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Aug 29, 2016 9:20 AM ET

Archived: Concept2Fashion – The only one-stop shop for all industry needs related to fashion and design

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 29, 2016


The only one-stop shop for all industry needs related to fashion…


Concept2Fashion is creating the first truly EPIC (Exposure, Personalization, Information, and Communication) platform for the fashion community. This will be the only one-stop shop for all related areas in design and fashion.

Our big vision is to create a platform that will help designers and models get off the ground and launch their careers on an international scale. Concept2Fashion will help them gain an industry presence, build their brands, and market their products through a unique and comprehensive set of tools, expertise, and networking opportunities.

At its core, Concept2Fashion is a web portal that connects designers, buyers, vendors, manufacturers, and service providers together for the first time ever. As we get closer to our public launch, C2F is expanding its database to ensure designers, models, brands, buyers, suppliers, and vendors can all find exactly what they need.

Read on to see just how close we are to this game-changing site becoming a reality!


If you look across the fashion industry today, you’ll find many websites offering great advice, tips, and connections, but every single one is limited to a specific area or at most a few areas of the fashion and design industries — most of them are incomplete.

There is no single website someone can go to to accomplish everything they need — find a designer, a model, a vendor, production, operations, suppliers, etc. — thus people are left to search through countless sites trying to accomplish their goals.

Concept2Fashion is an easy to navigate search platform that connects members directly to the source. We also provide personalized services like consultations, brand building, and connection to other professionals.

Concept2Fashion is the platform the fashion industry has been waiting for: a one-stop shop for all your needs within the fashion and related industries. The days of visiting hundreds of websites, paying each  subscription, and wasting huge amounts of time and money are over.

This is the new age of fashion. This is Concept2Fashion.


Concept2Fashion is the ONLY one-stop source for aspiring fashion professionals to expose their name and products, personalize their brand character, receive industry information, and connect with peers and prospective customers. C2F objective is to be the largest, the most complete, and most exclusive web platform in the fashion world.

If you’re in the process of starting your own brand and find yourself asking the following questions…

… the answer is Concept2Fashion. We will have all this information and more. Our objective for C2F is to get products and portfolios more hits, publicity, and views than any other service. C2F gives industry professionals the tools they need and want to grow their businesses, brands, and services.

Concept2Fashion features:


Concept2Fashion provides a number of unique value points for everyone in the fashion industry, from designers and models to brands and buyers to vendors and suppliers.

Services for Designers and Models
Concept2Fashion gives designers more exposure than any other platform.
1. Create a profile to expose your name and work to peers, buyers, businesses and vendors.
2. Learn how to market your product/services through resources in our database.
3. Network with industry professionals to ignite potential business opportunities.
4. Sell your products/services.

Services for Fashion Bloggers
Fashion Bloggers has become a part  of the Fashion Industry. Many major companies rely on them for fashion news, Trends and changes within the industry.We will be adding a separate tab for Fashion  Bloggers  to have their Profiles similar to the Designers and Models.This will give them an opportunity to be a part of our web portal to promote themselves to the industry.

Services for Brands and Buyers
Concept2Fashion helps brands freshen their image.
1. Create a company profile with your name, logo, lookbooks, product images, company videos, presentations, press coverage, and blogs.
2. Discover new designers and models who can freshen product lines and brand images.
3. Connect with vendors and suppliers to compare offerings and prices.
4. Follow industry news and trends to evolve your company with the changing fashion.

Services for Vendors and Suppliers
Concept2Fashion gives vendors the information and connections needed to market products.
1. Showcase products in the C2F community.
2. Advertise products via our integration with social media and direct mail services.
3. Connect with prospective customers who have interest in your products.
4. Forecast trends with information provided in our comprehensive database.

No matter what your needs are in  the industry, you can find it all on Concept2Fashion!


We started this project in 2013 as a part-time gig and have since developed the website and social media channels. With our website all but complete, we are in the final stage of testing and reviewing any additional  upgrades that may require and completion of data entry before official launch. We expect to go public with Concept2Fashion by the end of 2016.

The website has been shared with colleagues across the fashion industry and has received tremendously positive feedback

In addition to the website, the founders of Concept2Fashion also have experience in the clothing/apparel industry in areas such as retail, wholesale, imports of fabric, manufacturing, and a clothing line. We have the required knowledge and partnerships when it comes to development, production, and selling — key components in helping others launch their product lines as well.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into Concept2Fashion!


Aubrey is currently a Formalwear Consultant at Men’s Wearhouse and a part time custom clothier. Prior to that, he worked with an export company selling branded clothing (Levis, CK, Quiksilver, etc.) to the international market and managed the operations and logistics.

A fashion design graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, Aubrey is originally from Sri Lanka. Since migrating to the US, all his jobs have been in retail apparel. With his knowledge and understanding of the industry, he realized there was a major need for a one-stop shop for all things fashion and design, as well as a place for new graduates to showcase their profiles where the maximum number of people would see it. Hence, Concept2Fashion was born.

Patrick is the Managing Director for Unitrac Trading in Sri Lanka which is involved in supplying fabric to the apparel industry. He has over 30 years of experience in the clothing industry as a supplier , manufacturer and Brand builder owning his own clothing line. Unitrac Trading  itself has been in business for over 30 years working with major Multinational companies worldwide..

Andrew is the Director of Unitrac Trading, focused on sales and administration.Prior to been a partner at Unitrac Trading ,he has worked as a Regional Manager  selling consumer products representing  International brands.

Simona is a graduate of the University of Fine Arts Bucharest. She has been a Creative Director for over 10 years in Romania and has helped us on the graphics and designs. We will continue working with Simona on all future design elements covering the web portal.

Stark is a leading web services company providing end to end design and development services to over 300 clients across 25 countries. Stark is the present developer of the C2F web platform.

Stark Digital will also be our partner in Maintaining our web portal with technical support & development.  


Contact Information:

Aubrey Gonawela - Partner

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