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Aug 26, 2016 5:10 PM ET

Archived: Gents (gentsco.com) was established for the type of guy that wants to make a statement and be fashionable, but not stand out and to fill a glaring hole in the luxury apparel market – a fashionable baseball hat that could be worn in formal and casual settings

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Los Angeles, CA


Our fall collection will be arriving soon, and we are looking to finish 2016 with our strongest collection. Our main customers; Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue have all placed orders for the collection, and we are bringing back our top basics from last fall; Grey Cashmere and Black Leather. We have seen how Kickfurther has helped brands from more than a capital perspective;  Gents is still a growing brand and we are optimistic that this campaign will help to build awareness of Gents and help us sell more product.   

About Gents


Gents (gentsco.com) was established for the type of guy that wants to make a statement and be fashionable, but not stand out. Founded in 2012 by Joshua Reed, Gents aimed to fill a glaring hole in the luxury apparel market; a fashionable baseball hat that could be worn in formal and casual settings. Gents designs its products with a sleek, modern, and sophisticated design aesthetic. From the beginning, the fashion world and celebrities have embraced Gents. Our product is sold in some of the most well known department stores and boutiques.  The products are designed to not adhere to current trends;  the Gents brand strives to be consistent and timeless, which is the style of a true gentlemen. 

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Every Gents hat has a signature purple interior sweatband and two stripe purple logo on the back of the hat.

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About the owner


Joshua Reed, Founder

With the lack of an elegant, luxury baseball hat option for customers, Joshua Reed set out to found Gents. A 15-year veteran of the fashion industry: Director of Global PR for Calvin Klein, also having marketing and PR roles with Gilt Groupe, David Yurman, and LaForce & Stevens. Mr Reed leveraged his experience with celebrities and brands into a role as an agent at TSA, and it was at this point that Mr. Reed saw the an opportunity in the marketplace for a sophisticated baseball hat. His experience working with celebrities, who love hats because of the constant struggle to avoid the glare of the paparazzi, gave him the formula to create the Gents brand.

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Ryan Fishoff, Managing Partner  

Ryan joined the Gents team in 2016, excited to help take Gents to the next level. Gents brings Mr. Fishoff career full circle, as his first job out of college was a financial analyst role with Liz Claiborne (now Kate Spade). During his two year tenure at Liz, Mr. Fishoff had a number of divsional and corporate responsibilities, including acting as a divisional controller for the DKNY Jeans license, oversight of all special sales activity of all Liz brands, and other various corporate finance responsibilities. Mr. Fishoff then spent the next 6 years in private equity, working for a family investment firm that specialized in corporate carveouts. Ryan has a passion for consumer products, and is excited to make Gents an eponymous brand for men’s fashion

2016 Fall II Collection

These are the hats that you will be helping to fund

Cashmere Grey: One of our classic fall basics. Constructed out a cashmere cotton blend, this hat keeps your style and warmth in the colder months. The signature internal purple sweatband and Gents logo on the back, this hat also has an adjustable closure to give desired fit.

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Leather Black: Another fall classic. Constructed out of 100% genuine leather, our leather black goes great with any cold weather attire. The Lather Black has the Gents signature internal purple sweatband and logo on the back; its also adjustable to keep the warmth in.Image title

Izak: An addition to the Gents Performance Collection, this hat combines the style and sport. A grey internal sweatband (a signature of the Performance Collection), embossed print on front panel with performance fabric around the back with our snapback closure to keep you cool and dry.  Image title

Eric:  Part of the Gents Luxe Collection, adding some color for fall, the Eric is special edition hat, which features the first time we are utilzing a washed denim composition. The Eric has everything else that you would recognize in a Gents hats: signature internal purple sweatband and two stripe logo on back with a snapback closure.Image title

Peter: This cap is a Fall Classic as part of the Luxe Collection.  The Peter is made of 100% pure corduroy fabric; blending in the colors of the Fall season. Like all other Gents hats, the Peter has the trademark purple interior and two-stripe logo atop the adjustable closure.

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Alexander: You will be a “pinner” with our first Luxe Collection hat to feature the Gents Man logo pin affixxed to the body of the hat.  With a waxed leather visor and adjustable self closure, the Alexander shows how true Gents should wear baseball caps.  Image title

Jose: Part of the Luxe Collection, this tweed hat is the perfect fabric to stay cool and keep warm with whatever fall weather throws at you. The Jose has a black leather visor to complement the adjustable closure cap, with its signature Gents purple underside and two-stripe logo on the back.     Image title

Jacob:  This addition adds some style elements to Performance Collection with the grey ombre mesh crown and solid black visor. The Jacob’s snapback closure allows for a tight fit while not sacraficing style. Like the other hats in the Performance Collection, there is a grey underside and two-stripe logo.  Image title

Sebastian: This addition to the Luxe Collection combines all our finest fabrics into one hat; a blended cashmere blend in the crown, and our unique leather and suede combination visor. The Sebastion has the Gents signature purple underside and two stripe logo on back with a adjustable closure. Image title

Dominick: Modeled after some our best selling hats,  the Dominick is made from 100% pure leather hat with distinct white leather stripes that have become synanomous with Gents. Like all our other hats, the Dominick has an adjustable leather strap closure, with the Gents trademark two-stripes above it and purple lining inside.Image title

Micah: This hat in the Luxe Collection brings the Gents touch on the tradition camo print. The Micah features a leather tonal camo print that brings a unique take to the classic pattern with comfort and trappings that one would expect of a Gents hat; adjustable closure, and the trademark two-stripe logo with purple interior

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