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Aug 23, 2016 6:49 PM ET

Archived: Eagle’s Nest Ventures has developed a new concept in the design of Storm Surge Barriers

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 23, 2016

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Eagle’s Nest Ventures

Diamondhead, MS 39525, US
Real Estate

My company will invest in potential real estate value increase here in Mississippi when my Taylor Storm Surge Barriers get built. . I will also have a patent on my Taylor Storm Surge Barrier concept.

I have developed a new concept in the design of Storm Surge Barriers. Barriers specifically designed to be easy and economically inexpensive. We suffered catastrophic damage from the storm surge of Hurricane Katrina in St. Louis Bay and Biloxi Bay. These two very large, shallow bays had some of the most beautiful, valuable waterfront property in the world. All of that waterfront property was wiped clean by the storm surge. Only about 5% of those properties have been rebuilt, the rest going back to weeds, with many of them being surrendered for taxes. Most of those properties are now available at very low prices, many just for paying the back taxes.
My Taylor Storm Surge Barrier is now in the process of securing a Corps of Engineers study. The first formal request for study has been made by my home town of Diamondhead, and 11 other coastal cities, and 8 casinos have all the information and will be shortly making their own Request for Study. This is the first step to getting the Taylor Storm Surge Barriers built, and I expect that to happen very quickly.
Right now, Mississippi is operating under a veil of fear. Fear of another Katrina, without protection, means any rebuilding that is done accepts the certainty that it is going to be again destroyed, as soon as we have another major hurricane. That will happen.
When the Taylor Storm Surge Barriers get built, that fear is dramatically reduced, brought into check.
When it does happen, waterfront property values will rise dramatically.
It is my purpose to obtain as much investment as I can so that I can buy options on as much of that waterfront property as I can get.
I feel the investment opportunity is on the order of a 4-10 times return on investment. I also will have a patent on my storm surge barrier concept. All the research and patent searches has been done, and there is nothing similar to my concept in existence right now. Support by Clark Stanage, Sacramento, Ca. Google him.

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Property value investment

Will purchase options on waterfront property, for resale.



Leland O Taylor

Concept developer for Taylor Storm Surge Barriers.


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Leland O. Taylor

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