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Sep 1, 2016 5:47 PM ET

Archived: Life’s Insight – Self-Knowledge Evolved: A mobile/PC application that harnesses the power of predictive analytics to improve your life and the lives of others

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2016

Life’s Insight – Self-Knowledge Evolved

by Drew Miller



A mobile/PC application that harnesses the power of predictive analytics to improve your life and the lives of others..

About this project

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in our presentation are for identification purposes only.

Life’s Insight brings the power of predictive analytics to your personal life by smartphone, tablet, or PC.

What is predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics is used to anticipate the future using historical data.

How is predictive analytics used by big companies?

Big companies leverage predictive analytics to improve efficiency.

Imaging you work for a company that’s on the hunt for a new source of oil. A mature industry means there are hundreds of thousands of records about previous explorations. Some explorations are successful, and some are not. Each exploration leads to the generation of more data.

The information (data) includes things like the type of rocks, soil type, and type of terrain.

Big Company Oil
Big Company Oil

When you crunch the numbers you can find similarities that increase the probability of finding oil. For this example, let’s assume the probability of finding oil at a new site is 40%.

The 40% chance is the output from our application. 

In this case, the Insight will influence the company’s decision to invest in drilling or not. If the company doesn’t have any data, they start recording it because it will help in the future.  

Is it possible to make better decisions based on Insights from your personal data? Yes!

How can Life’s Insight improve your quality of life? By helping you analyze your data without needing to be an expert in analytics. 

We use the same analytics that big companies use but we use them to help predict your future. 

You don’t have to learn any math or do any calculations to understand how to search for oil. All you do is collect data with our simple interface and let our software do the rest.

We keep talking about insight, so really, what is an Insight?

An Insight is the chance of something happening based on a unique data set / information. Each Insight created will be focused on addressing your individual needs. The question we have is, what’s important to you?


Finances: How likely and when should I plan for any additional medical expenses? There is a 70% chance in January that you will have an unplanned medical expense.

When should I have extra money in my budget for an unexpected car repair? There is an 80% chance you will have an unplanned car repair in the next 3 months.

These are the typical events that alter budgets and cause stress. If you’re wondering if you can really afford that quick getaway weekend, we can help!

Games: Where is a great place to catch a Pikachu tonight? There is a 60% chance Pikachu will be in Roosevelt park between 8-10 PM.

What’s the chance of beating Tim at fantasy football this week? There is a 63% chance you will win with your current roster. 

Take your fantasy teams to the next level and play like a pro!

Food Tracking: I can’t think of what I want for dinner tonight? There is a 75% chance you would like Chinese.

Exercise: What the chance I’ll go for a run later? 0%, you never run past 5 pm on Fridays. There is an 80% chance you’ll have a beer!

The application uses the data you provide to calculate the chance of events occurring.

We call each of these systems: Insights.

Our goal is to provide hundreds of Insights into your life. Our hope is each Insight will lead to more positive experiences and a better life!

Online games with friends!
Online games with friends!

You choose when and how you want to participate in an Insight. Each Insight has specific data associated with it, and in most cases, is directly provided by you using your smartphone. The data is processed and feedback is provided. You can get feedback based on a messaging callback system for scheduled alerts or even in real-time by directly using the application interface.

The Insights we provide can truly be invented by you or by us. To create an Insight, you don’t need to learn anything about analytics you just need to track what’s important to you. You can choose to share your Insight with friends, the public or keep it to yourself. It’s up to you.

We believe that these systems will influence your decisions. Because of this, there will be an interface to ask “what-if” type questions. 

Our Goal

To create a collection of Insight systems for our users that are focused on your needs and add value to your life. 

Since the idea around Pokemon Go was the beginning of our story, we included the case study on our funding page. We have a lot of other Insights already in the works, so check out our website. 

Feel free to post ideas you have for Insights on our web page!

A Pokemon Go User Story

Consider the Pokemon Go user. One of the biggest challenges is knowing where and when to catch the specific Pokemon. All you need is to track is the type of Pokemon, did you capture it, what time and where did you catch it. 

Predict Spawns
Predict Spawns

You now have a personal tool to track and predict Pokemon locations/times.

Q: Will I encounter a Charizard in the park on Sunday afternoon?

A: 12% chance based on available data

The accuracy of Life’s Insight is directly linked to how much data is available. Let’s assume Pokemon Go players are people who love to share and they opt into joining the public Insight. This provides tons more data to be considered and analyzed.

Q: Will I encounter a Charizard in the park on Sunday afternoon?

A: 38% chance based on available data

Q: So where is the best location to catch Charizard near me on Sunday?

A: There is a 74% chance a Charizard will be at the Mall between 4-6 PM.

If your only objective to go somewhere and catch a Charizard it looks like your odds are way better at the Mall.

How do I use Life’s Insight?

Life’s Insight uses predictive analytics to process the data you provide within a given Insight.  The only thing you need to do is start collecting data.  We’ll help with what data will be the most insightful by making suggestions on what to track for a given Insight.

We let you choose how you want to participate in each Insight (Public / Private). We keep everyone’s participation with public Insights completely anonymous.

You could group with other Pokemon players in the area and share predictions. You could group with sports fans, food lovers, and just about any other community.

Share data, talk about what data makes the best Insights and grow together by learning more about yourself in the process.

We will continue to add information on how private and public Insights work on our website. Your security and privacy are important to us! We openly share how we ensure your data is anonymous when working with public Insights.

What else can Life’s Insight predict?

With the right data we can predict just about anything

  • whether you are going to like a given wine
  • which meal is going to give you an upset stomach
  • a date in the future you will finally run that 5k
  • when you can really afford a vacation
  • and much, much more

Who can use Life’s Insight?

Anyone and everyone, from individuals to big businesses. 

Additional Uses:

The Student / Researcher: For those that want to build or do research we have created the Group Insight sandbox which lets teams of people work together. Students and researchers will find this can replaces the need for using surveys. Doing another study for your Psych program? Now you can directly publish your study as an Insight and let users fill it out.

We also have an interface for people who want to participate and support research. We connect you directly with researchers and students who are making an impact on science today, and when they need you to help, you can be there for them.

Your Community: Communities of people like a Wine club or Book club can use Group Insights to aggregate data and see what the predictions are. Group predictions are based on the perspective of the entire group of participants.

The Data Scientist: We will allow importing of data so you can use Life’s Insight as a predictive analytics platform for the data you already have.

Small Business/restaurants: Use your sales data to predict staffing requirements and adjust inventory levels. Use your data to predict if a new product will be well received by your customers. 

Businesses: Analysis your incoming leads and optimize your sales efforts by focusing on leads with the highest probability to close. Input financial performance to forecast and improve confidence in your predictions.  

Your support matters to us!

We need your support to build this service for your personal devices. Check out our website and social media to read more about Life’s Insight, the future of self-knowledge data processing.

It is most important for us to get the word out and we need your help to do it. If you believe in our goals as much as we do, whether you have pledged or not, please help us spread the word.


Each of us has our own insights
Each of us has our own insights


Risks and challenges

When people ask you what have you done before, a person rarely starts by sharing the problems encountered.

I’ve described here some of the problems I’ve encountered in my career and my approaches to resolving them.

Challenge: You have a performance problem in your software because a third-party library you’re using has limitations.

Answer: You write a new library that optimizes new computer science approaches to resolve the issue and unit test it in a limited beta group until all the bugs are worked out.

Challenge: Your supplier refuses to provide proper services that are in line with the contract and is threatening to terminate which would cause outage for hundreds of thousands of users.

Answer: You seek to find root of the problem and utilize back-channels to make sure it is clear what the issues are. Find a middle ground that benefits both parties. Use arbitration if necessary. Never let an outage occur for your users. Proper understanding of service contracts and your dependency on suppliers is key to maintaining proper operations with up-time for your customers. Finally, make sure the contract is clarified so this issue never recurs. Continuous improvement is key to long-term stability.

Challenge: We had a piece of software that was too slow to meet a client need for image processing.

Answer: We worked for over two years on the sly and finally found a hardware acceleration algorithm programmed in a GPU that took the problem from 4 days to solve on a single computer to under a minute when parallel processed. You can believe it! I have a patent pending on that one.

Dedication to resolving issues for your customers is more than a quality, it is a responsibility.

That gives you a glimpse into my thought process. I have both the experience and determination to make Life’s Insight a success!

About Financial Planning

Financial planning is a big deal and so let’s go over that.

We will take a portion of the budget and ensure that it is available to maintain operations for at least one year from the launch date. This makes sure that our supporters get an application that works on your mobile device for as long as you want, and in the cloud for at least 1 calendar year from launch.

There is also one risk to each user…. Using our application means you run the risk of learning something new about yourself!

Contact Information:

Drew Miller

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