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Aug 27, 2016 8:04 AM ET

Archived: Hofficer – Community – Authorities: The first objective of this campaign is to provide a rapid response to anyone who has an emergency

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 27, 2016

Hofficer – Community – Authorities

by Cesar Rivera

It prevents an emergency, a disgrace an unfortunate event occurs. Hurry do something for your family before it’s too late!


About this project


  • The first objective of this campaign is to provide a rapid response to anyone who has an emergency.  
  • The second goal is to make groups of people interested and teach the main techniques of first aid, self-defense and survival.  
  • The third objective is to create an application that can connect directly to the authorities and to the person who met the second target to the emergency.  
  • The fourth objective reduce the number of deaths worldwide.  
  • The fifth objective is to raise awareness, to show that we value life and bring this application to all parts of the world.


After seeing that this year was one of the most active in individual and collective deaths it is very difficult to sit still and do nothing. For that reason I have devised this application can help avoid unfortunate situations. 

 The application is designed to prevent and combat situations; from emergency, theft, natural disasters, terrorism among others. 

 What is an emergency? Subject or unforeseen situation which require special attention and should be addressed as soon as possible.


I based on the premise that it is better safe than sorry, I inform you that to avoid an unfortunate situation need to learn new things and develop new support tools.  

Objective 2 is free. We will make a tour across the world to create a greater impact. There leaders who will teach in the different techniques in every part of the world are identified.  

No doubt this is one of the largest in the history positive movement.

Those with the application will be able to enjoy features that would not have if you only use the system of 911. Its functions are performed through an algorithm that when a person needs help the algorithm will notify all within a close radius about your situation.   

People reported on their situation are those that when registering proved to be government employees in the medical, law and order or emergency. People with related studies and all who have passed our test.  

All these people are called Hofficer


  • Medical Profile: Indicates brief information about your medical history. 
  • MAP: Displays a real-time map of people seeking help. (Only if you are Hofficer) 
  • CAM: A function that the user can share what’s happening through the camera of your device. 
  • AUD: A function that the user can share what’s happening through the microphones of your device. 
  • FAM: Family function is an alert that is sent when a family requests help. And if authorized you can use all functions. 
  • NAT: A general alert is sent when we are being affected by some natural systems.
  • WEB: It is a web platform where all world records are application activity and more.


Certainly in the process of developing new features will be added to allow this application more efficient.

With the operation of this application in all parts of the world we can help authorities and more than that will be another tool for the life of our communities and loved ones. It only remains to ask,


Risks and challenges

The main challenges will be to carry out application creation and publish correctly in the market for as many electronic devices. We expect user acceptance as soon as the application is available.

The key algorithm of this application is done. The data analysis system and safety systems are extremely important because it is necessary to have a team that is constantly doing maintenance.

The most positive and important risk is that crime is up and not be necessary this application

Contact Information:

Cesar Rivera

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