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Aug 23, 2016 9:04 AM ET

Archived: Barracuda – The All-In-One Collapsible Smart Luggage With USB Charger

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 23, 2016


The All-In-One Collapsible Smart Luggage With USB Charger


We make the world’s first fully-collapsible carry-on suitcase. Striking a perfect balance between design and technology, Barracuda comes complete with innovative and cutting-edge features including a built-in USB charger, Bluetooth location tracking, laptop tray, and more!

Read on to discover how Barracuda is disrupting the travel gear space by combining art and science to produce luggage that is both stylish and innovative, elegant and feature rich for the twenty-first century globetrotter.


The digital age continues to provide us with amazing technological advances that make our lives significantly simpler and more convenient. But if the whole world’s getting smarter, then why isn’t our luggage? Want to know the biggest evolutionary leap forward in luggage design over the past hundred years?


With Barracuda, we decided it was high time to give travelers around the world access to a product that better reflects the hyper-connected sensibility of today’s on-the-go consumer who values products with high functionality and high-end design.

It’s our philosophy that your travel gear should be more than just a temporary, mobile storage unit for your clothes and belongings that you schlep around during transit.

Want a better way to store your luggage when you’re not using it? Ready to give up the perpetual struggle of fighting for that coveted spot at the airport charging station? Can’t wait to put an end to the anxiety that comes with frantically searching for lost bags?

You can now say ‘goodbye’ to all your travel woes once and for all. With Barracuda, your luggage doesn’t have to be baggage.


Barracuda is more than just a suitcase with electronics. Its distinctive design and physical attributes make it a suitcase like no other on the market. Our groundbreaking carry-on is packed with multiple unique and practical features to effectively upgrade your entire travel experience.

Storing your luggage away when you aren’t using it can be an uphill battle—especially if you don’t have a lot of space where you’re staying or where you’re living. Not with Barracuda. Barracuda’s efficient collapsible function lets you tuck it away under your bed in a sleek storage bag or hang it in your closet until you’re ready for your next trip. No muss, no fuss.

Ergonomic Handle
Turn heads, not your wrists. Our revolutionary Halo Handle System gives the Barracuda added accessibility and convenience. The 360 degree swivel handle moves wherever you move without cramping your movement or risking injury pulling bags in a hurry. A push button allows the handle to lock in one of 6 positions. The handle is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum to ensure it is both rigid and lightweight.

High Capacity USB Charger
A built-in USB charger keeps you connected and provides on-the-go access to your emails, apps, music, and games while ensuring your phone or tablet never runs out of juice between flights again. A 10,000 mAh battery charges most phones 5 times over. 2 USB ports enable you to charge two devices at once, and the charger can be easily removed from the carry-on. It even incorporates a handy flashlight. Just in case.

Built-In Tray
When you’ve got several hours to spare between flights, you may need to send out that important work e-mail or find a way to keep the kids entertained. But despite what the name implies, laptops aren’t always best suited for laps. And in a packed airport, a little extra shelf space goes a long way. Barracuda’s built-in tray keeps your laptop safe andsecured. It even comes with two cup holders so you can enjoy a beverage with a friend while you wait. Simply fold up the tray into the handle when you’re finished — trust us, your fellow travelers will want to know where you got it.

Location Tracking & Proximity Sensor
Any connected device can be used to track the location of your Barracuda in the event that it gets lost. Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth Low Energy tech also allows you to track the location of your Barracuda when in range so you don’t have to crowd around the baggage carousel. The app is compatible with iOS and Androids that support BLE. Available as an upgrade.

Easy Open Cover
It shouldn’t be a struggle to get your laptop from your carry-on. The Barracuda comes with an easy-open flap, making it simpler than ever to slip open your luggage and grab the items most important to you when you’re killing time on or prior to a long flight.

Hand Held Scale
This handy device weighs your luggage in pounds or kilograms. Works very well with the Barracuda carry-on but handles other luggage just fine too.

Durably Built
The Barracuda is not only simple, elegant, and unique — it’s also strong. A good suitcase should last you a lifetime, especially if you’re a regular traveler. That’s why we spared no expense in constructing the Barracuda out of material like ballistic nylon and aircraft grade aluminum. Built to withstand the harsh weathers of any traveling experience, keeping you sane and serene during the most stressful times of any journey.

With TSA, FAA,Airline and International Travel Regulations. Dimensions comply with airline guidelines for carry-on luggage.


Barracuda is fresh off of two massively successful pre-order campaigns. This is a product that people want and are excited about. As we gear up to get Barracuda carry-ons into the hands of eager travelers around the world, we’d like to give you a quick look at some of the incredible traction we’ve made leading up to this point.

Consumer Demand
In total, we’ve sold approximately $2 million of product and thousands of units between our Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, as well as pre-orders onhttps://barracuda.co/.

Investor Validation
We already closed a $300,000 angel round from investors in startups such as Upside, DealerPinch, TrialJoin, and Uber — a huge vote of confidence for our brand and mission.

Major Name Buyers
You can find our products in some of the biggest names in retail and ecommerce. Don’t forget to request access to the private side of the profile to learn more.

Look Who’s Talking About Barracuda

Up Next: Expansion through the use of affiliate marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. As we near launch, we’re pursuing multiple avenues to increase brand visibility including PR, social, and co-marketing with our retail and distribution partners.

We also have several brand new products in the pipeline that we’re preparing to roll out.

To learn more about the future of Barracuda and how you can get involved, request access to the business plan tab of our profile!


Paul Clip | CEO | Paul is an accomplished business leader with over 15 years’ experience leading high performing teams. A computer engineer by trade, Paul has a Master’s from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from Solvay Business School. He’s run divisions at a variety of startups and established firms. Paul brings a passion for teamwork, a focus on execution, and a drive to make a dent in the travel gear space.


Boban Jose | Founder |

Boban is a mechanical engineer and an inventor at heart. He brings over a decade of experience in software design and development. Barracuda was born out of his passion for design and innovation. He designed and prototyped the Barracuda Smart Carry-on and led a successful online crowdfunding effort that went on to raise over $1.75 million in 2015.  

John Nylander | EVP & GM | John is an energetic brand builder and business development executive with over 20 years of experience successfully building global sales, marketing strategies, and distribution networks for well-known global brands such as Victorinox-Swiss Army and Skechers USA. John is leading Barracuda’s efforts to develop an advanced global sales network and logistics system.

Contact Information:

Paul Clip | CEO

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