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Aug 24, 2016 6:51 AM ET

Archived: LakeHawk Technologies – Unique Autonomous Devices: While most groups trying to bring autonomous devices to market are focusing on aerial drones and all of the FAA regulation that comes with it, we are focused on “earth-based” devices initially in the water.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2016

LakeHawk Technologies

Las Vegas, NV 89131, US
Computer & Control Systems, Robotics

Unique Autonomous Devices

The mission of the LakeHawk Technologies is to bring autonomous and unmanned surface vehicles (USV’s) to a wide range of commercial, local, state and federal, non-militarized markets for scientific study, data collection / management, aqua/agriculture, transportation, surveillance and search and rescue. This will ultimately lead to becoming one of the largest USV distributors in the United States and beyond. LakeHawk Technologies is the first company to take on the challenges in a specific unique market that currently has few competitors. LakeHawk Tech was started in 2014 by Michael Fiscus.

While most groups trying to bring autonomous devices to market are focusing on aerial drones and all of the FAA regulation that comes with it, we are focused on “earth-based” devices initially in the water. Unmanned surface vehicles or USV’s have an $11 Billion market potential by 2020* *MIG Market Info Group 2013 – Year 2020 USV Estimates

Our systems have been tested thoroughly for the last 2 + years with 100% satisfaction attested by several of our potential customers where we demonstrated the devices. There are both written and verbal commitments for utilizing our services at 15-20 locations as soon as we are able to deliver the devices, which would be quickly, within months.

We have developed a two-stage system utilizing small 45-50” unmanned surface vehicles (USV) to provide a variety of services initially in the Nevada, California and Arizona marketplaces. Our devices are high-speed, quick maneuvering devices utilizing water-cooled, high-torque electronic motors, high power long-life Lithium batteries, stainless steel, aircraft grade aluminum, solid brass propellers which are all CNC machined for high performance and maximum life of the product.

Products / Services

USV Services

Using unmanned surface vehicle (USV) technologies we have created several unique devices and platforms that we intend to trademark and patent when possible, No FAA regulation issues. We save our customers both time and money. Beginning in March 2013 and concluding this past May 2015, the devices were thoroughly tested at several potential customer locations with 100% effectiveness for each mission planned.

Revenues will rise quickly as there are only small local operators addressing the current market with what equals a “band-aid” solution with minimal effectiveness and large expense.

Currently, we have contracted a specialty manufacturer to build the main components of our device, which we then customize with our software and programs prior to deployment. We have the capacity for 30 + devices a month. We have also initiated discussions with a large supplier to supplement larger orders as we go into the second year and reduce overall production costs dramatically.



Chief Executive Officer
Michael Fiscus

Michael Fiscus

Mr. Fiscus has an extensive 30 year background in the technology development and sales industry having worked with a variety of large organizations including Harte-Hanks Publishing, New Jersey Bell and WorldCom/MCI. In 1997, Mr. Fiscus co-founded Axistel International, an international telecom company and helped lead Axistel through a successful merger with Novo Networks, in 1998. As the Executive VP and board member of Novo Networks, he was part of the group that directed their successful initial public offering (IPO) in 1999 with a value over $1Billion. Since 1999, Mr. Fiscus has consulted and assisted with several startup companies in a variety of industries including solar and GPS technology markets and has been an angel investor in software and mobile communication companies and raised capital for residential real estate and commercial solar power projects.

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Chief Executive Officer - Michael Fiscus

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