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Aug 26, 2016 5:27 PM ET

Archived: All Clear Diagnostics is taking neuro-vascular and cardiovascular MRI diagnostics to new levels of excellence through its unique, onsite performance-enhancing devices, Cloud-based support services & world class image & data analysis/reporting tools

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 26, 2016

All Clear Diagnostics

El Sobrante, CA 94803, US
Medical Devices & Equipment

All Clear Diagnostic is taking neuro-vascular and cardiovascular MRI diagnostics to new levels of excellence through its unique, onsite performance-enhancing devices, Cloud-based support services & world class image & data analysis/reporting tools.

This powerful combination will reduce capital and operational costs for its customers, while augmenting their capabilities, quality of care and competitive edge.
The Company’s certified, neurovascular and cardiovascular physicians will supervise automated post-processing analyses to ensure quality generation for both full, Stat and custom reports. Expert ACDx and MRI technical support will provide online, real-time support to facilitate MRI scan setup, ACDx device support and imaging procedures. The Company plans worldwide distribution of products to: 1) deliver customer clinical and financial benefits and 2) acquire a broad data set of HIPAA and PHI-compliant patient data informatics for Big Data and Computational Analytic secondary markets.
The Company plans to evolve a community of medical expert users to focus on continual enhancement of neurological and cardiovascular diagnostics.


Products / Services

ACDx for MRI

ACDx for MRI is a novel, patented & validated solution that improves MRI image quality, reduces scan times and provides diagnostic-quality ECG, blood flow and volume monitoring in real-time during MRI scans. ACDx also provides post-processing services including MRI-MRA image analysis and reporting, online technical support and consulting to improve neurovascular and cardiovascular diagnostic quality. Our onsite device is a decision-support differentiator among teleradiology services.
The combination of these real-time and post-processing capabilities will reduce capital and operational costs for our customers and our acquire image/data will evolve a rich, robust informatics for use in Big Data and Computational analytic secondary markets.



Chief Executive Officer
James Guzzetta

As founder and CEO, Mr. Guzzetta’s responsibilities at ACDx include corporate leadership and guidance, strategic planning, organizational development, technology, financial and marketing/sales experience and supervision.

Mr. Guzzetta brings twenty-five (25) years’ experience in IT and twelve (12) years in Health/IT and medical devices. His experience in Fortune 500 management, Consulting and Startups, combined with skills including Systems Architecture, strategic planning, financials, organization and team development, drive ACDx efforts. His is also adept in wireless technology, product and project management and is co-author of four ACDx technology patents.

Executive Vice President Technology Officer
Steven B. Wolff

Mr. Wolff brings over thirty (30) years’ experience managing highly diverse technical teams in technology and ECG medical device development. As a co-founder, he has helped to evolve ACDx’s technology strategy, including design specifications and use-case analyses. He holds degrees in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, and is author of 11 patents on microphone and speech technologies and co-author of 4 ACDx technology patents.
In addition, Mr. Wolff holds microphone noise reduction technology as used to facilitate speech recognition used on the NYSE stock exchange floor and holds patents in sapphire technology.
His responsibilities include technology strategies and product oversight, as well as software and algorithm development.

Chief Physician/Medical Officer
Dr. Justin D. Pearlman

Dr. Pearlman is a world-renowned Cardiologist specializing in advanced imaging methods. He holds numerous patents in medical imaging. He is a tenured Professor of Radiology and Professor of Medicine, with joint appointments at several institutions including the Health Science Technology program of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.). Dr. Pearlman has invented unique IP, held as an exclusive world-wide license by All Clear Diagnostics (ACDx).
Dr. Pearlman has held positions as Director of Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging and, most recently as Chief of Medicine at Kern Hospital (a UCLA affilitate).
His responsibilities include medical technology oversight, medical algorithm development and medical QA for ACDx, Inc.

Director Technology/Technologist
Ben Counsell

Benjamin Counsell is an innovative systems engineer with experience in medical device, control and audio systems development. Mr. Counsell is one of the few people in the world to claim coding expertise for Zigby protocol development. Other areas of expertise include master-level systems engineering, design and implementation skills for hardware, firmware and software development.

Mr. Counsell brings successful and diverse technology experience including integration of the world’s largest private IP-based network in Las Vegas, NV and leadership roles in the Marine Corp. His skills and contributions include medical device, wireless technology and therapeutic drug-delivery product development, integration and engineering with PRISM Medical, Calista Therapeutics, Agile Group and, now, with All Clear Diagnostics.


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Chief Executive Officer - James Guzzetta

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