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Archived: New Science To Prevent Stress and Burnout – Clinical Trial

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What : Historic Clinical Trial Using New Science to Prevent Stress and Burnout

Where : Danbury Hospital, Danbury Connecticut

When : Thursday, Sept. 8th till Thursday, Dec. 1st

Why : New concept integrates functional medicine with self-care based on self-love

How : To participate or receive results contact – Stefan Deutsch –


What Does “A Non-Compliance Epidemic” Mean for Healthy, Permanent Live-Style Change?

Are you aware of the epidemic of ‘non-compliance’ that doctors and wellness professionals are experiencing with clients and patients? People are not willing to use the knowledge about nutrition, exercise, meditation, detox, etc., even when prescribed by a doctor, in order to create healthy PERMANENT LIFE STYLE CHANGES.

Organizations, corporations, hospitals, schools, police departments, gov’t agencies, and so forth are all looking for ways to reduce and eliminate the stress and burnout that leads to chronic illness, absenteeism, poor work performance/environments – and increase well-being, productivity, and cooperation.

Why is it so hard to change and acquire new, healthy habits?

This Sept. 8th a team of doctors and psychotherapists will launch a pioneering 90-day clinical trial with the most stressed out cohort at the most stressed environment – a hospital. The Human Development Company has teamed up with Danbury Hospital in what is believed to be a protocol that can help every employing entity not only reduce and eliminate stress and burnout – and increase well-being, productivity, cooperation – but have a dramatic spillover into homes and families.

The reason for this is that we will be the first stress management / stress reduction / detox program that also integrates self-care through self-love in order to dissolve the “inner resistance” most of us have to taking care of ourself – and achieve PERMANENT LIFE-STYLE CHANGE. ‘Inner resistance’ goes especially for healthcare providers, trained to be givers, not receivers, but applies well to any other work environment.

Your prayers and best wishes are welcome for our success. Beyond the trials there will be 6 month and 12 month assessments. We are looking for 30-40 doctors, nurses, and residents – with some administrators – to participate.




 Danbury Hospital – Danbury, Connecticut – 2016

September 8th – October 6th – November 3rd – December 1st

Principal Investigators:

Ivel De Freitas, MD
Board Certified Internal Medicine
Medical Director Leaf it Up Lifestyle MedSpa
President/Founder Leaf it Up Lifestyle
Hollywood, FL
Aparna Oltikar, MD
Chairman, Department of Medicine
Danbury Hospital
Danbury, CT
Stefan Deutsch, Psychotherapist
President, THDC
Gestalt Psychotherapist
Philosopher of Human Development
New York, NY
Phone: 516 220 6471

Maximo Fernandez, MD. Cardiologist, Board Certified Internal Medicine
Ya-chi Yen, PsychD candidate, Nova University.


To receive a copy of the abstract go to – and register to read the abstract. If you want to participate in the clinical trials or have any question – contact Stefan at .






Contact Information:

stefan deutsch @

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