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Sep 1, 2016 7:21 PM ET

Archived: Mtn.Record Adventure Journal is your personal storage of epic trips, big goals, and weekend excursions – “every adventure, every memory, one journal”: Your adventure is up to you.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2016

Mtn.Record Adventure Journal

Mtn.Record Adventure Journal is your personal storage of epic trips, big goals, and weekend excursions.

About this project

Welcome to our kickstarter! Since you’re here, why don’t I tell you a little about our project and where we come from. Our name, Mtn.Record (pronounced “mountain record”) speaks strongly to our goal, which is: To maintain a record of every great memory, from our favorite activities, in a manner that allows us to recall these events vividly, and for many years to come. This is a little wordy, so in short we say, “every adventure, every memory, one journal”. For us, our best memories come from our time spent in the mountains of Colorado and beyond, of course. Your adventure is up to you. 

So whats the big idea……

I have always loved to keep journals, but I have found that looking back on what I wrote doesn’t usually “bring be back” to the time and place. This is where the idea for Mtn.Record was born. This challenge led us to take a dive in to research papers that investigated memory, the benefits of journaling, and perception. We have combined several methods to aid in memory, these include cue words, recreating the environment, and imagery.  Half of the journal includes prompts (more on this below), while the other half includes creative space that can be used for adding pictures, trail maps, drawings, and more.

We want to create a journal that feels good to use, with quality leather binding on the outside and a well designed format for entry on the inside. This is not your grandpa’s journal, we have been working hard scouring academic papers to create a series of prompts specifically designed to help with recall and retention. Knowing how many benefits journaling can have we didn’t want to stray from the traditional feel and methods of a classic leather bound journal. 

Prompts include: The date & location, the weather, the type of terrain, the group you traveled with, and the trail or route you traveled. Additionally we have space for highlights of the trip, additional notes, and creative space to draw what you’ve seen. We believe that using these prompts not only allows us to quickly enter details of a trip but also lets us recall with great clarity even more than we have written. In addition, the combination of written entries, and drawings gives your mind two distinct references for retrieving memories.

What comes next….

Down the road we would like to create more specific journals tailored to (almost) every activity. Running, Skiing, Climbing, Paddling, Basket Weaving (maybe not). We think that every adventure memory is worth keeping, whatever your adventure is.

So why are we different? Our journals are built with a purpose, hand made of high quality leather. They feel good in your hand, fit easily in your bag, and are sure to become a companion for every adventure.

 Thank you for visiting our kickstarter page, if you want even more info take a look at our website (Mtnrecord.com), and have fun out there.


Kyle & Max 


Risks and challenges

Our biggest concern is delays on the part of our suppliers. Through speaking with them we understand that we are outside of the typically busy season of manufacturing, however big orders may come in that delay our production.

Contact Information:

Max Loeb & Kyle Roesler

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