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Aug 26, 2016 9:54 AM ET

Lordea Co – The world’s only global real estate search website

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 26, 2016

Lordea Co.

The world’s only global real estate search website.



Our mission is to have every single home for sale and rent from all corners of the globe listed on Lordea.com – and in every single language. We provide services that help real estate purchasers

In short, Lordea helps you find the perfect home anywhere in the world and allows you to stay in control of the process like never before.

And while we do this globally, keep in mind that we are always focused on the local market: our landing page and site assets are customized to each market with language and information being localized.

Lordea just launched in January 2016 and we already have sales teams in India, Austria, Slovenia, the U.S., Greece, and Poland. Our lean team has an incredible amount of international experience.

Collectively, we speak 13 languages fluently and have personally lived in dozens of countries around the world. This experience has allowed us to push Lordea very far with minimal resources.

Lordea is improving the real estate market by leaps and bounds by unifying highly segmented and independent markets around the world with the power of a single brand.

At the same time, we are doing so with our eyes on social issues: currently, there is a very visible need to help people displaced and migrating in Europe to more easily find accommodations in areas that they would not typically be able to search. We believe that this is a great opportunity to help and develop further Lordea and have several ideas how to provide value.

We’re locally focused on an international scale — read on to find out more!


Lordea exists to solve a number of problems in the world of real estate:

All these pain points lead to one conclusion: there is a tremendous need for standardizing aspects of the real estate search experience across countries. Lordea.com seeks to bring a more standardized approach to renting, buying, selling, or sharing a home — across all borders and all languages.


Three industry trends point to this being the perfect time to launch a service like Lordea.

  • 88% of all home buyers use online research when buying a home in the U.S. Those between the ages of 20-59 used online search tools 94% of the time.
  • Similarly high levels of internet usage can be found across Europe and Asian markets — e.g. Germany internet usage during real estate searches is over 80%.
  • African markets are also becoming more online-driven with populations moving to urban areas and utilizing the internet to make decisions about home buying and selling.

  • The internet has leveled the playing field and new companies pop up every day offering better and better service.  
  • Customers are currently frustrated with the lack of context provided by search engines.

  • Agents want a proven framework on how to present themselves.
  • Agents want tools that will make them more effective.

Lordea’s core differentiators are our global reach yet local focus, social responsibility, and agent support tools. There are a number of features of Lordea that make us the perfect company to fix the current problems in the real estate industry.

For Real Estate Professionals:

Agents love being able to do a walk through a home they are listing and entering all the data as they go from room to room and in most markets only Lordea provides this advantage.

In many markets, real estate agents manage their properties on excel sheets and enter them one by one into platforms. Lordea provides a Property Management System which is easy and simple to navigate.

MIDAS (Multilingual Immovables Data Access Standard) is a worldwide template for real estate terms allowing them to be displayed in all languages and making real estate search global.

As a realtor, you can have your very own customizable profile page (similar to LinkedIn) displaying all of your company information, your listings, and all of your customer reviews. Being able to present yourself on a globally branded site allows agents to show they are trustworthy partners and present their skills and preferences.

As customers leave you reviews, you continually demonstrate your integrity in the community and increase trust.

Although we are one, unified global brand, we are always local in focus — language, appearance, and info is always specific to each market.

Lordea creates a more transparent and consumer-friendly real estate market across the globe with far more information and support than any local / regional site.

​Lordea is a safe and secure place to conduct real estate business at home and around the world.


Lordea already has an impressive and growing list of customers. Examples include:

Rustler Immobilien was one of our first customers. The are a Vienna-based company but also sell homes in Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Germany, and Poland. They wanted to be on a website where buyers from different cultural settings and languages could easily identify them and feel comfortable with them.

Idila Real Estate is a Slovenian company that joined because they wanted to be listed among the big national real estate platforms. They also loved the simple CRM and other tools that we made available to them.

Deb Malla Gosh, from West Bengal real estate company Land for Sale, India, also praised Lordea. The ease of posting and managing his properties in connection with the value offered is better than the local Indian real estate sites.

Lordea has also received a lot of interest from refugees coming into Europe. They of course have the least knowledge of how the real estate market in their new home works and are turning to Lordea to provide the all-encompassing tool they need to find a new home to settle in.


Lordea just launched in February 2016 and we already have sales teams in India, Austria, Slovenia, the U.S., Greece, and Poland. We have been targeting agencies to populate our listings and have secured our first paying customers. Of primary importance for us is acceptance by real estate agents in local markets. The leading Austrian real estate company Rustler was our first customer. In Slovenia, Idila Real Estate is a leader in the Northern Slovenian market — these are two very big customers to have.

The website is complete but we are in the process of preparing new features to roll out. We have completed several API links to German and Austrian real estate management software companies which enable us to import real estate properties easily into our site. These include Top Real, OnOffice, and JustImmo — middleware providers with whom we have developed good relationships and secured data import agreements.

We are also launching a globally relevant API called MIDAS (Multilingual Immovables Data Access Standard) which will create a benchmark on how real estate data needs to be best structured as to be easily transferable into other languages.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into Lordea!


Bas’ prior experience includes Senior Account Manager at Xerox Europe, Bank Data Migration at Xerox Austria, VP of Sales at Bosendorfer Piano Factory, and President of the Hailun Piano Company/Hailun USA.

The idea for Lordea came to Bas when his father asked him to find property for his grandkids in Greece and left him the funds to complete the transaction. The search was difficult at best. The quality of the online services was low and Bas ended up having to drive around on a scooter to find properties. Figuring this situation would be somewhat similar in other markets — that is, a nightmare for a local, and next to impossible for a foreigner — he met up with his long time associates Spencer Dixon and Chris WIlson and started discussing a way they could make this better. Lordea was born.

Spencer is a development, database design, network administration, and customer support specialist. He brings to Lordea a wealth of experience as an IT admin/developer at POSitive Software Company and has a broad background in data management. Spencer holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Washington State University.

Chris is a creative and highly effective developer, responsible for overall development, new features, and making the impossible possible. He is an expert in CSS, Java, PHP, and Laravel.

His previous experience includes founding CSW.APPS and working as an IT tech consultant for Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, other politicians and media outlets in Idaho, New Jersey, and Oregon, and for D&B Supply Chain in Idaho.


Contact Information:

Basilios A. - CEO

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