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Sep 1, 2016 11:30 AM ET

Archived: Crowdability: Ballparq – Web-based financial modeling platform

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2016



Web-based financial modeling platform





Accounting & Finance Software


Los Angeles, California

Ballparq is a web-based platform that lets entrepreneurs create engaging financial model through an easy-to-use interactive process. The entrepreneur is able to demonstrate financial sophistication by telling the story of their business from the bottom up.

Its product:

Step-by-step: With Ballparq, entrepreneurs will be guided through a logical step-by-step interview that documents key assumptions about their business model while at the same time trains them to think about their business financials in conventional terms that are easily communicated to others.

Customizable templates: It will have industry specific templates and Ballparq will enable the entrepreneur to form complex connections between assumptions through a simple user interface. The entrepreneur won’t need to be a financial engineer to test the unique interdependencies between activities, revenues, and costs within their business.

What-if analysis: Users can make side-by-side copies of their models and utilize built-in knobs and levers that adjust model parameters on the fly to do effective “What-if” analysis.

Secure Sharing: Ballparq will enable users to interactively share their models with others in a secure environment.

Marketplace: Ballparq will serve as a marketplace for user engagement. With public and private live chat, users will be able to connect with the larger user community. They will be able to share their custom templates and discuss startup strategies and contacts with each other. Users will also be able to connect with consultants or other startup service vendors to assist in taking their startup to the next level.

The company’s founder and CEO began his career in the game industry working at Activision Studios. From there he launched his entrepreneurial career by co-founding Pandemic Studios—for which he helped build and scale into an $800 million purchase by Electronic Arts.

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