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Aug 27, 2016 3:14 PM ET

Archived: Creating a generation of emotionally intelligent kids: Emoti Products is a company that provides tools to be that used by parents, teachers and therapists to raise emotionally intelligent and independent children

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 27, 2016

Emoti: Creating a generation of emotionally intelligent kids

Emoti Products is a company that provides tools to be that used by parents, teachers and therapists to raise emotionally intelligent and independent children and to help them to gain the necessary coping skills they will need throughout their lives. The company was created by two parenting/play therapists who specialise in assisting children with emotional, behavioural and everyday challenges. We are looking to raise funds to keep our dream alive and help as many parents and children as we can.

About This Project

Creating a Generation of emotionally strong and independent children

What is Emoti?

Our mission statement is:

Creating emotionally intelligent children and empowered parents by bridging the gap between therapy and home, because little hearts need strong foundations.

Emoti is aimed at parents of children between the ages of 3 and 12 who believe they need more skills and confidence to develop emotional strong children. Emoti has a vision to become the leading specialist in parent-driven child emotional competency. We provide tools and a free online advice platform that assists parents in transferring skills in a simple and effective manner.

Emoti Products embodies the following qualities:

Empowerment (By giving parents confidence in parenting skills and peace of mind, and giving children skills to manage difficulties)

Trust (quality products that deliver on promised outcomes)

Research Driven development (customers and scientific trends are the core for product development)

Caring (we embody a greater mission to help children learn how to manage their emotions and lead happier more fulfilling lives. We understand and care about how challenging it is to parent in today’s world)

Who are we?

Jamie and Lexi the founders of Emoti are two therapists with a huge passion for child development and parenting. Having overcome major challenges in our own lives we have committed ourselves to helping parents and children to do the same. In our work as play therapists we realised the need to make therapy tools more accessible to everyone.

Children and parents need practical, relate-able and easy to use physical tools in order to not just survive but thrive in today’s demanding and challenging world.

What do we do?

Emoti makes books, charts, toys and games for parents, teachers, therapists and children, to assist with aspects of parenting, positive behavior reinforcement and overcoming life challenges such as divorce.

We currently have thirteen products which we have designed and developed and are market ready. You can view these on our website: http://www.emoti.co.za/product…

Why do we need crowdfunding?

Like all startups our biggest challenge has been funding. Up to this point we have funded the company using our own resources, these resources have now dried up at a critical stage in our development.

What do we need and what will we use it for?

We are asking for R50,000 of your support in order to launch ourselves from just creating brand awareness to the next phase in our business.

If we are able to raise 15,000 our tipping point we will: 

Record the You tube instructional videos for our website (hiring of equipment and expertise to edit and film)

Create Educational Workshops to educate parents (facilities, equipment, resouces)

Advertising and Marketing ( catalogues, flyers, radio, PR)

Website development and content generation

Capital for down payment on weekly market day stalls

If we are able to raise R50,000:

Currently we are operating on a just in time stock system, this is hugely stressful for us as we cannot afford stock. We would like to have more readily available stock, and this would reduce our production costs in half




The Team

Lexi is a play therapist, Counsellor and Parenting Therapist with her own thriving practice in Somerset West. She specialises in Parent Child Interaction Therapy for parents struggling with children with behaviour difficulties. She uses positive reinforcement combined with fair discipline to empower parents to manage even the most difficult behaviours in the way that helps their child achieve optimal development.

Lexi volunteers at various charities teaching teachers how to get the best out of students, and does volunteer play therapy at a school for children from difficult backgrounds.


Jamie is an Educational Therapist & Counsellor specialising in children with learning and developmental delays, as well as emotional and behavioural difficulties. She runs a successful practice in Blouberg and has worked with children from a large variety of backgrounds. She uses her own uniquely designed educational techniques to identify the individual way that each child learns and helps them to reach their own unique potential. She offers counselling and therapy for children who encounter behavioural and emotional difficulties, such as the divorce of their parents, major life changes and working through traumatic events.

Jamie presents regular workshops to children, parents and teachers on topics such as anti-bullying, discipline, study skills, divorce and the popular “Ready or not…here LIFE comes!” workshop, presented annually to matric learners.

Contact Information:


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