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Aug 31, 2016 11:30 AM ET

Crowdability: Ohos – Performance Review Platform for Employees

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2016



Performance Review Platform for Employees




Business Intelligence, Analytics & Performance Mgmt Software


Denver, Colorado

Traditional performance reviews aren’t working. Since 2014, 10% of Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Microsoft and GE have ditched them — and 70% say they’re looking for something better.

Ohos is aiming to fill this gap.

Its feedback platform provides real-time data about all employees, and provides all employees a voice.

It aggregates group feedback to provide real-time performance insights to individuals, leaders, and entire organizations. It saves time, fosters transparency and honesty, and allows everyone to actively improve their work.

It is always visible and available so individuals always know where they stand. Finding and recognizing a company’s subject matter experts with accurate data helps companies keep the people who are truly making an impact, distinguishing who is good at their job from who should lead.

– 5 paid beta-testers.
– Generating revenue before the official launch of its product.
– Its 25 “early adopters” include Kaiser Permanente and Noodles & Co, and these companies alone could potentially lead to millions in monthly recurring revenue.

As one of its beta customers said:
“We are excited to be a beta partner with Ohos. We have been searching for a lean, easy to implement and use peer review tool and Ohos will provide this function for us! Dave’s vision and passion are clear and I am really looking forward to introducing Ohos to our team.”
Kristie Hunziker, Director of People Ops – Cloud Element

Initially, Ohos is targeting technology-focused companies with at least 50 employees and healthcare companies.

At $60 per user per year, the tech market is worth $270 million, and healthcare is worth $750 million.

Longer-term, Ohos believes it could replace traditional performance reviews in multiple industries.

Its initial B2B business model is based on a typical SaaS per user per month subscription model. Implementation services and administrative support would incur extra fees.

Secondary income streams include organizational consulting and talent development services to interpret and take action on the data its collecting, as well as big data analytics for industry or market comparisons. (I.e., how does your talent compare to the overall market?).


Dave Needham – Co-Founder

Dave has worked in Talent Development and Organizational Change for 10 years.

His experience includes work for Vail Mountain Resorts and Crocs.

Dave earned his BA in Philosophy from, and his Masters degree in Organizational Performance and Change from Colorado State University.

Alicia Yanik – Co-Founder

Alicia is a senior management professional with deep project delivery skills, and a balance of business and technical experience.

She has a strong track record of increasing software engineering velocity and quality in early- to mid-stage organizations.

She was Manager of Software Development at Atlas (a division of aQuantive), Director of Software Development at eBags, Vice President, Software Development at Roomlinx, and Senior Vice President Engineering & Delivery at Levels Beyond / Reach Engine.

She earned her degree from University of Colorado at Boulder.



Contact Information:

Dave Needham - Co-Founder

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