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Sep 1, 2016 3:01 PM ET

Archived: Level 5 Recycling – Licking County, LLC: The Company plans to build, own and operate a 25 ton per hour (“TPH”) material recovery facility (“MRF”) in Licking County Ohio

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2016

Level 5 Recycling - Licking County, LLC Logo

Level 5 Recycling – Licking County, LLC

Overland Park, KS 66214, US
Industrial & Manufacturing

The Company plans to build, own and operate a 25 ton per hour (“TPH”) material recovery facility (“MRF”) in Licking County Ohio. We had a prior operation in this region that was destroyed by fire in July 2014. We formed this LLC with the intent to re-build in the region. We have excellent relationships with the regional waste haulers and will open for business with incoming material volume of over 1600 tons per month (“TPM”). We intend to grow the business to 2100 TPM in year 2 and 2600 TPM in year 3. It is our objective to provide regional waste companies and communities a viable “partner” to implement residential curbside recycling programs and community sponsored recycling programs. We differ from our competitors in that we truly look at our customers as partners and have developed a profit sharing arrangement that allows the customer to realize a profit from the collected material without having to build processing facilities. This business is scalable and we are currently looking as sites in KY and OK for our next Projects. Once operational we will also add similar products for Commercial/Industrial customers where we will work with customers to develop solutions to their current waste management programs which will focus on diverting material from landfills thereby avoiding costs for transportation and landfilling tip fees. The product offering will allow the customer to reduce costs and find value in material previously viewed as waste. We are currently seeking lease/debt financing for the Project in Licking County Ohio. We have a Venture Capital partner that has committed $600K in equity to the Project Company. In addition to the equity commitment of $600,000 we have a commitment from Westfund, LLC to provide a $300K AR line of credit once we are operational. This source of working capital is a factoring facility. Other financial structures with an investor would also be considered.


Products / Services

Post Consumer Single Stream Recycling/Processing

We provide single stream recycling services for regional waste haulers and communities. Our Plant will allow communities and their contracted waste haulers that also provide curbside collection for recycled materials. Our business model allows the community/waste hauler to recognize a profit from these materials as opposed having to pay a tip fee to a waste company competitor to dispose of collected materials. These services are provided with a combination of automated sorting equipment and manual sorting of certain types of materials

Post Industrial Single Stream and Source Separated Recycling/Processing

We work with Commercial/Industrial customers to identify material that may be going to the landfill but has value. We conduct a waste audit and work with the Customer to develop a recycling program to meet corporate objectives, reduce waste costs (freight and landfill) and find value for the material that is diverted.



President Executive Officer
Michael Moore

Michael, a 25 year sustainability veteran, has been Chief Executive Officer of two energy management companies over the past 25 years. His history of working with large industrial and commercial companies to develop and implement sustainability practices brings quality leadership to Level Five. Mike has worked with companies such as Mars, McLane Foods, Federal Express, McKesson Pharmaceuticals, AmeriSource Bergen, Sprint, Boeing and many other Fortune 500 companies in his career.

Vice President Operations
Greg Whitaker

Greg has been the Director of Operations for Marietta Industrial Enterprises, Recycling Division, since 2006. He co-founded the recycling operation and has created lasting relationships with multiple private and public entities throughout Ohio and West Virginia.
End users and buyers of paper fibers and post-consumer/industrial plastics, both nationally and internationally, hold Greg in high esteem for his ability to seek out and receive the highest value for market commodities. His expertise in recycling machinery consists of screening and processing single stream recyclables by size, visual, magnetic, and compaction.
Greg holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia.


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Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
2 years, 1 month19Waste Management


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Contact Information:

Mike Moore

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