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Aug 24, 2016 7:07 AM ET

Archived: MultiDesk Smart Height Adjustable Workstation – Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags allow multiple users to automatically adjust desks to their preferences

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2016

MultiDesk Smart Height Adjustable Workstation




Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags allow multiple users to automatically adjust desks to their preferences.


About this project

Thanks everyone for checking out this campaign. This is for a product called MultiDesk. It is a height adjustable smart workstation. What makes this unique is the fact that the desk connects to your network and the database contains all the user ID’s that have stored preferences for sitting and standing heights. The users are recognized by the MultiDesk and RFID card tags automatically adjust the desk for whatever heights the user sets.  

These are perfect for situations where more than one user uses the same workstation perhaps a family with a shared computer.  Simply present your card or key fob and the MultiDesk will automatically adjust.  If more than one MultiDesk is located on your network such as a small office scenario, each desk will recognize the user and automatically adjust.  No need to manually enter settings at each station.

  The desk can also be controlled either with the included software or by manual buttons located on the desk itself. The desk provides the user with the height feedback and also how much session time has been spent standing or sitting. 

 The desk itself is 24″ wide by 48″ long and can support two monitors, a keyboard and a phone or really anything up to 200lbs. The height adjusts to from 60 to 130 cm (24 to 51 inches). At present time, the desk comes in white and chocolate table finishes.

 For more detailed product descriptions, photos and videos check outhttps://www.facebook.com/soreltech

 I’ve chosen Kickstarter for this project as I need to generate about 25 orders to fulfill the minimum order quantities from some suppliers. In this way we both mitigate risk.  I get to guage market interest and in turn I get the bulk discounts that allow me to price as listed in the rewards as shown.

I’ve relaunched with the support of all you I can get this project off the ground, industry buzz is starting to generate, build up inventory and generally get things moving. If funding is successful I can place and order and get my parts within 90 days, and ship soon after. The product has a Canadian Patent Pending, # 2,928,420

Thanks for looking!

Risks and challenges

I don’t believe that there are any risks as kickstarter lends an environment where noone is charged until project minimums are fulfilled and I’ve made sure that will cover my costs. Excessive orders would be a “challenge” although it’s one my team is up for. We are excited to get started!

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