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Aug 30, 2016 4:53 PM ET

Archived: QCoo: The World First 3D Snake Cube with AR and LED Magician – QCoo /’kjuː kuː/ is the world’s first high-tech gadget that puts classical games into 3D space and merges new tech with old game

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 30, 2016

QCoo: The World First 3D Snake Cube with AR and LED Magician

QCoo, the first high-tech gadget merges classic game Snake into 3D space, with AR, LED dice and LED effect.

About this project


                                              Meet QCoo

Shake your QCoo, automatically pair with your smartphone (both Andriod and iOS), BANG! You are ready to go!

Patent Pending

QCoo /’kjuː kuː/ is the world’s first high-tech gadget that puts classical games into 3D space and merges new tech with old game, using Bluetooth connectivity to bring you a portable game solution (6oz) that lightens your day. No bigger than a 3 x 3 magic cube you pack in your pocket, QCoo provides more fun than you can imagine: Snake, Q Run inspired by Temple Run, AR (Augmented Reality) Game Q Tower inspired by TowerBloxx, and offers LED effect & LED dice.

  • Combines smartphone game app with an actual object; 
  • transfers the pixel game Snake and app game Temple Run to a solid game on QCoo;
  • Unlock the edgy tech Augmented Reality (AR) using this small cube that fits in your pocket;
  • Let LED dice shine in friends’ party, nightclub, and your romantic moments;
  • Supports both iOS (iOS 8.0+) and Android devices (Android 4.4+).

QCoo is ready for all-age who is seeking for fun.

                                  Now Let’s Make a Record

When you go to work, or have a rest in office, chances are you take out your phone – but then stare at it without actually reading or thinking. What a way to kill time! That’s exactly what we are doing with QCoo LED Cube – we are stopping you from killing time by staring at your phone.

Hold a LED Snake in Your Hand

Pixel game Snake was popular back to years ago and it still found a large audience today. Now you can play a solid version of Snake on QCoo! By simply tilting QCoo, the gyroscope inside enables you to maneuvers a LED line in your hand which grows in length, with the line itself being the primary obstacle. 




Run Away from Red Dots

Now you are competing against the red LED dots. This time you need to eat as fast and more as you can to clear the road for running away from those moving LED dots. 


Are You Top 1 in the World? 

We’ve built a server which would automatically compare worldwide players’ scores of games included in QCoo and the highest score will be updated to every QCoo app daily. Your name and score will be on everybody’s phone, sounds exciting right? (Shhh, the current highest score of QCoo Snake is 6700 achieved by the founder) 

LED Cube, LED Dice 

Turn off the light, or find a low light condition place like a nightclub or a bar, turn on the LED effect of QCoo and WOW. 

 project video thumbnail

What’s more, you can even draw your own LED pattern!

A Most Attractive Dice 

Forget about the small and can’t-find-it-if-drops-in-a-bar dice, QCoo is perfect for parties when you need a dice. Or 2, or 3. 


                                    Experiencing High-Tech AR 

AR refers to Augmented Reality in which a view of reality is modified. It is a popular concept and technology these years that we think we should take into our daily life. QCoo achieved the interaction between your device and the object itself via AR Tower Game. Here’s a quick video to show how it works:  


Wireless Charging

QCoo features a 1500 mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 10 hours of continuous playing time. What’s more, the charging will be done wirelessly!  


                       Unlock QCoo: Control from Your Pocket 

Your phone/tablet is the best remote control out there, so we built an app that connects with your QCoo. Both Android and iOS available already!


                                 What’s Developer’s Version? 

QCoo is developed by a bunch of young people who love DIY, creativity, and cool things. We think it’s sharing that keeps us improving. Hence we’d love to offer a developer’s version of QCoo which comes with a USB interface that can be connected to your PC, MAC or Linux Computer. Then you can program QCoo, add a new game, improve current one, or even change it completely.

Our firmware will be completely open-source. 

Compatible with Arduino

QCoo developer’s version is 100% compatible with Arduino Open Source Platform, hence you can program QCoo using Arduino IDE. Doesn’t it sound awesome? 

As a developer’s version, QCoo is super duper easy to assemble by simply snapping the pins together. All the pins are designed to be poka yoke.


  • Standard version of QCoo doesn’t have the USB interface.
  • Developer’s Version comes assembled.




                                                 Special Thanks 

To those who brought QCoo to more people

And all of our family and friends who have supported us and specially: Roger Luo, Jim Lin, Mark Yan, Anton Usikov, Scralett Shen, Ximei Yu, Nora Xia, Tony Chen, Danny Zhang, Cration Gao, David Romax, Grace Zhang, Leo Wang.

QCoo Team




 project video thumbnail


Risks and challenges

The project was started since last year and we have received helps from so many friends, friends that kept supporting us regarding the manufacturing, designing, producing, and testing of our QCoo. We see some small potential risks but have been working on them:
Tolerances, Quality Control and Testing –
We have worked with several mechanical engineers with many years experience designing commercial products. We also have planned time to make last minute tweaks so there are no sacrifices made to quality!
Factories and Delivery Schedule:
We have pre-selected multiple factories for production of the QCoo and agreed on the schedule and have already produced tens of developer kits to test their skills! Our schedule already accounts for the possibility of several delays and still be able to ship on time!

Contact Information:

QCoo Team

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