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Aug 29, 2016 11:28 AM ET

Archived: ‘Breaking Breath’ Fund Raiser – presented by B-Hybrid Dance: A culturally enriching dance performance that aims to promote and preserve the Irish Language in modern day society.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 29, 2016

‘Breaking Breath’ Fund Raiser – presented by B-Hybrid Dance

Breaking Breath is a culturally enriching dance performance that aims to promote and preserve the Irish Language in modern day society.

About this project

Breaking Breath is a dance performance based on the preservation of language, community and culture inspired by the Irish government’s 20 year strategy to preserve Gaeilge. We began creating Breaking Breath in order to promote the necessity of this work in a world where languages are endangered, cultures are being lost, and communities pull together with great strength to preserve what they have.

In order to create a full-length version of this work, we will need approximately £8,000 to cover; fees for our performers and composer, a videographer to document the process to help with future promotion and bookings, marketing materials, technical support hire, and studio hire.

We are currently seeking national public funding from the likes of Arts Council England. However by raising as much of this amount as possible through crowd funding and private donation, we will strengthen our chances greatly of achieving national public funding.

Any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated. All details below.

The Statistics 

> Gaeilge is officially an endangered language. 

> It is expected to disappear at the beginning of the next century alongside half of the other 7,000 endangered languages. 

> The death of this language will mean a loss of heritage and culture for Irish communities all over the world.

The Problem 

Preservation plans are being put into action inside and outside of Ireland by the Irish Government across media, technology, economic life and dictionaries, to name a few. Although this plan has been covered in the media at certain times in the past 6 years, we feel that this problem and plan deserves continuous coverage. We believe that Breaking Breath has a pivotal part to play in the plans success by being the constant cultural awareness that is directly accessible to the public within Ireland and across the world.

The Solution / Why? 

Breaking breath aims to ignite the importance of culture, remind us of the beauty of communication, and (re)instil a sense of community amongst our audiences. Inspired by the Government of Ireland’s 20 year strategy for the Irish language, B-Hybrid Dance aim to assist this movement by being the socially engaging equivalent of this document in order to bring this plan to fruition through dance and the arts. We are the movement!

The Performance 

> Is currently a 27minute work. 

> Will be a 65minute intimate dance performance and sensory experience. > Has an original music score in collaboration with composer Cameron Gallaher. 

> Can be enjoyed by all ages in any community. 

> Is adaptable to any conventional space / community space alike (both outdoor and indoor). 

 > Minimal technical support – dependant on venue.

Performance shots
Performance shots

The Plan 

2016 > Attain investment/funding to complete the creation of Breaking Breath. London Premiere and Irish Performances (secured). Build relationships outside of IE/UK. Develop education package. 

2017 > Secure large-scale funding. Performance expansion to EU and USA. Secure male and female understudy performers. Put education package into action. 

 2018 > International tour. Secure secondary cast. Take over the world.

Our Market and Competitors 

> The nature of our hybrid movement style is what sets us apart from our competitors. Honest movement inspired by a number of dance styles makes our work visually arresting and relatable to all. 

> Irish arts is currently dominated by 1916 rising themes. We know of no other artist or work tackling this topic or issue. 

> Irish culture and arts stretch beyond the shores of Ireland. Expressions of interest in this work have already been shown overseas.

By Supporting / Partnering with us, you are; 

> Supporting an emerging Irish artist and company. 

> Investing in high quality art that could continue to make an impact for years. 

> Supporting Irish Arts and the arts in general. 

>Contributing to the preservation and promotion of Gaeilge and other endangered languages. 

> Saving a piece of Irish heritage and culture. 

> Providing employment opportunities to dance artists and our composer. 

> Providing opportunity for members of the public to see and engage in excellent dance theatre.

Risks and challenges

Risks are exciting and ‘Challenge’ is our middle name.
For this phase; the cast has been confirmed and relationships with studios, venues and collaborators have been pencilled (pending funding).
We run the risk of not being allocated the remainder funding (accumulated total of £8,000) from the likes of Arts Council England / Ireland the first time around (we hope this won’t happen), but will continue to apply for public arts funding until the project is awarded and the process can begin.

Our partnerships and personal skills in programming and planning equips us to be able to take this project to the next level and beyond following creation of the full-length work.


Contact Information:

Brian Gillespie

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