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Sep 1, 2016 7:19 AM ET

Archived: Gallia Semiconductor BVBA located near Brussels Belgium due to an open economy, talent pool, IP protection, tax benefits, government grants, and compatible R&D institutions

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2016

Gallia Semiconductor BVBA Logo

Gallia Semiconductor BVBA

Culliganlaan 1B, 1831 Machelen , Belgium

Gallia Semiconductor located near Brussels Belgium due to an open economy, talent pool, IP protection, tax benefits, government grants, and compatible R&D institutions. We will manufacture with quality at disruptively low cost, 200mm and smaller diameter Gallium Nitride (GaN) on Silicon (Si) epi substrates for sale to LED and Power Semiconductor manufacturers. Through customer demand pull we anticipate selling some of our proprietary tools. Our commodity pricing will greatly undercut selling prices of known competitors providing successful market entry and ultimate market dominance.

Two large and rapidly growing markets (>40%) of LED lighting and demand for electronics requiring power semis that can only deliver the greater efficiency, smaller size, faster switching speed, and higher temperature, voltage, and current handling capabilities of GaN on Si.

Selling prices of GaN on Si wafers are high from a few limited suppliers, virtually all of whom use Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD) technology with its inherent high cost of chemical precursors and low throughput.

A highly experienced management team has come together to provide Gallia proprietary thin film deposition utilizing long known Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE) technology that is presently used for manufacturing of bulk GaN. HVPE uses much lower cost precursor chemicals and has significantly higher throughput compared to MOCVD.

HVPE tools are available for bulk GaN from several suppliers; however, there are no commercially available HVPE machines for processing thin films of GaN on Si. Gallia has partnered with a semiconductor equipment manufacturer to develop HVPE thin film processing of 200mm GaN on Si wafers, providing for both a hardware and process market advantage.

By 2020, Gallia anticipates revenue ~$100M, EBITDA ~$50M and an exit to either a strategic partner or PE firm for IPO. Prospective returns to Seed investors may be >20X and Round A investors may be >15X.

Products / Services

GaN on Si Epi Substrates (LED Industry and Power Semiconductor Industry)

• Gallia Semiconductor (“Gallia”) will be a major epitaxial (“epi”) foundry and supplier of high quality 200mm and smaller diameter Gallium Nitride (“GaN”) on Silicon (“Si”) substrates to the LED and Power Semi manufacturers.

• Utilizing proprietary HVPE technology, in lieu of today’s standard MOCVD deposition, will provide for a disruptive 60%-75% reduction in manufacturing cost due to:
o Faster GaN growth rate using HVPE leading to greater throughput
o Use of low cost silicon substrates instead of sapphire which provides for lower direct material cost, larger wafer sizes and improved process efficiency
o significantly lower precursor (chemical) costs than MOCVD

• GaN on Si wafers are commodity products that will be purchased less expensively from outside vendors by device manufacturers rather than developed in-house. This lower cost is due to Gallia’s unique process capability, high productivity, low chemical precursor costs and economies of scale for a pure-play vendor.



Chief Executive Officer
Nara Meyyappan

Nara MeyyappanNara Meyyappan is the founder and CEO of Gallia. He possesses a M.Sc. degree from the U.S. with 29 years experience in the semiconductor industry with substantial experience obtained from the U.S. He has 4 U.S. Patents and 7 publications. He has worked for two major equipment suppliers in the U.S. (MRC, Eaton) and worked for a major 8” Silicon CMOS Foundry in Malaysia (Silterra) and a multi-national company from the U.S. manufacturing 8” Si and Si Epi wafers in Malaysia (MEMC/SunEdison). He has setup Gallia and will manage the company on a day-to-day basis in a full time position. Nara has operations management experience and a good startup track record. He also has semiconductor equipment, process, device and materials knowledge and experience. He is an expert in Ion Implantation specifically Oxygen Ion Implantation. He has semiconductor materials analysis skills and knowledge. He is a long-standing member of I.E.E.E.

Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Doug Meyer

Dr. Doug MeyerDr. Doug Meyer came on board as a Chief Technologist in February 2014. Doug has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, which he obtained in 1985 from the University of Florida, Gainesville with 29 years of semiconductor industry experience. He is a citizen of the U.S., residing in Portland, Oregon and has worked for major companies like Applied Materials, ASM, IR Epi Services and others. Doug has one highly recognized U.S. Patent and over 50 publications. Doug has direct and relevant hands on experience in GaN on Si technology. Doug will be onboard as a full time expert upon funding. Doug will develop the process technology and work with our HVPE equipment partner to design the equipment.

Chief Financial Officer
Sandy Garrett

Sandy GarrettSandy Garrett came on board as a Sr. Financial Advisor in February 2014. Sandy has a M. Sc. degree in Systems and Information Science and a B.S. in Operations Research with 46 years experience in the semiconductor industry. He is a citizen of the U.S. and resides in New York City. He is the CEO of the Garrett Group which he manages, specializing in semiconductor equipment financial consulting and will spend a considerable part of his time with Gallia. Sandy is a veteran semiconductor capital equipment lessor/financier, having founded, managed, and financed KLA-Tencor Capital and Credence Capital as well as providing financing to many other OEMs, Foundries, and Subcontract manufacturers. Sandy will secure necessary funding for the company during the initial stages and as it grows, he will be instrumental in the lease of capital equipment.

Vice President Business Development
John Benoist

John BenoistJohn Benoist came onboard Gallia as soon as it was founded since he was involved in the early stages. John possesses a M.B.A. with 39 years experience in the semiconductor industry. He is a citizen of the Netherlands and resides in Penang, Malaysia. He has been devoting part of his time to his own company, Delta Resources Management, Ltd. a consulting company. He is also regional representative of the Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC) providing an enormous network helpful to Gallia. John is a veteran in the semiconductor industry and worked amongst others for Perkin Elmer, co founder of Matrix Integrated Systems, General Signal SEG and most recently for major Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASMI for 20 years. John will devote full time on Gallia in the initial years developing the business.

Vice President Operations
Fukumi Tomino

Fukumi Tomino has over 40 years experience in the Semiconductor Equipment Industry, is a Japanese citizen and lives in Tokyo. Fukumi started his career at Marubeni Electronics Co. Ltd. a trading company. During his time at Marubeni, Fukumi was involved with various advanced semiconductor equipment. Fukumi marketed ASM’s products in Japan since 1977 and joined ASM Japan KK in 1982, a subsidiary of ASM International N.V in the Netherlands. While at ASM, Fukumi led the development of Eagle series PECVD, A600UHV CVD, Falcon HF vapor phase etching, Metal ALD and Silicon Oxide ALD systems. From 2002 to 2008 Fukumi served as Vice President of Asian Operations for ASM International and built up a strong customer base in Taiwan, Korea and China. Fukumi retired from ASM in 2009 and established FTR Corp. in 2010 where he works as a consultant.


Prior Year Revenue Current Year Revenue Next Year Revenue


Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
2 years, 6 months 5 Semiconductor – Specialized


Company Type Stock Exchange Stock Symbol
Contact Information:

Nara Meyyappan and/or Sandy Garrett

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