WaferSat Spacecraft: Voices of Humanity Mission - Be part of the snapshot of humanity's essence to be sent to interstellar space on a spacecraft the size of a wafer. - iCrowdNewswire

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Aug 30, 2016 5:30 PM ET

WaferSat Spacecraft: Voices of Humanity Mission – Be part of the snapshot of humanity’s essence to be sent to interstellar space on a spacecraft the size of a wafer.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 30, 2016

WaferSat Spacecraft: Voices of Humanity Mission

Be part of the snapshot of humanity’s essence to be sent to interstellar space on a spacecraft the size of a wafer.

About this project

The Humanity Chip is a custom semiconductor memory device that goes on our wafer scale spacecraft that will contain your data. The Humanity Chip will first be launched into orbit in 2017 and then launched on a subsequent series of missions to increasing distant destinations as we eventually work our way into interstellar space.  

“We plan to build a wafer spacecraft that is only 4 inches by 4 inches and almost the width of a human hair.” Time Magazine created this beautiful video about why we’re working to send essentially a time capsule of humanity’s data on these spacecraft.

Our goal is to directly engage all humanity in space exploration. We want to send your dreams and aspirations to the stars! With our basic funding goal of $30,000, we will put your data on a custom spacecraft that will be launched in 2017 initially into Low Earth Orbit (LEO), then to more distant missions to the moon, Mars, etc in subsequent missions. In the future, we intend to offer the Humanity Chip to all spacecraft being launched.

The Future of Space Travel:

WaferSat Spacecraft
WaferSat Spacecraft

Voices of Humanity is brought to you by the same people that are working on the recently announced laser propelled, first interstellar missions through the DE-STAR project at University of California Santa Barbara and the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) funded project Phase I DEEP-IN and Phase II DEIS programs. Professor Philip Lubin is the leading scientist on all of these projects and is a professor at UC Santa Barbara. Travis Brashears has worked with Prof. Lubin on all of these projects and is an Engineering Physics major at UC Berkeley. 

Laser Ablation Demo at UCSB Lab: We have proposed and experimentally proven we can use a laser to de-orbit, mitigate, and mine asteroids. This is a video showing the experiment.

We come from a very active university research environment that is distinct from our Kickstarter campaign. You can find some of our relevant university research in the links below.





The Voices of Humanity campaign’s purpose is to give a voice to all of humanity and to immortalize those voices. In this way your voice will literally live forever. The Voices of Humanity campaign will send your dreams and aspirations out into the universe. Our long term goal is to send humanity to the stars with directed energy propelled spacecraft that will carry your data as an emissaries from Earth. In a sense we will “back up humanity” and use the universe as our “cloud”. We hope that you will share our vision and join us on this journey.

Giving a Voice to all Children – We want to enable every person to have a voice. In this Kickstarter you get your own voice and can give another theirs. You can sponsor a child to help enable those around the world who cannot afford to pledge themselves. We will focus primarily on the voices of children from third world countries by direct engagement and by working with schools to have children write/email/tweet as appropriate, which allows us to include them. Your funds will benefit those otherwise not included.

We want to push towards relativistic flight using directed energy that will enable the first interstellar missions and revolutionize access to space by miniaturizing spacecraft to the Wafer-Scale. By pledging to this campaign you will help enable the technology for relativistic flight and become part of that journey.

Long Term Goal: Directed Energy Propulsion
Long Term Goal: Directed Energy Propulsion

This is but the first phase as the Voices of Humanity Campaign is not static. We will grow and evolve as you do. As technology advances we will advance, allowing increasingly sophisticated levels of data to be added and additional Humanity Chips to be launched and new data to be “beamed up”.





 Digital Mission Patch Wallpaper:

  • Free: Twitter handle name when you include @HumanityChip 
  • $1: Entire Tweet 
  • $5: Passage Payload 
  • $10: My Space 
  • $15: Black Hole Chip + Swag 
  • $25: Pentagram Bundle 
  • $30: Movie Star 
  • $39: Spacegram + Swag 
  • $45: DNA Deployment Special!
  • $49: Total Package 
  • $59: Pentagram Bundle + Swag 
  • $65: Personal Profile + Swag 
  • $99: Space Clone 
  • $125: Picture Package + Swag 
  • $149: Space Clone + Swag 
  • $199: Together Forever + Swag 
  • $300: The Everything Package! + Swag 
  • $500: Your Class or Family in Space 
  • $1,000: Your Mission 
  • $2,000: Founders’ Circle
  • ALL TWEETS MUST INCLUDE @HumanityChip – We will only take your first tweets to us.
  • Post on Instagram and tag @HumanityChip
  • Post to our Voices of Humanity Facebook page
  • Tweet for free twitter handle name must include @HumanityChip
  • Upload your data by selecting the pledge reward of your choice to include tweets, Facebook post, Instagram picture, documents, images, audio, movies, DNA
  • Go to our website if you want more than just one category – www.directed.energy
  • At $30,000 Funded we will launch the Humanity Chip campaign
  • At $100,000 Funded enable “Beam Me Up” mode

Your data is private – All data you upload is private and will not be viewed by us or anyone else. It will not be made public. We will encrypt the data on the Humanity Chip to fully secure it.

For those of you that have those “less than happy” thoughts about a candidate, someone or something we are also offering a special BLACK Hole Chip where you can “vent your views” about  anyone or anything and we will launch your complaints to be immortalized. IF we reach our stretch goal then we will also “beam up” the entire BLACK Hole Chip’s data.




In order to involve as many people as possible we want to provide everyone that tweets our twitter handle the ability to get on the Humanity Chip. We will put your Twitter username onboard the Humanity Chip if you tweet our handle! Let us know if there is something missing and we will work something out with you!

Great example of a tweet about the Voices of Humanity Campaign: 

 project video thumbnail



With our research partners that specialize in small spacecraft launches we will launch the Humanity Chip into space! We expect your data will be uploaded onboard the Humanity Chip Spacecraft by the end of March 2017 in addition to all swag being delivered . We expect the launch of the Humanity Chip Spacecraft to be in Q2 of 2017 subject to changes in launching schedule! We are very excited to offer you this unique capability!

The Beam Me Up mode will take your data and messages and send them with a custom laser communications system coupled to a robotic telescope to our spacecraft to simply be “backed up” into the universe. This will be available once our first stretch goal of $100,000 is reached. Our group has built many robotic telescopes. We will build a custom system with programming for targeting, calibration sequence control, custom laser encoding electronics, database management software, computer controlled dome, weather and sky sensors etc. You will also help enable part of our longer term directed energy program to enable interstellar flight that uses laser comm to send data from the spacecraft back to Earth. Here is the design we will use.




Space access has begun to change dramatically with the entrance of the private sector. With companies such as SpaceX paving the way to lower cost space access and with plans for Mars we are quickly entering a new era. It is time to start thinking of going far beyond our solar system but doing so requires a radically new approach. We have done just that with our directed energy propulsion work at UC Santa Barbara with the goal of enabling the first interstellar missions using small wafer scale spacecraft to be sent to Alpha Centauri. We have ignited a passion from our government sector NASA NIAC programs to the private sector. Philip Lubin, a professor in physics at the University of California Santa Barbara, is the leading scientist on these projects. With his colleague, Travis Brashears an engineering physics major at UC Berkeley, we have launched this Voices of Humanity Kickstarter to begin a journey that will take us to the stars with directed energy propulsion. The Voices of Humanity campaign’s purpose is to collect the dreams, visions, images, movies, DNA and literal voices of all of humanity, place them on the Humanity Chip, download them onto our wafer scale spacecraft and launch them in a series of increasingly sophisticated missions that will go beyond any previous mission: to Alpha Centauri. This Kickstarter campaign starts this journey by gathering your data and launching it into orbit around Earth for the first milestone of our vision. We hope that you will share our vision and join us on this journey.

Founders: Travis Brashears (Left) and Philip Lubin (Right)
Founders: Travis Brashears (Left) and Philip Lubin (Right)

See us at www.humanitychip.org, directed.energy

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This Kickstarter is brought to you by:


 Directed Energy LLC focuses on transformational applications of directed energy for applications ranging from photonic power transmission to relativistic propulsion. We come from a major university environment with more than 4 decades of experience in technology and its applications from terrestrial to space missions. Our vision is to use new technological advances to better humanity through the synthesis of ideas and our core values. Our goal is to make possible that which is currently only a dream for many but whose reality can be realized. 

Risks and challenges

There are many obstacles that we are trying to overcome. Getting the Humanity Chip to space on a launch vehicle and providing for the “beam me up” laser option is challenging. We have spent a lot of time setting up the Voices of Humanity Campaign and it is near it’s completion, we just need your help to make this a reality.

When our stretch goal is reached we will be excited to offer you the ability to upload your data to space via our “Beam Me Up” mode in addition to launching the data on a spacecraft.

Our goal is to use the Humanity Chip to create a space time capsule for everyone on Earth and to continue pushing forward to more advanced Humanity Chip options. This is just the beginning of a journey that will take us to the stars and beyond. Please join us to enable this dream for everyone.

Contact Information:

Prof. Philip Lubin & Travis Brashears

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