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Aug 24, 2016 6:38 AM ET

Archived: 10xHydro – Patented bladeless turbine technology that generates renewable energy: Our innovative solution is already helping some of the world’s top brands save big on their energy costs.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2016


Patented bladeless turbine technology that generates renewable energy


Renewable energy is no longer a “pipe dream” thanks to 10xHydro.

Our innovative solution is already helping some of the world’s top brands – including Adobe  – save big on their energy costs.  We do this through an integration of patented bladeless turbines and small generators, which are installed into existing piping systems to generate electricity from flowing fluids.  Best of all, our technology can be installed in any commercial or industrial building without upsetting its infrastructure.

Who’s ready to be a part of this renewable revolution?


As human beings, there’s little we won’t do to warm up on a cold day, and stay cool during a heat wave.  But arriving at the comfort of 72 degrees Fahrenheit is no easy task; in fact, it burns through a ton of energy.  Billions of gallons of water are pumped through buildings’ HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) on a daily basis in order to deliver comfortable conditions to occupants.  

It’s a shame, too, because renewable energy markets have been exploding over the past decade.  The technological capability is absolutely there to capitalize on situations like this; but all too often, other things are holding it back.  The main issue lies in the inability to integrate within existing infrastructures.  Many renewable technologies can’t be applied to city environments – especially ones expecting major population growth over the next 2 decades.  Because of it, valuable energy – and money – is being left in the air vents.

But fear not, conserving comfort-seekers – hope is on the horizon.  A huge shift towards renewables that are able to integrate more easily is currently underway. Entrepreneurs, investors, and building owners are all paying more attention to this type of innovation – but in terms of our HVAC example, action has yet to be taken. The ability to extract this kinetic gold and generate electricity from it – without affecting the building’s existing performance – would represent a true breakthrough in renewable energy.


10xHydro, a new innovation leader in the green energy space, has the keys to unlock this renewable potential.  We’ve developed a new technology with the ability to turn every building into its own Hoover Dam – regenerating energy from any fluid that flows through pipes.  For our building-owner customers, this means the generation of electricity through already-active HVAC systems.  Now, they can enjoy improved operational efficiency and the cash savings that come along with it – without sacrificing the occupants’ comfort.

Furthermore, our breakthrough solution is modular – making it applicable to buildings and pipes of any size without interrupting infrastructure.  The highly efficient turbines we utilize are simple to install, complete with a bladeless design and embedded with a small, easily-integrable generator.  Once in place, the 10xHydro system uses the same principles known to mankind for decades to create clean electricity – without affecting the building itself.


Our technology works especially well during peak demand response season – those chilly winter and sweltering summer months where your heat (and AC) are working overtime.  During these times, we’re able to offset the peak demand of your HVAC by bringing big savings elsewhere on your electrical grid – keeping money in your pocket when you need it most.  Other key features and benefits of the 10xHydro innovation include:

Our bladeless turbine design is a great fit for the low pressure drop and high efficiency (at low flow rates) that are commonly seen in buildings.

Our turbines are placed away from the pump’s critical path = to the point where the existing system doesn’t see the turbines. Therefore, there’s no deleterious impact on pumping energy.

Aside from being bladeless, our turbines contain no protruding shafts and are modularly assembled. This makes them both easier and safer to install.

Once all energy saving opportunities are exhausted, energy harvesting enables income generation and economic benefit for our customers.


Innovations like ours are far from overnight endeavors.  After years of devotion to R&D, we currently sit nicely within our beta phase and have moved forward with single turbine installations.  According to NASA, our innovation currently sits at the TRL-7 stage of readiness – a great accomplishment that has us very excited about what the future holds.  Other impressive achievements we’ve enjoyed include:

Important tests passed.  Within the walls of our own state-of-the-art laboratory facility, our prototypes were fully tested in 2014 – and with great success.

Brand names are on board.  Prototypes are now installed in the facilities of our impressive beta users, including a SUNOKO sugar plant (Europe), and Adobe Systems (California).

Investor commitment shown.  The investment community believes in us just as much as we do.  From 2015-2016, investors contributed nearly $2,500,000.

IP protection secured.  Since filing our first key provisional patent in 2013, we’ve added to our IP portfolio by filing an International PCT patent in June 2015.

Future sales.  Despite our products not being fully complete yet, we’ve still managed to secure multiple letters of commitment for future sales.

Provided funding is secured, the final version of our water turbines will be in the market within 1-2 years; and then, the future is ours.  One of the more remarkable things about our technology is its versatility, and the ability we have to integrate it into other verticals.  Our turbines are developed to work with any fluid pipe – including oil, steam, natural gas, and refrigeration.  This widespread application gives us massive scale potential – growing our market as much as 10 times larger!


A combination of talent, past successes, and drive to change the world fuels our leadership team and puts a bow on this outstanding investment opportunity.  Let’s meet the skilled executive trio tasked with realizing the 10xHydro vision:

In his 2-plus decades of executive management experience, our founding visionary has racked up 4 international patents and accumulated an unmatched understanding of global green building markets.  As Founder of DADANCO, Vladimir successfully commercialized their HVAC Nozzle in over 2,500 buildings around the world – racking up several hundred million in profitable revenue.  He’s our unquestioned leader and responsible for our business development strategy.

A former P&G executive, Natalia helped spearhead the conglomerate’s acquisition of Gillette and has managed organizations of 1,000+ employees.  She’s also a certified Executive Coach.  Topping her long list of core competencies are Operations Management and HR, skills she brings to 10xHydro as our daily operational boss.

Our innovation’s co-inventor, Amir’s an experienced R&D Engineering Manager who has delivered award-winning product designs in the building services industry.  He’s an expert in many facets, most notably CFD Modeling, lab testing and new product development.  He’s a key engineering asset to our team


In addition to this sterling leadership, we also receive support from a talented Board of Advisors. The four members, each with their own area of expertise, were strategically put in place to assist with various key business decisions. They are:

  • David Gottfried, Regenerative Ventures CEO, Founder of US and World Green Building Council, and preeminent US authority on green building;
  • Vladimir Dlouhy, International Advisor for Goldman Sachs and ICC Chairman;
  • Kevin Hydes, Integral Group CEO and green engineering expert;
  • Jovan Kovacic, East West Bridge President and experienced war correspondent.
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