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Aug 25, 2016 1:13 PM ET

Archived: Tricia – At TLE Consulting Group, we offer business consulting services to existing small business owners and start-up counseling sessions for would-be entrepreneurs looking to start their own ventures

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United States
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Tricia’s story

My name is Tricia Young-Shaw. I live in Boston, MA. I am a devout Christian, proud mom of three beautiful daughters, and Founder and Principal of TLE Consulting Group. I have a MBA from Babson College and I am an avid health and wellness advocate. I enjoy boxing and basically any high intensity sport. In 2014, I experienced three major life-changing events that changed my entire outlook and goals for the future. I learned that I was gravely ill and shortly after that lost my job of 15+ years as a business executive, and shortly after that separated from my husband of 15 years (we are now divorced). It was honestly the MOST trying time of my life but I emerged with an unwavering determination to stay healthy, re-invent myself, and immerse myself in work that would be impactful, particularly for those who are dealing with transition given what I had experienced. It was during this time that I launched my consulting practice and subsequently received an invitation to join Boston Mayor Martin Walsh’s mentorship movement to help inspire more young men of Black and Hispanic descent who may or not have a criminal record, be in school, or have a job to learn more about entrepreneurship, where crime (i.e. drug dealing, shootings) among this demographic in inner city Boston is high and a problem that the city is fighting to address. This led to me designing a two-part business exploration program where accepted participants vie for a chance to have their businesses launched and co-managed by our firm. The entire process is being showcased via a web TV series to increase awareness and build community-buy in for the winners. The program began in April 2016 and is scheduled to air on all major social media channels beginning in October 2016. 

This loan is special because:

It allows a female entrepreneur to continue to build her legacy of helping and inspiring others.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

At TLE Consulting Group, we offer business consulting services to existing small business owners and start-up counseling sessions for would-be entrepreneurs looking to start their own ventures. We also design and facilitate entrepreneurial training programs that are tailored to help our clients (which include technical assistance providers) reach their goals. I formed my company wanting to create a legacy that I could leave behind for my daughters as well as a mechanism to help as many people see the opportunity in starting a business. This includes those in transition and who are interested in entrepreneurship but without any insight on how do so successfully. Our immediate company goals are to successfully complete our business exploration program challenge for young men of Black and Hispanic descent and build out the winning companies using an innovation fund that we fundraise publicly to establish. Other goals include securing supplier contracts with the City of Boston and the U.S. Small Business Administration to repeat the program/challenge again but on a larger scale and with Veterans and other disadvantaged groups thereafter. We also want to acquire a television agreement where our web-TV series can be upgraded to a TV show and aired on a major network. This is because we want to take the show on the road and help different groups of inner-city entrepreneurs while still showcasing the work of all of our community partners and the various technical assistance providers that support our entrepreneurs. I am most proud of our mission because I know the impact we will be making not just on the lives of these entrepreneurs but also for the people that live in the communities that they will serve. For one, these entrepreneurs will be creating more jobs within their communities thereby increasing the likelihood for their communities, especially those that are impoverished, to thrive.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This will loan will help us to complete our business exploration program in its entirety and help us reach our ultimate goal of establishing clusters of community-based businesses that are owned by young men of Black and Hispanic descent across inner city Boston, thereby giving us the leverage to secure the supplier contracts we seek at the state and federal level to do this type of work on a larger scale. Equally important, it will also help us to fully launch our web TV series and acquire sponsorships to keep the show running as we expand to support other groups of entrepreneurs (would-be and existing), including Veterans nationwide.

About TLE Consulting Group

Industry: Services
Years in operation: 1 year – 3 years
Website: tleconsultinggroup.com

A loan of $5,000 helps launch our business start-up challenge.

Contact Information:


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