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Aug 31, 2016 9:01 AM ET

Archived: The Only 3D Audio, Voice Search & Noise Canceling Headphones: Touch control, motion sensors, patented MAF technology & music storage make FIIL Diva Pro the most advanced headphones ever invented

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2016

The Only 3D Audio, Voice Search & Noise Canceling Headphones

by FIIL Technology


Touch control, motion sensors, patented MAF technology & music storage make FIIL Diva Pro the most advanced headphones ever invented.

About this project



It is time to bring the music industry to the 21st century.


FIIL Diva Pro are wireless headphones with capabilities you’ve never seen before. The Bluetooth V4.1 on-ear headphones are not only beautifully designed, but pack in powerful features like voice search, touch control, active noise canceling, 4G of music storage, Hi-Fi quality sound, audio transparency, patented technology and more.

It’s time to awaken your senses. 

Traditional headphones tend to focus in on the quality of the headphone, while trendy headphones look for ways to reinvent design. We did both. Our sleek, sexy design combined with top-notch technology make FIIL Diva Pro the most desirable wireless headphones on the market. 



FIIL Diva Pro makes your life easier. Never again will you have to worry about going on a walk to the store, on a run or a bike ride and dropping your phone because, with FIIL Diva Pro, you can go cellphone-free.

Save 4G of music, or around 1,000 songs, within your FIIL Diva Pro headphones

  • To store your tunes with an Android, use a USB cable and PC or you can use a USB OTG cable if you have a compatible phone.
  • To store your tunes with an iOS device, use a USB cable with PC.

(FIIL Diva Pro supports FLAC, WAV and APE file types and of course other compressed formats like mp3 and AAC.)

Slide your finger on the cover of your headset to easily switch between songs, adjust the volume and complete other operations with a touch of your finger.

Volume Control:

  • Volume Up: Swipe finger from bottom to top 
  • Volume Down: Swipe finger from top to bottom

Song Control: 

  • Next Song: Swipe finger from left to right
  • Previous Song: Swipe finger from right to left 



Talk to FIIL Diva Pro to control what you listen to, hands-free. 

When you say, “hello FIIL,” the function is awakened. Then say, “search Michael Jackson’s ‘We Are The World’,” and the song begins to play. 

This function works by sending your command to your phone to then run a search within the FIIL+ app.

Diva Pro can detect when you take off your headphones and pause your music. When you put the headphones back on, your music starts again.

This function is perfect for when you run into someone you know on the street or want to order your cup of coffee on the way to work since there is no need to press pause.

Take a look at FIIL Diva in action.

 project video thumbnail



FIIL Diva Pro’s 3D sound is baked into the headphone firmware and is created after traditional 2.0 stereo audio source material is transmitted to your headphones. 

The lost spatial acoustic cues are re-established to create a virtual 3D sound field, all with Eilex’s advanced technologies, namely, the VIR Filter and MaxWide. 

For now, MaxWide is exclusive on FIIL Diva Pro. By processing the space information of source material, MaxWide increases the width, height and depth of sound.


My AudioFiilter (MAF) is our original patented technology. With this feature, you can choose from four audio modes to maximize your listening experience. The modes include: Active Noise Canceling, Monitor, Open and Wind. 

With My AudioFiilter you can listen to what you want and shield what you don’t.


3D Audio: Choose from Living Room, Theater or Hall 3D audio modes to change the way your music is heard. With these modes, you’ll forget you have FIIL Diva Pro on and get lost in the incredible sound.

Battery Monitoring: Keep track of your Diva Pro headphones’ battery life while on the go so you’re never stuck without your favorite songs. 

Equalizer: Easily turn on the Bass and Treble that is stored in your headphone’s memory.

My AudioFiilter (MAF): Access Open, Monitor, Active Noise Canceling or Windy MAF modes. 

Music Management: The FIIL+ app can remotely control the music you are playing within the headphone’s storage. It can also manage the music files as well as create and push a music list into the music player embedded within the headphone.

OTA Firmware Upgrade: The FIIL+ app supports over-the-air Firmware upgrade so that our customers get the best experiences.

Other Configurations: Configure the FIIL logo light on the outside of the headphones, change the auto-powering-off time, select the language of voice features and more.



FIIL Diva Pro uses Bluetooth V4.1 technology that normally extends up to approximately 33 feet. However, with our technology, you can travel up to 330 feet without losing your connection. 


FIIL Diva Pro headphones have a standby time of 40 days and playtime of 30 continuous hours on a single charge. 


We tested the shapes of more than 10,000 heads and were able to find a fit that is so comfortable, you might forget you have them on. Our headband is made of super tough nylon and a force of 4N. The ear pads are made of silk protein leather and have memory foam technology inside. FIIL comes in white or black color options, with more color options in the works.



Our design is sleek and beautiful, but also convenient. Our headphones are able to fold into each other for easy traveling and storage. Additionally, one set of headphones weighs less than half a pound (.47lbs to be exact).

In your Diva Pro box, you will receive a 3.5mm four pole inline control so the headphones can also work as a wired headset with or without power. We will also provide you with a leatherette carry case and buckle and a USB cable.

FIIL Diva Pro headphones are engineered with 32-ohm impedance and a 32mm coil unit. Our patented technology has a TDDC bass boost tube plus a double-dampening cavity for a headset acoustic system. The combination of low, medium and high-frequency music our headphones give you restores the essence of sound. 


In addition to FIIL Diva Pro, we created FIIL Diva. FIIL Diva headphones are still packed with amazing features that make your life easier, but they come at a cheaper price. Don’t worry, they still have many of the same features and look identical to FIIL Diva Pro.

Take a look at how FIIL Diva and FIIL Diva Pro compare to choose the best headphones for your lifestyle. 


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you have the option to return your FIIL Diva Pro or FIIL Diva within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. 

  • Size: 7×6 inches 
  • Weight: .47lbs 
  • Bluetooth Verison: 4.1 Bluetooth 
  • CODEC: aptX®/ AAC / SBC for music modes, mSBC/CVSD for telephony modes 
  • Local Player CODEC: FLAC/AAC/MP3/APE/WAV/OGG, etc 
  • Speaker: 32mm dia., 32ohms, titanium alloy diaphragm 
  • Speaker Frequency Response: 15kHz~22kHz in wireless music modes, 10Hz~40kHz in wired modes 
  • Speaker Distortion: <0.5%@100dBSPL,1kHz 
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 110dBSPL/V,1kHz 
  • Mic Frequency Response: 100Hz-10kHz 
  • Mic Sensitivity: -42dBV/Pa 
  • Active Noise Canceling: Low frequency band up to 96% 
  • Passive Noise Reduction: High frequency band up to 98% 
  • Battery: 580mAh lithium polymer 
  • Playtime: 30 hours (on a single charge) 
  • Standby time: 40 days (on a single charge) OTG function and OTG data line support 
  • OTG speed: 5MB/s 
  • Micro USB cable (included) 
  • Padding: Memory foam and protein leather 
  • Color options: White or black











Risks and challenges

As with any hardware project, there are always schedule risks associated with manufacturing and supply chain logistics. We are working with a tier-one manufacturing partner that builds headphones for some of the most renowned brands. We have partnered with Designaffairs, a famous design company with 20 years of experience, in Munich Germany. We understand the unique challenges of headphones and are familiar with how to avoid and mitigate any issues that arise. The products we have successfully delivered in the past have MFI and Hi-Res Audio and have been awarded the IF Product Design Award & the Red Dot Design Awards.



Contact Information:

FIIL Technology

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