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Aug 23, 2016 4:00 PM ET

The Hinge Toaster: Free up your counter with the beautifully designed, minimalistic 4 slice toaster

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 23, 2016

The Hinge Toaster

Free up your counter with the beautifully designed, minimalistic 4 slice toaster.

About this project


At our core, we believe that even a seemingly small innovation which can help improve a moment of someone’s day, is worth it. So we spent over a year finding the perfect balance between modern home accent and professionally engineered components to bring to you, the KickStarter nation, the Hinge. 

Our 4-slice toaster was designed to adapt. Able to transform into multiple configurations to suit your needs, the Hinge creates counter space, while serving as the perfect kitchen accent. The low profile dual hinge allows for easy transition from one configuration to another, designed with dual insulated panels allowing close proximity to walls and resulting in space saving and versatile positioning.










In its 180-degree configuration, the Hinge can be positioned flush against any wall. It allows for the optimal use of back counter space, leaving the front of the counter uncluttered and free to use. 


In its 90 degree configuration, the Hinge can fit perfectly into any corner. This set up is ideal for smaller kitchens, where every inch counts. 


Finally, the Hinge can always be configured in classic mode, where interior magnets hold it firmly in place. 


Designed as a long slot toaster able to accommodate 4 slices, we’ve included high lift levers and wider slots, making it easy to toast artisan bread, bagels and English muffins. We’ve also included an easy-glide crumb tray for the chronic cleaners (you know who you are!) 

The power cable is designed to never get tangled, no matter which configuration your toaster is in. This means that your toaster can be placed completely flush against the wall, without interference from the power cord.

Our end goal has always been to create a conversation piece for your home, while upgrading the versatility and function of the everyday toaster. With the Hinge, we feel we’ve hit the mark, and with the help of the KickStarter nation, we can make space for breakfast again. 

Production Plan:

When our funding goals are met, our plan will be as follows:

August and September:

We will finalize tooling design for manufacturing. The pre-production units will be built. We will verify the engineering design and assembly of all units.

October and November:

We will make any modifications required. CE/CSA /ITL testing will be performed for all electrical components prior to mass production.

November and December:

We will place orders for the first production run. Beta units will be built and tested.


Assemble first production. Quality control. Finalize packaging.

February and March:

Full production and begin shipping to backers!





Risks and challenges

We have partnered with the best firm possible in order to achieve the highest quality design and manufacturing. While we have done everything we can to create the most efficient plan, we will not compromise quality in order to fulfill orders more quickly. The pre-production units must be perfect prior to production; they will require extensive testing. Should we have greater demand than we anticipate, it is possible that production will take slightly longer. We can only begin production after all design and safety measures have been met. We will absolutely keep all backers informed at each phase so that there are no surprises to anyone. We thank you for all of your support.

-hinge team

Contact Information:

Steve Liddell

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