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Aug 31, 2016 6:00 PM ET

Archived: The Piggery is the market leader in nitrate-free, pastured pork and turkey deli meats, hot dogs, bacons, charcuterie and fresh cuts produced locally in the Northeastern US

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2016

The Piggery Inc

Ithaca, NY 14850, US
Consumer Products

The Piggery is the market leader in nitrate-free, pastured pork and turkey deli meats, hot dogs, bacons, charcuterie and fresh cuts produced locally in the Northeastern US.

The Piggery sources pastured pork and turkey from it’s partner farms in upstate New York. At our production facility in Ithaca, NY we produce: nitrate-free deli meats – deli ham, smoked turkey, bologna and salami; bacons – traditional, cottage and turkey; sausage – fresh and smoked; charcuterie – pate, rillettes, lard and bone broths; fresh cuts – plain and seasoned pork chops, ribs, pork shoulder, tenderloins. The products are distributed throughout the Northeast by a variety of distributors, including Regional Access, Albert’s Organics, Baldor, Four Seasons produce and Finger Lakes Family Farms. Retailers carrying the products include Greenstar co-op, Park Slope co-op, Honest Weight co-op, Hanover co-op, Mrs Green’s, Fairway Markets, Gourmet Garage and MOMs organics. Piggery products are also served at restaurants such as Mei Mei restaurants in Boston, Ithaca Bakery and Frank’s Gourmet hot dog’s in Buffalo. Wholesale sales were up 38% in the first ten weeks of 2016 versus the first 10 weeks of 2015.

In addition, the Piggery operates a retail local meats butcher shop and local themed micro grocery at it’s processing facility in Ithaca. The Piggery launched online sales in January of 2016 at https://thepiggery.myshopify.com . The Piggery is looking to expand direct sales with an innovative program it is launching in the second half of 2016.

The Piggery became profitable on an EBITDA basis in 2015 and expects to be profitable and cashflow positive in 2016.


Products / Services

Wholesale Pastured Pork and Deli Meats

We offer a complete line of pastured pork products through three distributors in the Northeast. Products include fresh cuts like chops, fresh and smoked sausage, a line of uncured deli meats and bacon and charcuterie items like liver pate.

Retail Butcher Shop

At our Ithaca, NY location we offer a complete line of local pastured pork, beef and chicken as well as locally sourced grocery items like fresh produce, dairy, breads and pantry items.



Chief Executive Officer
Brad Marshall

Brad Marshall started The Piggery with Heather Sandford in 2008. As the head of the meat processing division, he has developed a full line of meat products aimed at the health food market. As head of business development he designed the new USDA meat processing facility, successfully led a $1.25 million round of financing in 2013 and led the Piggery through the HACCP/USDA inspection process. As head of IT he is developing ERP systems to allow tight inventory tracking, accounting and business analysis.

Brad has extensive knowledge of the natural pork market, including all areas from farrowing piglets to finishing hogs to butchering, meat processing and packaging. He has fostered relationships with local farms, slaughterhouses and meat processing equipment manufacturers to develop a company that can take local, pastured pork to the next level.

Chief Operating Officer
Heather Sandford

Heather Sandford started The Piggery with Brad Marshall in 2008. As head of sales and marketing she has led The Piggery’s growth from a mom and pop business to a regionally distributed producer of natural meats. As head of human resources she has managed the growth of the business from no employees to over 20. She is adept at social media: The Piggery newsletter has 600 subscribers, The Piggery Facebook has 6500 likes and Piggery Twitter has 1500 followers. She is actively engaged with distributors, retailers, restauranteurs and end use customers to ensure that customers are satisfied at every level.


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Chief Executive Officer - Brad Marshall

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