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Sep 1, 2016 11:27 AM ET

Archived: “BOY BAND: The ❤️Throb Story.” A Musical Comedy Feature Film

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2016

“BOY BAND: The ❤️Throb Story.” A Musical Comedy Feature Film

"BOY BAND: The ❤️Throb Story." A Musical Comedy Feature Film project video thumbnail

A musical comedy movie about a Boy Band that’s gotten older but hasn’t grown up made locally in Dayton, Ohio by the Levinson Brothers.


About this project


After decades of writing comedy for other people, we’re making our first movie, right here in our hometown of Dayton, Ohio. It’s not about cancer or global warming, it’s not about orphans in the Sudan or anything else that makes an indie film. It’s a silly goofball comedy imagining a boy band who’ve grown up into balding, fat idiots. And we need your help to make it, to make it right, and to make it here in Ohio.

I mean, we also happen to believe that laughter makes the world a better place. Comedy is all we know and love, and this feature is the culmination of our life’s work. It’s literally our only path to emotional, spiritual and comedical fulfillment.


Los Angeles is the mecca of moviemaking, but the cost of living is so high that it prevents real creative experimentation because everyone is just trying to get whatever work they can to pay the bills.


Pack up my family, move back to my hometown where you can rent a 3 bedroom house for the price you can rent a parking space in a big city, and spend every extra cent and every extra minute on projects that MEAN something to us. In this case – a comedy about 40 year old boy banders who are still singing about making out, the mall, and making out at the mall.


A brand new musical comedy film about the boy band “❤️Throb” and lead singer Johnny Throbstein, who have spent every day of the past 17 years working on the follow up to their multi-platinum debut album, leaving them older, fatter, balder, and less “boyish” than any boy band has a right to be. They’ve run out of money and today is their last day in the studio to finish the album they hope will return them to their former international glory. 

Written by Stephen Levinson (The Tonight Show) and Joel Moss Levinson (that one speedo video from the internet.) Staring Seth Herzog (The Tonight Show), Jordan Carlos (The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore) and Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program) and more hilarious people we haven’t cast yet. 

With a crew made up of amazing people from across the Miami Valley, and filmed right here in Dayton, we intend to do for Dayton what John Waters did for Baltimore! What The Farrelly Brothers did for Providence, RI! What Mussolini did for… wait, wait, strike that last part. 


The vast majority of the money goes to local Ohioan’s who make their money in film. Lighting, grips, sound people, assistant directors, line producers – like the three people we showed you in that video – sound guy Ben Devine, Producer Kathleen Hartshorn and Coordinator Will Brown:

– all of whom work hard to carve out a living making videos in Ohio and, like us, spend most of their time on commercials for products they aren’t passionate about. Everyone is willing to work for less than they’re worth to make an incredible comedy right here in Ohio, but we can’t ask people to work for NOTHING. Plus catering (you know, so no one starves), equipment rentals, editors, and more. If we hit our reach goals, it allows us to film in unique Dayton only locations – The Art Institute, The Masonic Temple, The Cannery, etc.

Ben, Kathleen and Will are just three of the amazing locals helping to make this movie happen!
Ben, Kathleen and Will are just three of the amazing locals helping to make this movie happen!


Have you ever SEEN a good comedy movie? Do you need to be told how it helps? Okay, here’s some things it does and some things it doesn’t do, try to guess which is which: 

  • Makes you feel good 
  • Creates a drought resistant tomato
  • Prevents Nuclear war 
  • Makes people laugh 
  • Gives you something awesome to quote and/or talk about with your friends. 
  • Puts an end to racism 
  • Provides a much needed escape from parenting your children for 2 hours 
  • Is relaxing 
  • Is fun 
  • Improves the local economy*

(correct answers – 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10* only if you support local filmmakers like us.)


The universe is vast, and probably meaningless. Our existence as humans is doomed to an abject failure at best. In a few billion years, nothing we’ve done will have mattered. So we’ve decided to dedicate our lives to one thing – making the time we are here great. That’s done through art. Through creation. And for us, through comedy. This is our way of giving something of value to the universe while we are still here. With your help, we can make people laugh. Maybe even make you laugh. And make ourselves laugh. And every time someone, somewhere laughs, it makes a angel cry. 

Don’t you want to make angels cry?


We don’t just need your cash and your fandom, we want you to help us make this movie! That starts with this campaign and spreading the word! Beyond that, we will need extras during the shoot! We will need PROPS DONATED. Just by backing (even at the $1 level) we’ll get your email address and know you’re wiling to help, and can be in touch to help at every level from pre-production through marketing and carpentry!


Whether you’re backing or not, we appreciate you giving enough of a damn about independent comedy to read this far. Thank you. And please help us spread the word. 

Risks and challenges

1) The movie might not be funny.
2) We might not be good enough filmmakers to pull it off.
3) No one may ever see it because it could get lost in a sea of “content” being created.

1) We THINK it is.
2) We THINK we are.
3) We’re gonna put our hearts and souls naked on film for the world to judge, and hope that we’re lucky enough to stand out among cat videos and kids unboxing new lego sets. That’s the best we can do.

Contact Information:

Levinson Brothers

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