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Aug 23, 2016 6:18 PM ET

Archived: Muslim Association of Iceland: Building of the first Mosque in Iceland – a mosque, whose architecture is based on Islamic elements while carrying on Scandinavian features with a style that can be compared to old Viking Buildings

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 23, 2016

Building of the first Mosque in Iceland .


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AMOUNT NEEDED: 5 000 000$

An important message from Iceland!

Please read through the whole message.


Dear brothers and sisters.

My name is Salmann Tamimi, and I am the chairman of the Muslim Association of Iceland (Félag Múslima á Íslandi).

I want to give you all the good news that we have gotten the permission by the Reykjavik Municipality to build the very first large mosque in Iceland with a minaret. A mosque, whose architecture is based on Islamic elements while carrying on Scandinavian features with a style that can be compared to old Viking Buildings. A beautiful mosque that we have worked our way forward to have permission to build in many years.

The Muslim association of Iceland was established in 1997. I was one of the first Muslim settlers in Iceland moving from Jerusalem, Palestine to Reykjavik back in 1971, when the Muslim population was only five, and now we have a Muslim population of almost 2000 with many different national backgrounds. I always had a dream to establish a Muslim community based on peace, unity and love; a community based on Muslims from all around the world: Arabs, Bosnians, Malaysians, Icelanders, Danes, Turks, Swedes, Albanians, Kurds, Somalis, Norwegians, Senegalese, Chinese, Tanzanian, German. And thanks God we right now have a beautiful association with over 500 members from over 100 different countries with no majorities.

It is worth mentioning that the idea behind establishing a mosque in Reykjavik was not a recent idea. This dream started in early 1990’s when Muslim scholars visited Iceland and when the activities of the Association were declared in 1997. Since then, the activities of the Association concentrated on reflecting the positive and right image of Islam and Muslims to the Icelandic society through different conferences and presentations and through various dialogue programs.

The association works hard on strengthen the ties with the public sphere of Iceland on the basis of mutual understanding and respect. Within the framework of the association, we work hard on the use congregational activities to create a sense of belonging through conferences and speeches, through common activities such as dinners and outside activities, through learning schools such as Fikh, Qur’an-lesson and much more. We have started the very first Quranic schools in Iceland for young people and kids back in 1996 starting with only 3-4 children beginning from the very first Arabic letters. And now we have had so far over 50 students coming and going in the school, which we call “The Sunday School” and 20-25 children have now reached the Qur’an with at least 5 children with full Tajweed. Not only that, we also teach the kids how to be a productive citizen in the Icelandic society, how to be a good human being through Islamic values and how to be an idol of upcoming generations.

We are maybe the most international Muslim association in the world with Muslim brothers and sisters from all around the world without a single majority. An association that is situated in the northernmost capital city, Reykjavik, in the edge of the polar circle. We have gotten a piece of land that is 1600 m2 and have a permission to build a beautiful Mosque of 800 m2; a mosque that will stand for generations of generations, a Mosque that will be used by thousands of thousands of people, a beautiful Mosque that will be seen by millions of people every single year. A beautiful Mosque, an Islamic Center and a cultural center with facilities such as a big Masjeed for both men and women, a library, a youth cafeteria, a restaurant, a grocery shop, a lecture hall, educational classrooms for youth and children, a residence for coming guests, a sports hall, a social service hall and much more, which can be seen on the attached documents.

Building a mosque is a prophetic and Islamic tradition of Muslim Communities. One of the first things that the Prophet Mohammed “Peace be upon him” did when he entered Medina, is to build a mosque, the mosque of Quba. Subsequently wherever the Muslim’s have gone, they have built a Mosque for their needs in that community. Let my citate following:

“Whoever builds a Mosque, desiring thereby Allāh’s (Most High) pleasure, Allāh builds for him the like of it in paradise.” (Sahih Bukhari)

As a policy Muslim Charity believes that the Mosque plays an active and dynamic role in the life of the nation as was the case in the period of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and rightly guided caliphs. Religion is an integral part of daily lives for many of Muslim Charity’s beneficiaries and a holistic approach to development demands that religious and spiritual needs are also provided for along with physical ones. The role of the Mosque has always been instrumental in the social, moral and educational uplift of the Muslim community.

The objectives of Muslim Charity’s Mosque Programme are as follows:

  • For Muslim Charity the Mosque is primarily, a place for prayer, to encourage the practice of the Islamic faith in the communities, and a centre of community life;
  • Islam preaches unity of the spiritual and the worldly aspects of life therefore community gatherings in Mosques include both spiritual and social elements;
  • Islam emphasises the importance of education and so teaching and learning are the fundamentals of our Mosque Programme.

We kindly ask every brother and sister in this beautiful globalized world to help us to build this beautiful Mosque! Haven’t you had a dream to build a beautiful Mosque one day? On a place that has ever had such of Mosque before? Haven’t you had a dream to leave something behind you before death? Haven’t you had a dream to do a good deed that will count and continue to Yawm al Qiyamah? Every single Prayer, every single good act, every time a single letter in the Qur’an is mentioned in this Mosque, You, who have granted something for the building of the Mosque, will be granted by Allah (swt). Even after your death. Because when this Mosque has been build, it will stand on its ground until the Day of Judgement, by Allah’s will.

We, the Muslims in Iceland, need your help to build this Mosque. We have very limited time to build the Mosque (around 1 month) before the land will be taken from us, and all of our many years’ work will be put to an end. We have come to the point that we will not be able support the building of the Mosque financially since we are economicaly limited. Only your help can save our pure intention. We do not belong or are dependent on any sources, any organizations or any political parties; we do not have any right or left: we are an association with many different people, all Muslims, from around the world.

You can save our work! You can help us by donating on the attached website down below. Another big help would be if all of you could by a single click share this post and let people know about our beautiful work. We kindly ask all of our dear brothers and sisters to help us economically and to share this to friends and families and over your Facebook profile!

You can check more about the Muslim Association of Iceland on:


I, Salmann Tamimi, was elected as one of the 500 most influential Moslems in the world in 2009


You can contact us on:


With kindly Regards and Blessings

Salmann Tamimi
Félag Múslima á Íslandi

Contact Information:

Salmann Tamimi

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