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Aug 23, 2016 11:11 AM ET

Archived: Purism: Laptops, Tablets, and Phones that Do Not Track You.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 23, 2016


Laptops, Tablets, and Phones that Do Not Track You.


Librem devices are bundled with PureOS 3.0, an operating system developed in-house, created with added emphasis on privacy protection. PureOS is fully free/libre and open source, which means our operating system is verifiable by security experts and software developers around the world. Librem devices also come preinstalled with the best privacy-protecting software applications available.

Further, our products employ physical toggle switches to control the microphone and camera. 

We help users stop threats before they start:


PureOS, A Rights Respecting Operating System

All Purism Librem products run PureOS; a completely free software GNU/Linux operating system, focused on privacy, security, and freedom, where all the source code is released and can be verified operates in the best interest of users.

PureOS is not Android based, it is not Windows based, it is not a modified Apple iOS/OSX, it is Purism’s own GNU/Linux distribution where users can trust, and verify that it does not track them.


Purism has proven the market demand for computers that do not track users is untapped. Investing in Purism now will allow us to:

Now is the best time to invest in Purism to capitalize on this exploding market from a company with demonstrated traction.


We started as an idea, built a prototype, crowdfunded the initial production run, shipped product to rave reviews, sold over a million in revenue, and are rapidly growing.





Todd Weaver – Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur and successful businessman, has been recognized for his visionary strategy, technical leadership, and relentless drive. 


Todd has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, using, installing, and promoting free software. Todd has consistently predicted market directions and executed disruptive technologies in a wide range of industries, including in-store entertainment, collaborative financial solutions, and starting the first online cable company. Todd has a deep understanding of the hardware manufacturing process, and an unwavering belief for users to retain their essential freedoms via free software. Making Purism (the marriage of high quality hardware and free software), his most ambitious, disruptive, and exciting venture yet. Todd believes in company growth through enabling others. He can explain the complex simply, make the difficult easy, and excite those he surrounds.


Zlatan Todorić – Director of Technology

A die-hard Free software developer. Emerging from realms of Debian, with its strict ethical adherence to user Freedom, blends perfectly into Purism. 


The combination of his mechanical/ mechatronic engineering background and being a Software/ System engineer for almost a decade now shows how wide-ranging his expertise is. Zlatan already worked in many fields of industry: industrial electronics, web development and design, software architecture, 3D printing, games. His passion and devotion towards Free software is now combined with his ultimate goal – giving users the Freedom. As a long-time community member, he invites all people to join him in designing our future. Make your own device with his help.


Matthew Garrett – Security, Freedom, and Privacy Advisor

Matthew is a technologist, programmer, and free software activist who is a major contributor to a series of free software projects including Linux, GNOME, Debian, Ubuntu, and Red Hat. 


Matthew has been a contributor to the GNOME and the Debian GNU/Linux projects, was an early contributor to Ubuntu, was an initial member of the Ubuntu Technical Board, worked as a contractor at Canonical Ltd., and worked at Red Hat. At Canonical Ltd. and Red Hat, Matthew worked on power management in Linux. While at Red Hat, Matthew also worked on issues relating to Secure Boot and UEFI and the Linux kernel in order to preserve users’ ability to run the operating system of their choosing on hardware supporting Secure Boot. This work eventually led to his being awarded the 2013 FSF Free Software Award. Matthew currently works at the cloud computing platform company CoreOS and is cited in the press as an expert in cloud computing issues.


Noel Nishi – Director of Business Sales

Noel is a relationship builder ensuring long-term business contacts and in turn sales 


Noel has been a business owner, and long-time business sales manager, knowing how to work with customers to make sure they get exactly what they need while building a lasting relationship with this clients. Noel has worked with DMX, Broadcast Electronics, and most recently Insperity handling all forms of business to business sales.


Jay Kuri – Kernel Developer

Solving seemingly impossible problems and asking needed but impertinent questions. 


He has been working with application development and internet systems architecture and operations since 1994. In the years since, he has developed software deployed on everything from portable e-book readers to 800-machine web clusters. Jay’s open source software saga began when he downloaded FreeBSD 1.0 onto 40 floppy disks in 1994. He has been contributing or authoring Free and Open Source Software ever since. Jay believes that closed software practices tend to lead to poor quality software and too often an end-user who is treated more like a villain than a customer. Jay is out to change that, to restore control over what end-users (or as he likes to call them ‘regular people’) use and what they share, and to make software development itself more accessible. When Jay is not developing software, he can be found riding motorcycles, teaching kids how to program, travelling, riding motorcycles, studying numerous non-software related subjects… or riding motorcycles.


James Rufer – Director of Product

My desire is to make Pure OS easier and more comfortable to operate for the average computer user. 


As we learn more and more about how our behavior and activities are tracked, monitored, packaged and resold, James believes that private and secure software and hardware are increasingly needed. Although other operating systems are not going away anytime soon and will continue to be used in both professional and personal environments, James believes that we should have the option to keep our activities private and secure and to eliminate the feeling that someone is watching over our shoulder. Finally, this software should “just work” to relieve any frustration on the part of the consumer. James likes to spend his spare time hanging out with nice people, playing “vidia” games, reading and consuming media.


Hema Prathaban – PureOS Developer

Hema started to use Linux from 2008, she is a woman who loves to code and learn different things. 


Having been working as intern with Intel through outreach program for women, she has worked on thermal sensor devices. She has worked in emerging companies creating awareness among female students about free/libre and open source software. Guiding them, and educating them to learn about Linux kernel hacking.


François Téchené – Director of Creative

François is a French film maker and animator who dedicates himself to promoting freedom of creativity. 


He believes that being able to freely access, share, study and improve the essence of anyone’s creativity is essential for our global evolution and harmony. It is not just about software. Previously, François mainly used proprietary technologies but has made the move to only use free & open source software and formats for the entire workflow of his visual creations. He believes that free technologies are now mature enough to be used in a professional film production environment. He is not going back. François comes from a software programming background so he also dedicates some of his time to contributing to free software projects in multimedia creation such as the 2D animation software Pencil2D. He is co-founder of the Ethic Cinema foundation that aims to promote free access to film making creativity and techniques.


Contact Information:

Todd Weaver

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