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Aug 23, 2016 5:25 PM ET

Hound & Hammer: A line of quality men’s footwear built for the modern man who appreciates both fashion and value

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 23, 2016

Hound & Hammer

Hound & Hammer: A line of quality mens footwear built for the modern man who appreciates both fashion and value.

About this project

The Mission

At Hound & Hammer our plan is simple: build a line of classic casual footwear with a modern fashion edge, using quality components and sold at a reasonable price.

Our design objective is to offer our customer a different choice from the casual athletic and the over-built dress shoes that monopolize the men’s market today. We want to make footwear that complements the lifestyle and wardrobe of the Hound & Hammer man.

We built our first collection on our proprietary “lasts” (the form that gives the shape to the shoe) – that give a fresh dimension to classic styles. We tweak the patterns to make them current and relative to today’s apparel. We use rich leather and suede with hand finished treatments, full glove leather linings, and other top shelf components. And because we are using a factory direct model, we are able to deliver these shoes at prices that will astound you.

We are a father and son team with the goal to satisfy the appetite of an entirely new generation of men that actually understands fashion and appreciates value. At Hound & Hammer we honor tradition as we build our own.

The Goods

The Grover:  The original “desert boot” was created as a comfortable casual shoe able to survive harsh desert conditions. We think our version works just as well walking downtown streets or propped up on the railing at your favorite watering hole. We made ours just a tad taller than the classic, with 5 eyelets in place of 2 or 3 giving a fresh twist to an old standard. This style features a hand-crafted “stitch-out” construction, that we pair with a TPR (Thermo-Plastic- Rubber) unit outsole- acclaimed for its slip-resistance, flexibility and durability. As a nod to the original we have given the outsole a crepe texture. Besides classic suede (which we also hand-burnish along the edges, toe and heel) we also offer two versions in buffalo leather: black and a daring “oxblood”. The Grover is built on the Rambler last, featuring a strong high-walled toe character that is at once bold and comfortable.

The Ferris: The upcountry cousin of the Grover. We have added hiking boot features such as the padded ankle collar, “speed-lace” eyelets and multi-tone hiking laces. We make the Ferris in two color ways: Taupe suede body with a chocolate brown leather ankle collar; as well as a steel gray and black combination. We blast this shoe with a heavy wax and hand-brushed burnish effect with emphasis on heel and toe to give it a well-worn character. The Ferris is built on the Rambler last and same stitch-out construction and outsole as Grover. And, of course, fully lined with glove leather…So all fit characteristics are the same as Grover.

The Maddox: Our vision of today’s “Chelsea boot” (named for the neighborhood hangout in London of the famous 60s mods who first popularized this style). Our version is fashionable but not flashy. A great shoe to go-out in or to wear whenever you feel the need to step up your game a notch. We do this boot in rich suedes and one version in oily brown “Crazy horse” leather, all colors completely lined in glove leather, and finished with an authentic crepe rubber outsole and heel. The Maddox is built on our Alliance last– distinctively broad and shallow in the ball area, tapering to a classic almond shaped toe. The Alliance last also has a long “toe box”, for a striking appearance as well as extra comfort.

The Ronan: Our Chelsea shoe boot”– Chelsea, because of its twin elastic panels; Shoe boot, because it’s lower than a boot, but taller than a shoe. Worn under longer pants it looks like a boot but has the relative comfort and ease of entry of a loafer. The Ronan (and its companion Gunnar) lean to the dress up side of the line. But both safely qualify under the “jeans” rule: [To wit: Any style must look great with a pair of jeans- in order to qualify for Hound&Hammer status]. We make the Ronan in a tumbled black and a beautiful cognac leather with a slight “pull-up” effect that adds a rich depth to the leather. These leathers have an oily finish to give just the slightest sheen…Not shiny, but not dull. The Ronan is built on the Valor last. This last is more streamlined – built for speed. The fitting is slightly snugger than our other lasts – as you expect a dressier shoe to fit. Full glove leather lining. The outsole is a compressed form of TPR commonly referred to as “German Resin”. It is known as a great alternative to leather outsole in terms of flexibility and durability.

The Gunnar: An ankle boot with an inside (medial side) zipper. Most footwear historians (don’t laugh- they exist!) consider this style an updated version of the Chelsea boot – as the zipper was not invented until nearly 100 years after elastic! The Gunnar is the Ronan’s big brother…both built on the Valor last with same leather, lining and outsole. As on Ronan, we also hand burnish the toe and heel to give a warm vintage vibe. The wood block heel is also hand-burnished. To complete the vintage look these styles sport the same stitched leather “welt” (the piece that sits on top of the outsole and wraps around the entire shoe).

Get us started! 

We are asking for a $25,000 “kickstart” to get our project into the manufacturing phase. So far, the manufacturer has generously worked with us to develop prototype lasts, dies and patterns and also source the materials to get us through the sampling phase. Now, we are almost ready to go into production… At this moment, we need funds to pay a deposit to the manufacturer that will allow them to purchase the materials and the tools necessary to start production. If we can raise this $25,000 deposit, the factory will produce our first run of shoes and give us credit terms for the balance due. The funds at this point will “prime the pump”. Once the product starts flowing and we, in turn, start generating revenue — then a positive cash flow will have been started which will allow us to grow our company.

We are confident in the value of our product and validity of our message. We are filling a void in the marketplace for a new brand of men’s classic casual footwear with a modern fashion edge, built using quality components and sold at a reasonable price.

Stay up to date on Hound & Hammer

We will keep you updated through Kickstarter, but to be the first to see and learn about Hound & Hammer, sign up on our website and check out our social media!



Risks and challenges

Once the Kickstarter campaign has been successfully completed, there will be additional risks and challenges that must be overcome to assure the overall success of the Hound & Hammer launch.

Footwear production involves the conversion of raw materials and a multitude of components and processes into a finished product. Naturally there are risks and challenges that must be recognized and overcome.

Thankfully, we have the experience and skill necessary to meet these challenges. Our manufacturer specializes in our specific type and construction of footwear. With this experience comes the ability to anticipate and get ahead of any potential problem before it can effect our delivery schedule. There are skilled craftsmen at every station who take pride in their craft. Materials and components are inspected and tested separately and as a finished product to assure quality and workmanship at every stage of production.

Once production is completed, we will then have to import the product to our warehouse here in Los Angeles. There is always the risk of delays in transit and customs clearance. We have plans in place to fly a portion of the goods in order to expedite the delivery. Diligence and experience in importation will help us around these obstacles.

At Hound & Hammer we understand that there are no short-cuts to quality. We believe our experience, our skill and our willingness to work hard are the characteristics that allow us to manage any risk and overcome any obstacle that we may face. At Hound & Hammer we honor tradition as we build our own

Contact [email protected] for any questions or concerns

Contact Information:

Sean Ryan

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