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Aug 29, 2016 12:00 PM ET

Toasteroid- First APP Controlled Smart Image Toaster: Toast awesome images, the weather, send toast messages, and everything in between to cure your morning blues!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 29, 2016

Toasteroid- First APP Controlled Smart Image Toaster

Toast awesome images, the weather, send toast messages, and everything in between to cure your morning blues!

About this project

Toasteroid is NOT just a toaster. An ordinary toaster turns bread brown and that’s the ONLY thing a toaster can do. Toasteroid can be your personal Weather Forecaster, Private Messenger, and Doodle Pad. It can do all of the above with simple commands from your smartphone and still make the most perfect piece of toast you’ve ever had.

It’s time to say adiós to your old toaster, and bring Toasteroid home!



Making toast with Toasteroid is super easy. Just download the Toasteroid companion mobile app, connect your smart phone to Toasteroid via Bluetooth and toast away!



 project video thumbnail

For complete video, click HERE.
Toasteroid is equipped with awesome features that prepares you for every part of your day. Printing custom images on your toast is just the beginning. Toasteroid can give you the weather forecast, help you interact with your friends in a fun new way via toast messages, and controls the brownness of your toast like never before. To add a little bit more fun and to protect your privacy, all of the toast messages received can only be read on toast.


Remember the last time you were THIS excited for a breakfast? Probably never? Let’s face it. The same old breakfast routine day in and day out can get boring, so why not make it fun? Make a cartoon toast in the likeness of your kids’ favourite character, leave an edible reminder to your absent-minded other half or simply make a delightful toast for yourself will certainly brighten up the mornings.

A good “toast” should be short, sweet and meaningful! That’s how we make toasts with Toasteroid! Type in any text you want in the app to customize your toast! Tasty sandwiches with meaningful messages – what’s not to love?


With the Smart-everything trend fueling the market, lots of products are being proclaimed as “Smart” but in fact they are just ordinary appliances with a digital screen attached. Toasteroid is clearly a different product (doesn’t even need a digital screen). Every feature of Toasteroid has been designed to fulfill actual needs and the desire to connect with people. 

We know you need better incentives to justify ditching your old toaster, so lets check out some fun ways to use Toasteroid!

Most of Toasteroid’s features are unique and one of a kind. Not only is Toasteroid fun, it does an amazing job at making toast too. 

 Make Awesome Breakfast!

And for those who already have a stencil toaster that can toast images, Toasteroid can help you print them all!


Everything in your kitchen, from the color theme of your cabinets to every kitchen appliance you own, is a reflection of who you are. Finding pieces that can mix and match perfectly can be so frustrating. Toasteroid, with its curved die-cast aluminum body and minimal design, can match with any counter top. From modern and futuristic to cozy and rustic kitchens, Toasteroid’s timeless design fits anywhere.

You may already have a smart fridge that sends you a text when your milk is about to expire, a smart TV that can surf the web and record your favorite programs, and smart lighting that dims and brightens depending on your mood. Toasteroid is the perfect addition to your smart home collection.


Taste Matters

When we first started developing Toasteroid, we promised ourselves that no matter how the final product came out with however many fun and fancy features, the toasts it makes needed to be tasty with the perfect crunch. And we have done just that. Every piece of toast Toasteroid makes is a wonderful combination of external crunch and internal softness. Extra brownness is available for all bread types with its extra long and wide slot.

Initial Sketch & Development:


The Toasteroid Difference

Toasteroid’s smart toasting system is powered by high density micro-filament heating technology (patent pending). This innovative heating system is responsible for 1) spreading heat evenly on the surface of the bread during toasting and 2) printing images on the actual toast.

Regular toasters have a very uneven heating distribution, which results in uneven doneness of the toast. Commonly, this affects the overall crunch of the toast, but in more serious cases, some parts of your toast can be burnt while other parts are still soft. Toasteroid completely eliminates this problem with its micro-filament heating technology, which spreads heat evenly. The graphic below shows the internal temperatures of the bread being toasted in Toasteroid and a regular toaster.


The Software

Making Custom images is just as easy. Select the Custom Image option from the main menu and start doodling! You can also use this option to write custom messages, reminders, and greetings too!

 project video thumbnail

Receiving a toast message from your loved ones is just as easy, but you’ll have to remember to enable your phone to receive push notifications from Toasteroid.

 project video thumbnail


Thank you all for backing us. All level of pledges are welcome and every little bit will help us reach our goal. By supporting our project you can be one of the first in the world to experience a whole new breakfast experience with Toasteroid. You can choose between two different versions: Toasteroid and Toasteroid Mini. The Toasteroid Mini is smaller in size but can still toast two slices of bread (one image toast and one regular toast).


It all started with a simple idea to add some fun and excitement to our boring breakfast toasts. After months of hard work testing different methods to improve on a century old technology, we have finally created a working prototype ready for manufacturing tooling. We believe that Kickstarter, with its awesome community, is the perfect platform for us to raise the funds needed for the first batch of Toasteroids. Also, we want to use Kickstarter as a medium to directly communicate with the end users of Toasteroid so that we can refine the product before it is out on the market.

We cannot do it without your participation! JOIN US on this Toaster Revolution today and enjoy a unique breakfast experience ahead of everyone else.









Risks and challenges

Manufacturing any new product is hard and challenging, especially when you are reinventing something that has been around for decades. We know and understand the risks involved with manufacturing a new product and have taken precautions to prepare for and actively address them. For example, we’ve already accounted for delays in the shipping schedule. With the support of our manufacturing and distribution partners, we are well equipped for the challenges ahead. We promise to keep everyone updated and informed about any issues that may arise.

Contact Information:


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