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Aug 25, 2016 12:12 PM ET

Archived: Invisible Imaging, Inc, provides invisible captioning services to audiences in cinemas through visual media. Invisible Imaging offers an add-on technology to the cinema movie projector that encodes invisible captioning

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2016

Invisible Imaging, Inc. Logo

Invisible Imaging, Inc.

Orlando, FL 34786, US

Invisible Imaging, Inc, is a Florida-based company providing invisible captioning services to audiences in cinemas through visual media. Invisible Imaging offers an add-on technology to the cinema movie projector that encodes invisible captioning.

Invisible Imaging, Inc, is a Florida-based company providing invisible captioning services. The company’s mission is to communicate invisibly to specific audiences with visible media. Invisible Imaging offers a patent pending add-on technology to the movie projector that encodes invisible captioning. The invisible captioning is decoded through glasses worn by customers in the audience. Different glasses will be offered to consumers who desire to see the movie captions in different languages. This could be a viable product anywhere content is being delivered through video media, including theatres, theme parks, and educational venues.
Invisible Imaging plans to enhance the entertainment experience by providing invisible captioning to the global market. As an example, US Cinemas showing a movie with English captioning for Deaf and hard of hearing audiences. Another example is for multilingual audiences. We can give content providers the ability to show a video in a native language with captions for dozens of other languages. Invisible Imaging, Inc. has developed an innovative technology to deliver product to the global entertainment and educational marketplace. The technology will enrich the communication experience for customers through the addition of invisible captioning to existing projection systems.
We have filed early patents to protect our IP and have developed a prototype in order to demo the capability of our technology and prove our ability to make invisible images (in this case captioning) appear when a set of our specially polarized glasses are worn by an audience member.
We are seeking an angel investment partner to further enhance the technology to the proper customer specifications and grow the business.

Products / Services

Invisible Imaging Captioning Engine

An add-on technology that encodes invisible captioning and then decodes the invisible captioning through glasses. The product enables each location to have the movies captioning encoded into the video stream invisibly, to be viewed on the screen by customers with glasses. The Invisible Captioning product adds value by increasing the customer attendance demographics through expanded access. The product enables customers to view the content’s captioning in their chosen language. Languages can include character languages (English, Spanish, etc.) and script languages (Arabic, Mandarin, etc.), whichever the content provider chooses. The product provides Invisible Imaging customers to be in compliance with A.D.A. deaf and hard of hearing regulations. Theatres, theme parks, and educational venues will experience larger demographics of the population attending those locations that have the Invisible Imaging solution.



Chief Executive Officer
Chris Turner

Chris TurnerChris has worked in the technology industry for 11 years. Chris previously worked at Lockheed Martin as a senior supply chain quality engineering manager with Six Sigma Black Belt certification with a $2B budget. Chris has prior experience as a senior quality engineer over a multinational supply base, and won the 2012 Malcolm Baldridge Award. Other work includes designing evaluation and qualification processes for Lockheed Martin’s ultra-high precision machining center, and reviewing and assessing scientific and technical aspects of development engineering designs. Chris was also involved with designing processes, procedures, and equipment algorithms for printed circuit boards and their various components. Chris has an M.S. in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, an M.S. in Materials engineering from Arizona State University, and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University.

Group Leader/Lead Engineering
Joshua Kitain

Joshua KitainJosh has worked in the technology industry for 11 years. Josh previously worked as the lead hardware and mechanical engineer on the C-5M Supergalaxy Trainers, where he was responsible for the hardware system’s cost, schedule, and design. Other work includes mechanical design engineer for Harris Corporation where he was responsible for overseeing the structural design, and production of a communication satellite. Josh has an M.S. in Mechanical engineering from University of Central Florida, an M.S. in Engineering Management from University of Florida, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Central Florida.

Director Engineering
Patrick Franzel

Patrick FranzelPatrick has been working in the computer science field for 15 years. Patrick is the lead information assurance engineer for Lockheed Martin where he assesses and mitigates many computer system threats. Patrick has performed system planning, testing, certification and acts as a liaison between stakeholder entities. Patrick has an M.S. in Computer Science specializing in artificial intelligence and a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

Director Engineering
Jonathan Barkdoll

Jonathan BarkdollJon has been working in the technology industry for 12 years. Jon is working as the electrical and hardware lead for Lockheed Martin where he directs a successful six-person technical team. While leading this team Jon managed a budget of $2M of material and human resources. Jon has an M.S. in Engineering Project Management from the University of Central Florida and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Northern Illinois University.


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