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Aug 25, 2016 8:30 PM ET

Archived: Brewboy – Beer Bike: We run a small food cart in Sydney called Busboy, Sydney’s first custom built cargo-bike kitchen. We want to add a second cart to the family – Brewboy – to bring the brewery tasting bar experience to you, to your office, to your backyard and to your events

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2016

Brewboy – Beer Bike



My name’s Ben. I’m the owner & operator of a small food cart in Sydney called Busboy. Busboy is Sydney’s first custom built cargo-bike kitchen. I want to add a second cart to the family called Brewboy. My good friend Sam has jumped onboard this project as well.


We spend so much time serving food at craft beer breweries we have a severe love for a few cold ones ourselves. I want to bring the brewery tasting bar experience to you, to your office, to your backyard and to your events via a custom built cargo bike called Brewboy


Visiting a brewery is an immersive experience. You can often share a beer and a yarn with the brewer, touch and smell raw ingredients all the while sampling some fresh local produce straight from the tap.


The amount of effort put into hand crafted beer and cider is celebrated in pubs, bars, bottle shops and of course breweries. Brewboy is bringing this experience to you.




Whilst also manning the grills with Busboy, we also have some combined know-how to get something like this off the ground.


Before starting Busboy I spent years in the Conference & Events industry learning what clients were screaming out for and how quality suppliers got the job done.


Sam is a talented Project Engineer capable of getting any job done whether it be navigating a 750 tonne crane through Sydney’s CBD or picking up the slack for the boys Punters Club. 


Both lads grew up in the Central West of NSW where a schooner of beer was $3.20 when they turned 18.Brewboy is surrounded by a wealth of knowledge from both Ben, Sam and a very supportive network of legends which will be mentioned later as the project unfolds.






You can follow our progress across our Busboy Facebook and Brewboy Facebook pages.




Concrete Playground – http://concreteplayground.com/sydney/food-drink/food-2/sydneys-getting-a-new-craft-beer-bicycle-cart/


Spice News – http://www.spicenews.com.au/2016/07/fun-idea-brewboy/


Food Service News – http://www.foodservicenews.com.au/latest/sydney-s-new-crowdfunded-boozy-bicycle-cart


Heres a little piece we put together for Busboy a few months ago.





How The Funds Will Be Used

We have gained the support from brewers in the craft beer industry and need your support to get it over the line.


Your pledges will help us create a new brand of cargo-bike called Brewboy. It’ll help us create a sophisticated mobile cargo-bike beer system which can pump 2 different kegs of craft beer/cider.


We’re excited and want you to be too.




$6,000.00 – The Build


This is the big one. $6k will help us get the cart up and running ready to pump beer. It’s going to look bloody good. The cart will be able to be seemlessly re-branded for any event.


$2,000.00 – Red Tape


This will help us take care of all the liquor licensing needs. It’s important that our venture can serve you guys without getting into legal trouble.


$4,000.00 – The Fun Stuff


This amount will help us to brand the cart, create artwork, take care of promotion costs, buy inventory and create a buffer to get us operational whilst we launch.


$2,000.00 – Other


We want to create some damn good rewards for those that choose to support us. We have enlisted well known illustrators to create t-shirts & stickers to send out as merch. Busboy will come and feed you and your friends at home & our brewers will make sure you’re looked after with curated brewery tours.

The Challenges

Every project has it’s challenges. We foresee a couple but know we can crush them outta the park.


The Build


Learning about beer, dispensing equipment, gas, refrigeration and storage all the while trying to fit all of this on a 3-wheeled cargo bike will pose it’s challenges. We have done enough research and are surrounded by some pretty handy people to pull this off. We’ve built one before, it’s time to pour all of that knowledge into something better.




Like anything that needs government approval, we will face obstacles.  We will of course go through the process to get the appropriate licensing and address any queries about our venture that should arise. It may pose small hiccups but we’ll be ready.




All projects need timed goals to challenge us. We all lead busy lives but will be gathering help from everyone one willing to lend a hand to get this finished on time.


Please take the time to visit our social media pages and follow our progress in real time. Thank you for your very kind support.


Ben & Sam


Contact Information:

Ben Ogden

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