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Aug 29, 2016 7:27 AM ET

Archived: Solafeet, Inc.’s Solafeet ST-400 tanning bed for the feet is a patented design that eliminates the white feet/sock line tan associated with playing sports in the sun

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 29, 2016

Solafeet, Inc. Logo

Solafeet, Inc.

Sarasota, FL 34235, US
Consumer Products

Solafeet, Inc. is a Florida corporation created after four years of product development. The company’s Solafeet ST-400 tanning bed for the feet is a patented design that eliminates the white feet/sock line tan associated with playing sports in the sun. It is being marketed to golfers, tennis players, runners, bicyclists, walkers, and all others who seek to solve the problem of their untanned feet. Utilizing four (4) powerful Wolff Systems tanning bulbs, the Solafeet unit will safely produce a natural tan with only 15 minutes of usage per day: while on the computer, watching TV, or just sitting in a chair. It’s ideal for golfers or tennis players who continue to tan their legs but not their feet while playing several times per week. In a spot survey in the Sarasota, Fl market covering 328 women golfers at 5 separate private country clubs, 322 (98%) complained of white feet. Many also indicated that their male companion had the same problem. With over 1.05 million women golfers at private country clubs and over 26.1 million total golfers in the U.S. alone, a large niche market is available. Adding together tennis (+25 MM), running (+11.5 MM), bicycling (+22MM), and walkers creates a sizable domestic market. Internationally, this market doubles in size. Solafeet will be a financial success if >0.1% of the women golfers market segment is captured. Over 850 Solafeet units have been sold online at: www.solafeet.com. A random survey of purchasers had a 30% response rate, and every response indicated that they would recommend the product to a friend.
The units are manufactured in an ISO 9002 rated facility in Largo, Fl that meets all UL/FDA standards and is capable of producing 2500 units/week.


The marketing strategy is to drive sales directly to the website instead of relying on distributors, preserving the existing 105% markup over cost. An equity investment of $500K is being sought to proceed with the advertising strategy.

Products / Services

Solafeet ST-400

The Solafeet unit is a ready-to-market consumer product covered by two issued U.S. patents (6,899,724 and 6,761,730), a trademarked name, and carries an MET Laboratories, Inc. label attesting to UL safety standards and FDA requirements for sunlamps. It is designed for tanning ladies’ and men’s feet/ankles by using tanning bulbs placed around the untanned areas. The Solafeet unit is comfortable to use since it can be placed under the computer or your favorite chair for 15 mins. of tanning while surfing the net, watching TV, or reading.



Chief Executive Officer
William L. Johnson

William L. JohnsonMr. Johnson is the inventor of Solafeet and serves as President of the corporation. His career path has included over 17 years in process and project development in management positions at Amoco Chemical Corporation, Morton Chemical Company, Sunbeam and Allied-Signal. For the past 15 years, he has operated service/manufacturing businesses with up to 40 employees as an owner. His creative interest in inventions and passion for entrepreneurial ventures led to the creation of Solafeet. Mr. Johnson earned a BSCHE degree in chemical engineering from Purdue University and an MBA in finance and marketing from the University of Chicago.


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9 years, 1 month1Personal Products


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Contact Information:

Bill Johnson

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