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Aug 25, 2016 7:03 AM ET

Archived: GreenElectric Power Corp developed the Hydrogen Combustion Enhancement Technology(HCET) to produce more manageable burn characteristics in long chain carbon fuels enabling utilization of feed stocks which formerly were problematic

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2016

GreenElectric Power Group

Georgina,, ON L0E 1N0, Canada
Alternative & Renewable Energy

We are a group of Engineers with extensive and diverse backgrounds in renewable and sustainable energy technologies. The company’s intellectual and proprietary technologies would be categorized as within the Hydrogen Fuels industry.

GreenElectric Power Corp developed the Hydrogen Combustion Enhancement Technology(HCET) to produce more manageable burn characteristics in long chain carbon fuels enabling utilization of feed stocks which formerly were problematic.
Our team is comprised of chemical engineers, turbine mechanics, mechanical engineers, industrial and power engineers . We have previously developed and successfully deployed equipment into oil and gas applications utilizing waste fuel which other companies were unable to achieve a satisfactory result with.
GreenElectric Power Group has aligned with other stakeholders in the bio-fuels industry to produce a cost effective solution to a growing problem of waste production. Multiple benefits are produced for the stake holders.
1. A currently disposed waste liability is removed.
2. Two Billion gallons of liquid waste going to landfills is eliminated
3. The waste becomes a new Green Fuel Stock
4. Clean, Green electricity is produced
5. Government clean energy tariffs offer long term security

GreenElectric Power will turn a waste product into a green fuel for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Our investors will benefit from opportunity to participate in a new, special purpose company, GlyPower Technologies ltd, which will develop and hold the patented mechanical apparatus, proprietary intellectual assets, and process patents as they become available.
The biodiesel and ethanol industries are growing at a rate of 20%. . Technologies gaining acceptance in the early stages of this fast growing industry stand to benefit along with the initial growth surge.
The Green Electric Energy Development Group will be well positioned to participate and capitalize in this growth as demand for bio-fuels increases, and so does glycerin production along with it.

Products / Services

Redesign, Improve & Deploy Turbine Generation Technology “New Green Fuel”

The accelerated growth of green fuel industries has produced an abundance of glycerin which is disposed. GreenElectric Power Corp engages manufacturing industries, resource recovery corporations, and other large users of power, for the purpose of reducing their operational expenses by providing “behind the fence” power generation. By utilizing innovative, patentable mechanical designs and by applying years of accumulated experience in combustion process reactions we are taking industrial waste and turning it into green electricity.
This project will facilitate the utilization of a new green fuel source which is currently disposed. Current projects will be accommodated by existing, proven technologies. Meanwhile our Research and Development team will design more cost efficient power generation technologies for this new green fuel, resulting in ; 1. lower up front capital cost 2. smaller onsite physical footprint 3. lower operational costs 4. a shorter ROI for investors.



Managing Director Business Development
David Jollymore

David Jollymore

David brings a strong background in corporate project management and environmental sciences. After 19 years with a multi national corporation, David exited from his position as an Engineer and moved into environmental technology development, subsequently founding the GreenElectric Power Corp. Working with a team of environmental scientists and engineers GEPC developed equipment for the oil and gas industries, for the purpose of producing electricity and heat, onsite, from currently wasted and polluting gases. Alberta Gas Research Inc was founded in 2007 to deploy this “flared gas conversion” technology into the Alberta oil and gas industry.This innovative application has now functioned continuously for 6 years, and without incident, producing electricity for drilling operations for public oil and gas companies in Alberta, Canada.

Director Research & Development
Dr. Paul Ege

Dr. Paul Ege

Career Profile
• 20 years chemical process development experience from research and development to plant operation including engineering commissioning and start-up and introducing new products
• Worked with carbon, hydrogen, silicon, combustion, gasification and energy production
• Operation and design of multiphase chemical reactors, plasma technology, solids handling, steam boilers, heat exchangers,
• Managed technical project teams from 3-20 members and operating budgets to $3,000,000
• Communication demonstrated in board meetings, client presentations, performance test, due diligence, expansion studies, numerous conferences, reports and publications
• Fluency in Scandinavian and working knowledge of French and German

Director Engineering
David C Stewart

David C Stewart

David C. Stewart & Associates Incorporated provides consulting services in green building assessments, energy use and greenhouse gas analyses, energy strategy and environmental protocol development for all energy sectors. The firm’s principal, Mr. David C. Stewart, MS, P. Eng., specialises in energy analyses and green building assessments using state-of-the art tools such as Green Globes and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) protocols.

Green Globes is currently being used by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) as one of the protocols acceptable to the Federal Government and is the basis of BOMA Best. He is on the Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) Assessment Committee of Green Globes, the online building assessment tool, representing Atlantic Canada. He is also a Certified Professional for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) protocol. He is a national team member on the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes to update

Director Manufacturing/Production
Bruce Marks

Bruce Marks

A Professional Engineer with extensive experience in management, and engineering. Motivated by challenge and rewarded by results such as:
Implemented value added capital projects
Developed new initiative to manage back-to-work employees resulting in shorter ramp-ups
Harmonized union-management relationship
Managed the implementation of the HACCP Quality Program
Chaired the Product Development team
Implemented significant process changes at the primary plant
In conjunction with the financial team, initiated a process for capital expenditures control
Successfully coached and lead managers to remodel company structure
Improved manufacturing processes to return the company to a state of profitability
Encouraged initiative and helped create an atmosphere for responsible employees at all levels
Implementation agreements from divisional and quality managers
Redirected planning from a production focus to a marketing focus; a crucial change to achieve profitability


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Managing Director Business Development - David Jollymore

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