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Sep 1, 2016 1:55 PM ET

Hamelly-Bruestle, Inc is an entity contracted to provide pickup and delivery services for FedEx Ground

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2016

Hamelly-Bruestle, Inc. Logo

Hamelly-Bruestle, Inc.

Franklin, PA 16323, US
Transportation & Distribution

Hamelly-Bruestle, Inc is an entity contracted to provide pickup and delivery services for FedEx Ground. With substantial and ongoing growth, the time has come to solicit investment in an effort to implement a new debt free business model.

Presently, we apply our 19+ years experience in contracting with Federal Express to operate 11-12 vehicles servicing an ample portion of NW PA. For the months of November and December we will be adding 4-6 additional vehicles to assist in accomodating the projected package volume increases typical for the holiday season.

The result of the economic collapse of 2008 was a 30% drop in total package volume lasting for approximately 14 months. In response to the potential for future economic disruption we have worked tirelessly to position ourselves to withstand a 34% reduction in package volume without an adverse effect on net profits.

To further strengthen our corporation, protect our shareholders and provide a secure future for our employees, Hamelly-Bruestle, Inc. intends to sell upwards of 37% interest in the corporation. The goal being to first achieve debt free status and then to continue operating in this manner ad infinitum. Eliminating the costs of servicing debt is one benefit of adopting this type of business model in addition to that, however, bumpy economic roads may still be ahead, it is our intention to capitalize on the opportunities presented to us by those within our industry who fail to prepare for the downswing.

Products / Services

Small package delivery service

Hamelly-Bruestle, Inc is an entity contracted with Federal Express to provide pickup and delivery services in a significant portion of north western Pennsylvania. The existing entity was formed in September 2014 as a result of a merger between Hamelly Enterprises, Inc and Haljanol, Inc formed in 2010 and 2012 respectively. The predecessor of both these corporations was William J. Hamelly Enterprises formed in July of 1997 to contract first with Fuji Color Processing, then later Hays Home delivery and finally RPS in November of 1999. RPS later went on to become FedEx Ground. Initially, William J Hamelly Enterprises contracted with RPS for a single route then by 2001 additional work areas were added. From that point forward the contracting entity continued to operate as a multi route organization through to present day. In summary, our only product or service is small package pickup and delivery. As you can see, we’ve done it for a very long time. As a result, we’re very good at it.



Chief Executive Officer
William Hamelly

William HamellyMr. Hamelly brings 26 years worth of management experience to the table. Eighteen of those years have been spent within the industry. Along side that, he has served as mentor to several startups within the field and played an advisory role for a variety of civic organizations within the community.

Hamelly-Bruestle, Inc -CEO
Hamelly Enterprises, Inc -President and CEO
William J Hamelly Enterprises -Owner operator
Vulture #5 Mining Co. -Owner operator
Oil Region Biofuels -CEO
City of Franklin -elected City Councilman
Sony Music Entertainment -Archives Specialist

Hallet Bruestle

Hallet BruestleMr. Bruestle’s management experience within the industry and without is extensive. He has a business degree with a focus on marketing. His friendly and outgoing demeanor has proven invaluable in developing business relationships. Be sure to watch for him at the next Marine Corp Marathon!

Hamelly-Bruestle, Inc -President
Haljanol, Inc -President and CEO
Lauer-Bruestle, Inc -President
Quality Marketing dba/Tap House -President
Grand Casino -Unit Manager
Franklin Club -General manager

Executive Vice President Accounting
Frank Hamelly

Frank HamellyFrank Hamelly is a seasoned business and technology professional with more than 25 years’ experience implementing and supporting various ERP systems and business process re-engineering initiatives across all organizational areas and across various industries, for small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies. Frank has held numerous positions in Accounting, Finance, Customer Service and Information Systems. Frank studied Business Administration with an Accounting concentration at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and has been named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) each year since 2008.

IBIS, Inc. – Sr. Business Consultant
NOVA Solutions, LLC – CEO
Maverick Jets, Inc. – CFO
Starband Commnications – Director, Logistics
SkyData, Inc. – Corporate Controller
Johnson Mathey Electonics – Division Controller
Conair, Inc. – Assistant Controller, Cost Accountant

Administrative Advisor
Debra Hamelly

Debra HamellyMrs. Hamelly brings with her significant clerical experience from her time spent at OPM ROC as well as Sony Music. Her educational focus in computer science and small business management background affords her the ability to play a variety of roles within the corporation. This flexibility contributes to a greater concentration on the organizations core objectives.

Hamelly-Bruestle, Inc -Administrative Advisor
Classy Cat Boutique -Co-Owner operator
Sony Music Entertainment -Archives Specialist
US OPM ROC-Data Specialist


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Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
16 years, 9 months13Trucking


Company TypeStock ExchangeStock Symbol


Contact Information:

William Hamelly

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