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Aug 31, 2016 9:56 AM ET

Viva Developments S.L. – VIVAINNOVA is a company focused on printed electronics – UFPC (Ultra Flexible Printed Circuits)

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2016

Viva Developments S.L.

Lorca, 30800, Spain
Electronics & Instrumentation

VIVAINNOVA is a company focused on printed electronics.
UFPC (Ultra Flexible Printed Circuits), is a disruptive technology to create flexible electronic devices at low cost.
Flexible heaters, wearables, antennas for the internet of things, .. are some of the applications being trend in the markets.

After several years VIVAINNOVA has developed a new technology among others in the field of printed electronics, organic or flexible (depending on the different existing denominations), being amongst the few in the international community able to develop similar products based on this innovative technology.
Printed Electronic Technology makes sophisticated devices accessible to everyone, and it takes beyond the classic electronics industry.
This technology, also called TOLAE (Thin, Organic and Large Area Electronics), allows a wide range of electrical and electronic components to be produced by printing processes, using techniques similar to those used in the graphic arts.
The current development of printed electronics makes it very suitable for the manufacture of certain parts of an electronic circuit. By printing technology is highly desirable manufacturing the conductive traces of the circuit and some basic components thereof, such as resistors, capacitors, and diodes, among others. But this technology has not yet achieved such print transistors miniaturization and high performance as the traditional electronics, such as in the case of a microcontroller.
VIVAINNOVA noted the opportunity to unite the advantages provided by both technologies to create their hybrid technology called UFPC (Ultra Flexible Printed Circuits), thus exploiting the competitive advantages of both technologies.
While traditional electronics provides high performance and capability, printed electronics provides flexible substrates with high volume production at an economical price and environmentally friendly, compared with traditional electronics.

Products / Services

Ultra Flexible Printed Circuits

– LED Lighting: Flexible panels for advertising (buildings, passenger vehicles, outdoors signaling, weareable elements, …). Lighting (sustitution of Aluminium PCB’s in LED bulbs or tubes, with our UFPC circuit board).
– Flexible Heaters: Chothes, shoes and seats warm up, fluids and tanks heating, resistance heating for home appliances, …
– Printed Antennas: RFID / NFC tags for “Internet of Things”, Smartcities, …
– Printed Electro-Mechanical Generator (PEMG): car key fobs, wireless switches in domotics, remote controls in general, medical devices, panic buttons for the elderly, …


Managing Director Executive Officer

Julian Serrano

Julian Serrano


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Managing Director Executive Officer - Julian Serrano

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