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Aug 26, 2016 6:19 EST

Self-Aware Intelligent Solutions, LLC : The self-driving car of global compliance. Be confident, Be Compliant with SAIS.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 26, 2016

Self-Aware Intelligent Solutions, LLC


Self-Aware Intelligent Solutions, LLC

The self-driving car of global compliance. Be confident, Be Compliant with SAIS.





  • Excess of 100 companies currently being investigated for compliance.
  • First customer, Medtronic, states no competition in the market.
  • Technology under pinnings are unmatched. Up to 10x improvements.


SAIS transforms our customers’ burden of escalating regulation into a competitive advantage. SAIS makes compliance invisible to the existing business processes through advanced technology.



SAIS helps launch Distributors and Suppliers faster and eliminates the compliance burden. The business problems we solve are 1) the growth of regulation has reduced the speed of business, 2) compliance is adding an unacceptable burden to the bottom line and 3) government enforcement action is increasing and casting a ‘wider net’.

Self-Aware Intelligent Solutions (SAIS) focuses our smart cloud based solutions on the compliant certification and on boarding of 3rd Party Distributors and Suppliers. SAIS is a unique company whose focus is supporting the business and keeping our customers compliant. The intelligent solutions assess the data and, unlike traditional solutions, TAKE ACTION, thereby transforming the customers’ burden of escalating regulation into a competitive advantage. SAIS reduces the time and cost of the certification process from as long as 18 months to as short as 3 months in support of accelerating the business growth. The KYDS solutions are readily available and non-disruptive to business if audited by government agencies.

The SAIS Qualification System is similar to a ‘self-driving car’. It is rules driven and reacting to the world around it, letting business people focus on the business, not compliance, allowing the business to grow unimpeded!If the rules, laws, market, or organization change, the solution will react instantly to the change and automatically take the appropriate action.

Be Confident, Be Compliant

  • Delivery of an effective solution to achieve compliance and support the business needs simultaneously
  • Know your Distributors and Suppliers
  • Ability to achieve compliance quickly
  • Sustain compliance and document results
  • Increased knowledge worker productivity
  • Reduce cost of changes and make the changes in hours or days not weeks, months, or years
  • Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance at the process level
  • Management and Global control of risk

Clients can quickly implement systems that identify “red flags” in support of both the business and the compliance needs (initially, FCPA, with UK Anti-Bribery and Global Ethics and Compliance regulations to follow) and take action.

SAIS is different.

  • React to market, policy or regulation changes 3-10 times faster than traditional solutions
  • Reduce “change and maintenance” time by up to 70% because processes are automatically responsive to changes
  • Extraordinary agile solution the customer controls vs. being dependent on other organizations
  • Automate critical functions in support of the business and compliance
  • Provide independent and automated red flag management as well as predictive analytics derived from third party data


SAIS| KYDS Solution

It is important to understand the fundamental solution that starts SAIS on the road to a unique market and dominance in the anti-corruption market space.


The Three Basic Principles:

  1. SAIS delivers a business solution that transparently supports the business user ‘compliantly’, without forcing the business to support the compliance solution.
  2. SAIS delivers the solution with compliance experts that speak both business and compliance (in that order). The Company’s solution begins with two modules that are internal data focused and easily installed, then quickly moves to a third module that integrates the Self-Aware Action processes with big data analytics to produce unique results
  3. SAIS delivers a standard solution configured to meet the customer’s unique environment and demands.

The SAIS KYDS Solution Set

The first SAIS solution is a set of semantically linked application that consist of Big Data Analytics and Business Processes that deliver an onboarding questionnaire, data collection to support the DOJ and SEC requirements, and a monitoring and surveillance system. The monitoring and surveillance system will identify ongoing red flag situations and launch actions from automatic analysis of third party and internal data. In addition, the system will react to developing networks of data and patterns that point towards potential red flags.

The Core elements of the SAIS system are:


  • VRQ| Vendor Registration Questionnaire

VRQ is a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliant third party Distributor and Supplier registration solution. Using Self-Aware Intelligent data management techniques and legal staff, VRQ is able to manage the creation and dissemination of the necessary legal instruments with ease, even when dealing with multiple languages and jurisdictions as in the case of FCPA. VRQ is a business solution that is compliant, not a compliant solution that requires the business to adjust to its needs.

VRQ allows for new ideas and changes to be easily integrated late in the update cycle, even after data collection has already been started. By eliminating the need to start over because of changes, the business is freed to execute efficiently with minimum impact to staff and partners. This capability is unique to VRQ eliminating all the re-review normally required in a traditional multi-party edit cycle. The Cloud Based intelligent solution allows reviewers to immediately see changes while having confidence that nothing else has changed. Maintaining the system is easy. Completion of business registration is driven automatically. If a law changes anywhere you do business, that change can be implemented immediately and propagated automatically where it applies without long lengthy code revisions.

Historically, creating these types of questionnaires would take as long as 18 months to prepare or modify. VRQ will allow your company to be confident in its selection of third party suppliers and distributors while reducing this process to 3 months or less. Your company will be able to retrieve all of the standard data needed for onboarding, as well as any government investigative requirements or additional data that may trigger red flags and require additional investigations. VRQ has a tailorable automatic scoring system built in that will alert your company to information that could indicate non-compliant activities. This allows your company to have a complete view of potential partners before entering into business relationships. VRQ also stores the questionnaires and any modifications made so your company is audit ready at any time.

  • VQC| Vendor Qualification & Certification

Your company has now received the data collected through the VRQ module. SAIS’ VQC module will now take over and start the automatic data analysis to qualify and certify your potential distributors and suppliers. The data that has been supplied will now go through a scoring process that will automatically trigger different workflows or processes to quickly onboard your new vendors and verify that existing vendors continue to be compliant with new regulations.

VQC will analyze the data collected and identify possible violation and potential areas of risk that will require either a manual review or additional questions to be answered by the distributor or supplier. All work completed during the process with be added to a case file that is fully auditable by the SEC and DOJ, thus easing the stress of providing all due diligence information. Your company will be confident in its vendor selection knowing that each and every vendor has been qualified and certified compliant.

  • VMS| Vendor Monitoring & Surveillance

VMS is the ‘Big Data’ action phase of the SAIS solution. VMS will constantly analyze billions of records globally to identify changes not easily identifiable by humans and take action. VMS ensures continued and ongoing compliance for your company by monitoring your specific environments for changes. It aids in the mitigation and monitoring of new possible violations, as well as changes affecting your market and your position in the market.

All of the activities in the VMS module are workflows that are triggered by analyzed data and automated responses ensure the work is completed consistently. Discoveries are automatically categorized as a level of action or no action, thus making it almost completely invisible to the business unless needed. VMS will also look for patterns in the data to identify both business and compliance early warnings of irregular behavior and alert you to take potential action or investigate further. These workflows are driven by process, data analysis, and human control, giving your company the confidence that your distributors and suppliers are continually being monitored without creating additional work for your employees.

  • Both internal and external data is analyzed holistically pointing to red flags that need attention or are stored as noteworthy at this time. Investigation Service Agnostic Request/Analysis performed by third party organizations become part of the ‘Case’ representing a partner base line along with other internal and external data. A key element for SEC and DOJ is to trace red flags back to the source and the ability to act. Internal and external auditors look for the same abilities in their work as they sign off on a company’s ability to manage compliance.

One of SAIS’s Basic Principals is to support the business function in a compliant way. Distributor and Supplier onboarding is a business function and SAIS provides a compliant process that not only supports the business in multiple languages, it also meets the requirements of SEC, DOJ, and Corporate auditors. Comprehensive Summary Dashboards with ‘drilldowns’ gives authorized users the views into the data that supports their function. Items such as expense reports, payment patterns, contract compliance, pricing differentiation, unusual patterns of calls, voicemails, demo support, etc. all are ingredients into the management of red flags that support a healthy compliant business with very few surprises and minimal if any interruptions to business operations.

  • Consulting and Implementation

SAIS will employ both technical and consulting personnel to integrate the solutions including Baker IT in Minneapolis, MN and CognitionConcept in the Netherlands who have assisted in previous customer deployments including Medtronic. These personnel will be primarily a post sales effort and move on to the next account to install and implement. SAIS will also employ Systems Engineers/compliance consultants who will own the account and create future billing and solution applications. They will stay with the account and become a resident expert and be both billable as well as industry experts and sources of leads for other account opportunities.



Daniel Latham

Daniel Latham

President & CEO

Dan Latham has 30 years’ experience in working with and leading high growth companies. Latham has a reputation in the technology industry sector of designing innovative solution offerings that become the platform for exceptional growth. Latham ran the US subsidiary of Be Informed, and was responsible for its launch into the US market. Dan has in depth knowledge of sophisticated ‘no code’ software and Big Data analytics to include no SQL and natural language processing. Latham was the President of Lymba Inc., a software company where he moved the company from the Government market to the Commercial market with penetration into F500 accounts and drove their first flagship commercial sale to Oracle. Lymba is a leading Natural Language Processing company extracting knowledge out of text and semantically linking that knowledge together into knowledge based applications. Latham served as the President, Enterprise Division for Seisint Inc. In Oct. 2001, Latham and his team targeted a new innovative supercomputer technology to discover knowledge within large data and supplied the results to the intelligence community in the Federal Government. Latham launched his career in the use of information at IBM; served 5 years as VP of Marketing and Service for Ameritech (grew his operation from $40 million to $280 million in annual revenue) and 4 years as Vice President of Worldwide Telecom Marketing for Digital Equipment Corporation growing the business from $450 million to $1.2 billion in sales. Under Latham’s direction Digital Equipment Corporation became the dominant computer supplier to the wireless industry. Latham also led the worldwide sales effort for Racal-Datacom where he turned a money losing company into a profitable venture, and followed this success as the President of Long Distance Services for Frontier Communications International where he was successful in growing the business at three times the industry average.
Louis Stoll

Louis Stoll

Vice President of Engineering & Development

Experienced development executive familiar with the advanced technology. Has built his own development organizations.


Contact Information:

Daniel Latham

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