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Aug 24, 2016 11:00 AM ET

Archived: The 2016 Rio Olympic Athletes Scored Some Pretty Sweet Swag

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2016


The athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympics will come home with more than memories and maybe a shiny medal or two. Like any good party hosts, the Rio Olympic organizers want to send their guests home with a goody bag filled with cool merchandise. Check out what this year’s Olympic swag bags contain:

A Samsung Smartphone

Samsung is giving every Rio Olympian a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. Representatives from Samsung said they wanted to make sure Olympians could stay in touch with their loved ones, so they donated a whopping 12,500 free phones, reports Android Authority. Featuring a special metal black frame, the commemorative Galaxy S7 Edge phones come pre-loaded with Rio Olympic themed wallpapers as well as Samsung’s Rio 2016 app that offers round-the-clock updates on medal counts, event results, venue info, schedules and more. The Olympic rings are embedded into the design and the phone features the rings’ colors.

In addition to the smartphones, Samsung also is giving each athlete a set of wireless IconX earbuds that feature in-ear heart rate monitoring, a music player and Samsung S Health app support. Non-athletes who want to own these commemorative products will get their chance, too, as Samsung has made them available to consumers.

For the Guys: Clothes and Other Goodies

The male and female Olympians received slightly different items in their goody bags. Indiana Pacers basketball player and Team USA member Paul George told Bleacher Report that his Nike Rio Olympic swag bag includes practice jerseys and shorts, a red, white and blue warm-up jacket, a hoodie, a T-shirt with an American eagle design and a second jacket. The materials used for the clothing include cotton and breathable mesh, which is ideal for hard-working athletes.

The bag also has a pair of Nike’s Olympic-themed Hyperdunk 2016 shoes, which are perfect for the basketball player. In all, the Nike bag contains 41 items for the guys; other goodies include two watches, a pair of sunglasses, weights, a water bottle, a case for the athlete’s passport and two pairs of sandals.

For the Women: Leggings, Pullovers and More

The women athletes competing at the Rio Olympics will also come home with a great Nike Rio Olympic swag bag. Coming in at 40 items, the bag includes three pairs of workout leggings, six t-shirts, four tank tops, warm-up jackets, two sports bras, long-sleeved pullovers, two pairs of athletic shoes and one pair of sandals. Footie socks, shorts, a watch and a passport cover help fill up the Nike bag, as does a water bottle and drawstring bag. Both the men’s and women’s swag bags include enough clothing for the athletes to wear while they are at the games and on the medal podiums.




Swag Available for Sale

The companies who provided the nice bevy of goodies are hoping that viewers who spot their favorite competitors in a Nike T-shirt or holding a Samsung phone will be inspired to get the same gear. The Olympic Shop is the official online merchant of the games and features clothing and other souvenirs from the Rio Olympics. It also has cool throwback items from previous competitions.


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