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Aug 23, 2016 2:21 PM ET

Archived: Sweaty Palms -The Anthology about Anxiety: 350+ pages of autobiographical comics about anxiety by 50 incredible indie cartoonists!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 23, 2016

Sweaty Palms -The Anthology about Anxiety

350+ pages of autobiographical comics about anxiety by 50 incredible indie cartoonists!

About this project

Sweaty Palms is an autobiographical comics anthology about anxiety. The book contains more than 350 beautiful pages of black and white comics by 50 incredible indie cartoonists. We’ve collected their stories to present a very intimate and comprehensive look at what it’s like living with anxiety.

This anthology is our way of helping to destigmatize mental illness. As cartoonists, we can’t think of a better medium for the job! Visual storytelling gives a face to abstract things, like anxiety, which can be very difficult or painful to convey otherwise. It is our hope that readers will connect with the stories and know that they aren’t alone.

We hope you’ll consider sharing or backing. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Artwork by Kat Fajardo
Artwork by Kat Fajardo

You can learn more about Sweaty Palms on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

. Aaron C. Snow . Agawa Robinson . Aimee Laura . André Valente . Anna Sellheim . B. Mure .Barbara Geoghegan . Bis Thornton . Bryan Stone . Cathrin Peterslund . Celia Favorite . Chris Brunner (Cover Artist) . Christina Mattison Ebert . Christina Poag . Claudia E. Berger .Constanza Yovaniniz . Emily Helen . Erin Hunting . Gillian Blekkenhorst . Glip . Hayden Myers .Jackie Roche . Joamette Gil . Joseph Whitt . Justė Urbonavičiūtė . Justin Hubbell . Kat Fajardo .Katy Farina . Kevin Budnik . Lauren Dawson . Liz Enright . Lucie Ebrey . M. Dlabick . Mady G .Mary Verhoeven . Max Currie . Mike Freiheit . Miranda Harmon . Monica Gallagher . Morgan Beem . Olly Blake . Rachel Ordway . Sage Coffey . Sara Goetter . Sarah Simes . Scott Stripling. Shawn Daughhetee . Shivana Sookdeo . Sofie Louise Dam . Stephanie Hovden . Tony Wolf .Weston Notestine .



Numbers based on a printrun of 1,000 books
Numbers based on a printrun of 1,000 books



A lovely softcover perfect bound book containing over 350 pages of black and white comics. At 6″ x 8.5″ it will make the perfect addition to your bookshelf.

Digital mockup
Digital mockup



Get a rare, firsthand look at Chris’ Sweaty Palms cover concepts with this digital sketchbook!


The Chicago-based bluegrass group Found Hounds have created an original song for the campaign. Listen to a preview of “I Can’t Sleep” here.


4 killer postcards designed by some of our very own contributors! (From left to right: Glip, Morgan Beem, Miranda Harmon, and Sofie Louise Dam.)


Each 4″ x 6″ sticker sheet is made of durable vinyl, so go ahead and stick these little fellas all over the place!


A gorgeous 8″ x 10″ three color risograph print designed by illustrator Sloane Kim! 


We want to wear this adorable 1″ enamel pin designed by Justė Urbonavičiūtė everywhere! 


Sage Coffey and Mike Freiheit are down to draw 1-2 characters or OC’s of your choosing. Commissions are 11″ x 17″ and there’s only one slot per artist. Don’t miss the chance to snag your very own piece of original art!



"The Beast" by Mike Freiheit
“The Beast” by Mike Freiheit


"Or, Flight" by Jackie Roche
“Or, Flight” by Jackie Roche


"The Coldest Day of the Year" by Kevin Budnik
“The Coldest Day of the Year” by Kevin Budnik


"Imposter Syndrome" by Constanza Yovaniniz
“Imposter Syndrome” by Constanza Yovaniniz


"Affirmations" by Miranda Harmon
“Affirmations” by Miranda Harmon


"In the Morning, Just Maybe" by Katy Farina
“In the Morning, Just Maybe” by Katy Farina


"Guilt" by Lucie Ebrey
“Guilt” by Lucie Ebrey


"Situations I Put Myself In" by André Valente
“Situations I Put Myself In” by André Valente


"Bad Eggs" by Emily Helen
“Bad Eggs” by Emily Helen


"Homebody" by Rachel Ordway
“Homebody” by Rachel Ordway


 (See even more previews here!) 

Risks and challenges

Shipping rewards for my first Kickstarter campaign was a challenge. In some cases packages were sent out a couple weeks later than expected. We’ve signed up for stamps.com, which will help streamline the fulfillment process!

Contact Information:

Liz Enright

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