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Aug 26, 2016 8:17 AM ET

Archived: Can you confidently say that during a technology meltdown, a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack that your organization would know exactly what to do, when and how to do it? IDEA – The leading disaster preparedness process

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 26, 2016


The leading disaster preparedness process


Can you confidently say that during a technology meltdown, a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack that your organization would know exactly what to do, when and how to do it?

Integrated Decision Engineering Analysis, Inc. (IDEA) is the first and only firm to completely identify, define, and differentiate the highly complex planning, governance, compliance, risk, sustainability, and operational tasks essential to achieve quality, directed disaster and emergency preparedness for all threats in compliance to federal guidelines.

IDEA is well-established, having performed successful strategic consulting in the marketplace for over 12 years. Our proprietary technology, database tools, and processes do not exist anywhere else, which is why we’ve gain the trust of partners like FTI Consulting, IBM, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

In addition to our proprietary technology, what also sets IDEA apart is our leadership. Duane Habeck, President and CEO of IDEA, is hands down one of the world’s top disaster experts. Whether he’s fielding calls from major airports looking for security and disaster prevention advice or sitting down for meetings with top Air Force personnel, Mr. Habeck is the real deal.

Just how crucial is IDEA to the world’s biggest companies? Read on to find out!


Providing solutions of software and services yields much great ROI and much better solution performance.  IDEA is an integral part of the solution. In recent years, the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and various other federal agencies have issued over 1,000 documents that mandate, guide, and encourage critical infrastructure protection, resulting inover 8,500 required tasks.  

IDEA research also indicates that large critical infrastructure facility executives are experiencing fear, doubts, and uncertainty about their current level of preparedness in the context of growing terrorism and natural disaster threats.

To combat this, IBM and FTI Consulting have recently selected IDEA to team as an industry partner in providing services to augment their existing conventional software and service solutions.

One of our most effective solution applications is for the airport industry.


Government agencies are coming down hard on airports to meet the federal and international compliance standards. In this urgency, airports are spending substantial funds on consulting firms to conduct assessments and bring their airports up to modern preparedness standards.

For example, an airport hires IDEA to conduct an audit of their processes to see if they meet compliance and regulatory needs for risk management and disaster mitigation activity. This often develops into a larger project where subsequently all of the items on the audit/checklist need to be delivered.

We go in and use our proprietary tools to conduct a risk audit at an airport — that is, to identify if they are in compliance with the FAA regulations and standard emergency measures.


For that IDEA is recognized as an industry leader in preparedness program management, look no further than our partners and the companies that choose to work with us.

IDEA products have been vetted and sanctioned by IBM, SAIC, FTI Consulting, Northrop Grumman, Disaster Management Institute, Argonne National Laboratory, and others. We have also teamed with others on projects like our current ACRP/FAA contract. Each of these companies have confirmed their interest in long term relationships.  

The joint technology solution included in the IDEA/IBM products is by far the most advanced in the world. The data processing, integration capability, and processes embedded in these products, along with the analytics, will yield rapid decision capabilities that will save millions of lives, billions of dollars, and huge amounts of time by supporting decisions that will reduce waste, prevent or deter terrorists, speed help and first responders, reduce damage losses to assets, and speed operational recovery. Many large airports have economic impacts of over $100 million per day.

In addition to airports, IBM selected IDEA to partner with them in a worldwide effort to advance their Smarter Cities emergency preparedness initiative. We currently have proposals submitted to Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Dallas and Denver, and are working on 9 current proposal requests.

FTI Consulting
Similar to IBM, IDEA provides advanced decision analytics and domain knowledge and experience to FTI for airport, disaster preparedness, and business continuity work. IDEA is a teamed with FTI on the FAA/ACRP software development.   

Disaster Management Institute
IDEA has been selected to partner with the Disaster Management Institute in Denver to enhance their education and training capabilities to become the leading industrial, civil and military first responder training facility in the US.  

US Department of Defense
IDEA is in discussions with the US DoD relating to their dedication to improve the preparedness success they have experienced at bases and with coordinated efforts with states and cities. This Smarter Cities solution will include both IDEA and IBM software, commissioning, training, and ongoing service support.


After 13 years at Simmons Co., IDEA founder Duane Habeck started Airport Integrated Systems in 1988. The company also performed risk and disaster management for airports. The company grew rapidly to over 200 employees, annual revenues of about $20 million, and a profit of almost 50%. The events of 9/11 almost forced the company to close at the end of 2002. For the past few years airports could primarily focus on passenger and baggage security screening.

In 2003, Duane started IDEA at the suggestion of connections he had at the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). These colleagues indicated IDEA’s value and capabilities were significantly greater than just integrating airport systems. Duane had been working on advanced process analytics, analytic planning, and decisioning when DHS discovered his company could contribute significantly to their anticipated preparedness efforts.

For IDEA’s initial project, we contracted through the Argonne National Laboratory to jointly develop advanced preparedness programs for the US Department of Homeland Security and large Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) cities in the US. We also assisted in the writing of some of the critical infrastructure federal documents directing preparedness. IDEA research was readily accepted by DHS leaders, but cities and states were reletively reluctant to invest in preparedness because they lacked the understanding of what needed to be done, when to initiate responses, as well as how to do it. In hindsight, cities and states did not understand the complexities.

Today, we have more than 30 proposals under consideration.

Moving forward, the list of industries and potential customers is substantial and growing. IDEA will be in a position to expand in several directions, including further development of its intellectual property and services and into new market segments.

We are also aware of several attractive acquisition opportunities that would integrate nicely into IDEA’s suite of products and services. These are relatively small operating companies where the owners seek an exit, and the technology solutions would complement IDEAs offerings well.  


Duane Habeck, President & CEO
Duane graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BS degree in zoology, with physiology, math and chemistry emphasis. He completed one year of graduate study at UW before transferring to University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. After many publications, and another year of study at Northwestern University School of Medicine, Duane joined the business world, starting his 13 year career at Simmons Co.

In 2013, Duane was selected to serve on the National Academies of Science Transportation Research Board (TRB) (Airport Cooperative Research Program, ACRP) Safety, Security and Emergency Management Committee. Duane has also presented to the United Nations Office for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, National Academies of Science Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, the Chemical, Biological Medical Training Symposium, the American Association of Airport Executives, the Airports Consulting Council and the Airports Council International.

Don Scott, Contact COO
Don is a former Arthur Andersen partner and has been a CFO, COO, and CEO during his career.

Dewey Burch, CFO
Dewey has been very successful in financial management and planning, contract negotiations, new business development, efficient operations management, and investment consulting.

Barent Fake, CLO
Barry has had a legal career as corporate attorney for Black and Decker, after completing a Naval flight career. Barry is a veteran Washington DC business development warrior.

Bradford Bowman, VP of Business Development
Brad earned business and computer technology degrees from Michigan State University. After successful tenures at EDS and BDO Seidman, he started The Bowman Group, supplying an integrated finance management system designed specifically for airports. Leading airports like San Francisco and Chicago have used their products for decades. Brad is also a CPA.

Dr. Jim Sherman, Advisor
Jim applied his love of history to a successful military career in the Army. As a retired officer, Jim then went to work for FEMA, managing many disaster recovery events.  

Contact Information:

Duane Habeck, President & CEO

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