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Aug 26, 2016 11:33 AM ET

Archived: Duncan Edwards – The Boy Who Had It All: A short film documenting the rise of school boy prodigy, Duncan Edwards From humble beginnings to the big stage: Manchester United

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 26, 2016

Duncan Edwards – The Boy Who Had It All short film


Duncan Edwards - The Boy Who Had It All short film project video thumbnail

A short film documenting the rise of school boy prodigy, Duncan Edwards From humble beginnings to the big stage: Manchester United.


About this project


Duncan Edwards had featured for Manchester United 175 times despite being just 21 years of age, and scored 21 goals as a half-back. Signing for the club as a teenager, he became the youngest player to play in the first division, before becoming England’s youngest player ever only surpassed by Michael Owen in the nineties. Despite his promising career – which saw him labelled as potentially one of the best in the world – he won two league championships and reached the semi-finals of the European cup in less than five years. Rushed to the Rechts der Isar Hospital with multiple leg fractures, fractured ribs and severely damaged kidneys, it was expected he would survive, but may never play football again. With an artificial kidney used, his ability for blood to clot was reduced while internal bleeding affected him greatly. He was noted to of asked Jimmy Murphy, “What time is the kick off against, Wolves, Jimmy? I mustn’t miss that match”. But despite his improving conditions, he died in the early hours on the 21st February 1958.


MARCUS DISTANT (Writer/Director)

Marcus Distant is a Drama and Theatre studies graduate from Wolverhampton University. Who began his career in the creative industry as an actor, stage writer before making his transition to writing for screen four years ago, he as written seven feature films, one animation “Hoodie Pan” which is available to the public to view on youtube, with Duncan Edwards – The Boy Who Had It All being his debut directorial short film.

Gary-Anthony Rogers (Director Of Photography)

Over the last few years Gary has worked on a multitude of projects that include dozens of short films, TV Commercials and music videos. Gary views every job as an opportunity to learn or perfect skills and never takes things for granted. Film making is a constant voyage of discovery and every job an opportunity to learn. As a self confessed Film Fanatic Gary strives to produce visuals that are common place on the big screen, something that can only be achieved with the right team behind you. There is no place for egos in this industry at this level, just a team of passionate people that love producing art! His first big break came when he got the role of DOP on a film called ‘Bigger and Badder’ a short horror film set in Birmingham. From here on in other projects started rolling in, some of which went on to become award winning films such as the short film Ascension starring Laurence Saunders. Along side this project Gary is currently DOP on a new feature film of Wuthering Heights, the classic Bronte novel loved by millions of fans worldwide and an up and coming short Assassins Creed film!

Kevin McDonagh (Producer)

Director and Producer In the last 3 years Kevin has directed “Enter the Cage” a high profile martial arts movie featuring a host of combat legends, ‘The Eleventh Hour’ an award winning short drama which screened at the Cannes Film Festival, ‘Leviathan’ a feature length documentary about the making of ‘Hellraiser’ and ‘Hellraiser 2’, direct ‘Celestial Sisters: Planet of Destiny’ an amazing retro kitsch Sci Fi adventure, and numerous Television shows, music promo and commercials including Diet Coke, and Jack Daniels. In 2003 Kevin set up Rotunda Films and in 2004 the company’s first feature ‘Lycanthropy’ went into production with him at the helm. Kevin is also a member of the directors and one of the senior program directors for the Birmingham Film Festival. The experience, through both theatrical and commercial work has given Kevin a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the whole production process.

Connor Ashmore (Lead Production Sound Engineer)

Multi skilled BSc Hons graduate in Music Technology. Specialising in on set sound recording & audio post production. Studied music technology since 16 & have many years of hands on experience.

Hayden Bail (Audio operator assistant/Sound editor)

Hayden is a Freelance sound recordest and designer, having worked on video projects encompassing a wide variety of genres and platforms. his previous projects include sound for fictional, documentary and corporate film. Currently working for The Community Broadcast Company, and many other midlands based production companies including Kazadi films and moving water media.

Brandy Speight (Production Runner)

Brandy Speight is a 3rd year Video and Film production student at Wolverhampton university. Effective at organising and working under pressure; experience using production equipment, and a passion for film.


Once our initial target is achieved, our production team can then enter the first stages of production with casting calls and auditions already taking place in the first week of our campaign, this will give us much needed time to focus solely on arranging shoots. The production team have already been granted permission for all the shooting localisation we need to shoot in the script.

we are aiming for mid-September to begin shooting,


Why do you need £5,000? 

  • This will help us pay for a professional production
  • Hire of equipment
  • Location costs
  • Hire of props and costume from the period
  • Travel and Catering Cost
  • Actors fees
  • Venue hire for the premier


This project is about honoring a young mans life, who’s career and potential wasn’t given the fair chance it deserved. its also about inspiring the  next generation of Dudley youth to believe that anything in life is possible as long as you are willing to remain humble and work hard towards your dreams, that you too, just like Duncan can rise from humble beginnings to wherever you want to go in life. 

Risks and challenges

Making any film is tough, making a period pieces tougher yet making a period true story is tough but also come with responsibility.

Working with a team of dedicated filmmakers, some with over 15 years of industry experience will reduce the risks and challenges that we may face. A lot of research and planning is going into the project for the best possible outcome. If we reach our Kickstarter goal, we know we can make Duncan Edwards – The Boy Who Had It All as gripping as it deserves to be.

By assembling a team with great experience, we can anticipate many of the hurdles and problems that come a project like this but also adapt and overcome those which may surprise us.

The wealth of knowledge in the team is a huge safety net and means we can stay focused on our goal.

The location of a cobbled street, seemingly untouched for 60 years is a big challenge, to this end we have reached out to every living museum and historical location we can find, to ensure we get a suitable setting but also a fair price for our small budget.

Our biggest challenge though is getting the story right by Duncan. At every step of this project we have kept a keen eye on that most important aspect.

Speaking to his family, his team mates and the fans who adore him, we have ensured that this film will be a fitting tribute.

It’s a huge challenge, but one that I and the team are relishing.

Contact Information:

Marcus Distant

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