing the aquatic biomass and create a system is economical to install and operate.

Chief Technology Officer
Rudolph Behrens

Rudolph Behrens is the Chief Technical Officer and a founding partner in Duckweed USA. He is the inventor of the LVKN Synfuel Production System. The Linear Venturi Kinetic Nozzle (LVKN) is the evolution of his first US patent filed in 1987. He also filed United States patents in 2005 and 2007 detailing his systems and methods for producing hydrocarbons from land and ocean based vessels and in 2014, for the specific land based synfuel production system utilized in the Aurora and Alchemy facilities. As an aerospace engineer, his lifetime research has been dedicated to providing energy and economic independence through the use of renewable and sustainable technologies.

Chief Operating Officer
Stephany Longo

Stephany Longo draws upon 30 years of design, construction, and management experience to set the direction of new project development for the LVKN Synfuel facilities in the United States. Her expertise within the design and construction services industry includes: design, administration, information technology, complex project management, cost estimating, procurement management, and cost control systems. As a business owner since 1987, she is hands-on in all facets of operations including business and bidding strategy development and implementation, construction and installment supervision, preparation and monitoring of budgets, project performance evaluations, marketing, and implementation of financial and project control systems.


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